2022г: Effective exercises for male potency at home.


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Effective exercises for male potency at home. Causes of reduced potency and symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Exercises to increase potency. How to do exercises at home? Urologist's recommendations. What exercises increase potency in men at home

What is potency

Sexologists use the term "potency" only for male sexuality. This concept defines the sexual capabilities of the stronger sex. Potency to a certain extent characterizes the tension of the penis, the speed of erection, the duration of sex. Potency is the ability and desire to have sexual intercourse. Men with sexual problems may have many complexes, psychological barriers, diseases. Normal potency is tentatively determined by the following external signs:

  • warm hands;
  • normal weight;
  • not pumped muscles;
  • self confidence;
  • clean and smooth skin;
  • developed sense of humor;
  • energetic gait;
  • high intelligence;
  • good sense of smell;
  • low voice.

erectile function

In the male body, an erection is possible due to two factors. These include the work of the circulatory system and the muscles located at the base of the penis. Accordingly, for the appearance erection needed rapid pumping of blood, when its amount increases from 8 to 10 times, after which the outflow stops due to muscle contractions.

One of the factors that strongly affect potency is nutrition. Especially important is the intake of animal protein, which is found in meat, eggs, milk and seafood. From this we can say with confidence that vegetarianism and other specific diets do not affect men in the best way. In an ordinary person who is fully nourished, the restoration of sperm after its eruption will occur within 12 hours;

What exercises increase potency

People who lead a sedentary lifestyle need to swim in the pool or visit sports Hall. These classes improve the state of men's health and prevent stagnation in the genitals. Although, if problems have already appeared that are associated with a decrease in potency, swimming and various workouts will no longer help. Therefore, you will have to use specialized exercises to increase potency. There is a whole range of such activities:

  • execution of the bridge;
  • pumping the PC muscle;
  • exercise "butterfly";
  • pendulum;
  • squats;
  • push-ups on the knees.

    Man doing exercise in the gym

These physical exercises increase potency. With their regular and timely implementation, you can avoid taking medications and keep erectile function in an active state for a long time. As a rule, exercise is aimed at improving blood supply to the pelvic organs, which contributes to a longer sexual intercourse. Physical exercises for potency have the following positive aspects:

  • activate the production of testosterone;
  • eliminate congestion in the body;
  • help relieve stress.

Gymnastics complex

To improve the functioning of the circulatory system, it is necessary to strengthen the muscles of the press, lumbar and pubococcygeal muscles. The latter is directly responsible for erection. In addition, she also supports the internal organs that put pressure on her from above.

With its weakness or excessive pressure (when a person is overweight), violations will certainly occur. To strengthen the PC muscle, it is recommended to perform the following complex:

  1. Lying with your back on the floor, you need to imitate cycling with your feet. Such a movement takes a minute in one direction and a minute in the other.
  2. According to Chinese scientists, the following movement is very effective for the health of the genital area. Starting position - lying on your back, legs together and bent at the knees. Grasping your knees with both hands, you need to alternately spread them apart and bring them together, making a kind of circular motion. Runs within a minute.
  3. yoga exercise. The starting position is the same. On exhalation, the pelvis rises and there is a maximum deflection in the lumbar region with tension in the muscles of the perineum. At the extreme point, it is necessary to fix the position for 20-30 seconds, then lower the pelvis. You can do another repetition if necessary.
  4. birch. It is necessary to raise straight legs up and fix the position, resting your hands on the pelvic bones. You need to stand in a birch for 20-30 seconds and do two sets.
  5. Train or Buttock Walking. Performed sitting on the floor, hands in front of you. Alternately with the left and right foot you need to step forward and backward 30 steps in each direction. Each subsequent step should be done as widely as possible.
  6. Lying on your back, straightened legs slowly bend and draw in towards you, while they simultaneously spread apart. When full knee flexion is reached, a slow return to the starting position occurs.
  7. Rider Pose. Starting position - standing, back straight, look forward. In this position, a squat is performed, while the legs must be as wide apart as possible, and the socks should be spread apart. If your fitness allows, you can squat deep (when the angle between the lower leg and thigh is almost 90 degrees). The main thing during squats is to tighten the perineal area. Stay as long as possible. Performed from one to three approaches.
  8. Exercise to raise testosterone. Starting position - lying on the floor, legs bent at the knees, arms straightened and spread apart. On exhalation, the pelvis is raised and straightened, while it is necessary to feel how all the muscles of the pelvic floor work. As the movement progresses, the pace can be accelerated. In this position, blood flow is activated in the pelvic area, which contributes to the influx of nutrients into this area. In addition, the innervation of the lumbar region is enhanced. It is better to do this in the evening, once a day for 20-100 repetitions.
  9. Rebound push-ups. One of the important rules for raising testosterone is strength training, where large muscle groups are involved. This exercise is very effective to do before going to bed (an hour before), especially when it is supposed to be a stormy night. In emphasis on the knees, the hands are located at chest level, while they should not go beyond the shoulders. In this position, while inhaling, you need to lower the body as low as possible, and then, while exhaling, make a sharp extension of the arms with a slight separation from the floor.

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Exercises to increase potency

Sexologists, in order to return a man to a normal sexual life, have developed a whole training scheme that includes the following exercises to improve potency:

  1. Arch. Lie on your back, stretch your arms along the body. We raise the pelvis above the floor and gradually lower it. The back remains pressed. We perform 10 times.
  2. holding the stone. Legs spread in a standing position. Imagine that you are holding a ball or stone with your knees. Tighten your muscles as if trying to hold an object. Do 10 sets of 5 seconds each.
  3. Pelvic rotation. Starting position: feet shoulder width apart. Performed standing. It is necessary to rotate the pelvis in each direction 30-40 times with a large amplitude.

All exercises to increase potency in men should be performed calmly with a gradually increasing load. It is best to start doing exercises with several repetitions, increasing their number up to 20 times. To achieve effective results, you need to do exercises in a good mood. At the same time, do not forget about visiting the gym and jogging.

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"Always ready!»

This exercise is the most important for increasing potency. Your starting position is lying on your back with your legs slightly apart. And now begin to rhythmically strain and relax the muscles in the perineum (they are also called the muscles of potency), trying to bring the anus and testicles closer together. After all, these muscles are located right between these organs, where the base of the penis passes.

You can control their tension by probing the above area with your fingers. This exercise is similar to the tension that you resort to, trying to hold back urination. Moreover, when performing it is extremely important that the muscles of the buttocks always remain relaxed.

We also note that initially you should not perform a large number of repetitions, do everything gradually.

Physical exercises to increase potency

Various factors contribute to potency problems:

  • unbalanced diet;
  • chronic diseases;
  • wrong way of life;
  • bad habits;
  • dysfunction of internal organs.

To avoid impotence and prostatitis a man can be helped by general strengthening physical exercises to increase potency, which can be easily performed at home. There are complexes developed by trainers and doctors, with the help of which you can maintain physical and sexual health for a long time. Such exercises can generally increase potency and strengthen the male body.


An excellent prevention of prostatitis and congestion in the prostate gland is to perform squats. Such exercises help maintain the genitals, strengthen the muscles of the buttocks. It's better to start squatting with 15 reps. Squats must be included in the complex to restore potency. It can be plie and sumo squats, the classic version, dynamic and shallow. Squats and potency are interconnected, t.To. effective squats can activate the muscles of the perineum. To perform the exercise correctly, you must:

  • put your feet shoulder width apart;
  • take a deep breath and on the exhale do a slow squat;
  • when reaching the bottom point, parallel to the rug, you need to put your hands between your legs;
  • lower your palms to the floor;
  • then you should stop and take 5-10 breaths and exhalations;
  • while inhaling, you need to slowly rise;
  • in the starting position, you can repeat inhalation, exhalation.


Running is the easiest way to keep fit, especially for people who want to lose weight. Many doctors point out that obesity is often the cause of a decrease in sexual activity, so running for potency plays an important role. This exercise will help strengthen the spirit and body of a man. In addition, this sport has the following effects on the body:

  • strengthens the nervous system, increasing resistance to depression and stress;
  • improves endurance;
  • energizes and strengthens the immune system;
  • helps keep the body in good shape;
  • trains the heart, endurance;
  • improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
  • helps to avoid insomnia;
  • strengthens the male reproductive system;
  • there is an increase in testosterone levels;
  • improves mood.

Must run outdoors. Running with obstacles increases self-esteem; long-distance running perfectly trains all muscles and increases blood circulation in the genitals, which helps to prolong sex. On the first runs, you need to combine interval running with brisk walking. It is better to go to classes in the morning, while the duration of the workout should be 20 minutes a day. Muscles should be warmed up before running. Breathing should be even while running.

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Additional Recommendations

Any physical exercise must be done according to certain rules and recommendations, and in the matter of increasing potency at home, this is no exception. So:

  • increase the load gradually, starting at a time with 5 repetitions for each exercise;
  • clearly monitor your breathing: you need to breathe evenly, inhaling air through your nose, exhaling through your mouth;
  • do physical exercises to increase in men not earlier than an hour and a half after eating.

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Exercises to restore potency

For men who first encountered the problem of reduced sexual function, physical recovery exercises for male potency will help. The most affordable and easiest way to increase attraction is walking, which perfectly improves blood circulation in the genitals. This exercise stimulates the testicles. To achieve the result of walking, you should walk about 3 km every day at a fast pace. There are other exercises to restore potency:

  1. parade step. It is necessary to march in place for at least 5 minutes (then an increase in time is possible), while trying to raise the knees high, pulling them to the stomach. Hands can be placed behind the head. This exercise warms up the joints.
  2. Skipping. Starting position - legs bent at the knees. You need to start running in place, while the socks should be pressed to the floor, and the heels should be lifted up alternately. When performing a task, you must quickly put your knees forward.
  3. Butterfly. Lying on the floor, you should bring the feet to the buttocks. Put your hands on your knees and spread your legs apart. The lower back cannot be torn off the floor. We must try to touch the knee joints of the rug. While moving, you can help with your hands. The exercise is done smoothly on the exhale, but with muscle tension. The reduction of the legs is also carried out on exhalation, but the hands do not help, but resist.


Starting position - lying on your back. Your head should be about 50 cm from the wall. Put your hands along the body. Now lift your legs up, thereby trying to get them to the wall. If you managed to do this and the socks still reached the wall, then try to lower them along the wall even lower.
Stay in this position for as long as possible, until some discomfort sets in. Having reached it, do, still without changing position, 4-5 breathing movements. Now you can return your legs to their original position (in a bent position), relax your muscles and take a couple of deep breaths.

If the “Plow” exercise is easy for you, then in order to complicate it, we recommend that you try to throw your legs over your head so that your toes touch the floor. And in this position, close your eyes and take about 5 breathing movements with your stomach. The body should unbend on exhalation.


Moreover, your movements should be unhurried and smooth so that you can feel how each of your vertebrae touches the floor in turn. At the moment when the entire back is on the floor, your legs should be raised up vertically. And in this position, you need to take a breath, and already on the exhale, your body should again take its original position. Repeat it 4-5 times.

Prostate Exercises

During the exercise to strengthen potency, the work of the muscles that are in the pelvic part is significantly improved. In addition, abdominal pressure drops are reduced, which leads to a natural massage of the prostate, improvement of metabolic processes in the prostate gland and increased blood flow to the penis. Exercises for the prostate can also help improve the functioning of the nervous system, the function of the adrenal glands, and the elimination of inflammatory processes.

Prostate Massage Exercises

Of great therapeutic importance for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the prostate is prostate massage. Its implementation provides the necessary blood flow to the organs important for potency. Even if the procedure is carried out a few hours before sexual intercourse, it can help ensure a stable erection and increase potency during it. The most effective exercises for prostate massage:

  1. Back stretch. Starting position - kneeling. It is necessary to tilt the chest to the floor as much as possible for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times.
  2. Retraction of the anus. This can be done throughout the day anywhere sitting or standing. It is necessary to strongly retract the anus for 10 seconds. You can repeat 3 times in one approach.
  3. Leg to chest. Lying on the floor, you should pull the bent knee to the chest. Stretch the gluteal and lumbar muscles. Hold like this - 10 seconds.
  4. For back muscles. Kneeling, it is necessary to tighten the abdominal muscles. Raise your arm and opposite leg at the same time. Hold - 10 seconds.

Kegel exercises for men with prostatitis

Properly selected exercises for male potency help to quickly improve the condition of the pelvic floor muscles and erection of the penis. In addition, there is an increase in the volume and strength of ejaculation, premature ejaculation disappears. Kegel exercises for men with prostatitis are considered the most effective. The popularity of such gymnastics lies in the fact that it can be performed without prior preparation at home. A few Kegel exercises:

  1. For about a minute, it is necessary to contract the muscles of the perineum and relax them. The action must be repeated 10 times, gradually increasing the time of contractions. Up to 20 seconds maximum.
  2. Relaxation and contraction of the muscles of the groin. It is necessary to reduce and strain the gluteal muscles, pulling in the anus. You need to do 10 times per approach, gradually increase to 50.
  3. Relieve a small need. It is necessary to try to stop the jet at least 4 times. At the same time, be sure to strain the muscles.


This physical exercise to increase potency got its frightening name due to the imitation of the posture of this animal during its implementation. Having taken the starting position lying on your stomach, bend your arms slightly and rest your palms on the floor closer to the armpits. At the same time, your elbows should be slightly raised up, and your legs should be straightened and closed.

While inhaling, try to slowly raise your head. Then, leaning on your palms, lift your shoulders. Having reached the upper position, you need to hold your breath for a few seconds, and tilt your head back a little. Exhaling, you can lower your head and chest. Then just lie down for a couple of seconds, thereby allowing the muscles to relax. Repeat the exercise 4-7 times.

Exercises to increase libido

The concept of libido is psychological, potency is physiological. They are closely related. After all, often a decrease in libido and erectile dysfunction occurs due to stress, psychological trauma, overwork, feelings of anxiety, so exercises for men for potency cannot always help here. You may need to consult a psychologist and a sexologist. Although there is a set of classes that includes exercises to increase libido:

  1. Lying on your back. You need to rub your palms. We lower our head on the right hand, and put the left hand on the genitals. We strain the anus and muscles of the legs, compress the genitals, slightly stretching them. We perform this exercise 20 times.
  2. Power training. Weightlifting helps the body produce testosterone. In this case, you can only do a few squats and push-ups.
  3. Fast walking barefoot. At the same time, you should not walk at home on the carpet, but on stones or grass. There are contraindications: skin diseases.

Stretch application

The decrease in potency and testosterone levels is partly due to the fact that the buttocks lose their strength. In addition, the trophism (nutrition) of the lumbar muscles is disrupted, which can lead to hernias and protrusions.

For powerful sexual energy and its effective management, you need to stretch the buttocks. It is not necessary to learn the twine, you just need to perform the basic exercises:

  1. Starting position - sitting on the floor, legs together and straightened. In this position, you should try to reach your feet with your fingertips, while not bending your knees. Here the muscles of the buttocks and popliteal ligaments will be stretched. In an identical manner, you can do this in a standing position.
  2. If the flexibility of the legs allows, you can do the following stretch. Sitting on the floor, one leg is straightened and extended to the side, and the other must be brought under the fifth point, while spreading both legs as wide as possible. In this position, while exhaling, you need to reach your toes with your hands. It is done alternately in 4-5 springy slopes.

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Paul Already bought

The pump should be completely full of water. Yes, of course, you need to increase the pressure. It weakens because your penis expands. Compress the corrugation, and the pressure will increase.


Hello! I’ve been using a pump for seven months. I have hydromax-30. When I first started, my penis was 16 cm, according to the scale. Now it’s 17.5, but it gets to 18 sometimes. I noticed about 0.5 cm of growth every two weeks. For the last month, it has stopped growing. 1. Could it be possible that I’ve reached my limit? Or maybe I pressed the corrugation too hard? Does it matter if I press the pump 3 or 6 times? 2. Or maybe I simply need the larger size, like the 40th model?

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Good day! We recommend that you add jelqing exercises to your training sessions. If there aren’t any traumas, swelling, and erecting is great during sex, then you’re doing everything correctly. Add the jelqing exercises, and you will see the additional changes. You shouldn’t change the pump yet. The decrease in growth is normal. The body’s resources are restricted, but we are sure that you haven’t used yours up yet. It’s normal to get used to the loads. Thanks for your message. Right us back when you have any questions.


Hello, after using the Bathmate, my skin expands a lot under the bridle. It’s swelling up a lot more than the penis itself. Is it normal? It seems so swollen!

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Reduce the number of sets or vacuum pressure to avoid such swelling. If you’re overusing the pump, take a few days of rest and when you begin again, take shorter sessions.


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Alex, thank you for your advice! You’re a true professional!


How many times a week, and for how long should I use the pump?


Hello! Intensive training: 15 minutes a day, 3 sets at 5 minutes each, 5 days a week, during a 6 week period. The result may be up to 30% of volume and length as a whole. It depends on the individual specialties of the body. Maintaining training: 2-3 times a week with three sets at 5 minutes each. With regular training, you will get 2-3 cm of growth within a year. This result is permanent.


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