2022г: Men's haircut tennis: technology, photo and video.


Video Мужская стрижка Теннис. Men's haircut

Men's haircut tennis: technology, photo and video. Get a MEN'S CUT "TENNIS"! She became fashionable due to the great popularity of this sport. Male athletes prefer her.. Ideas and design options for a tennis haircut for a boy
Tennis haircut is good for thick and soft curls - a short cap with a cape on the back of the head is in harmony with the hair of the lower nape and temples that has been reduced to nothing. Unlike the “real” form under the “hat”, this hairstyle has a shortened crown.

The form for tennis is modeled as follows: the hair of the temple and the back of the head is very short, and the upper zone is a cap. The length is chosen at will - it can be long, medium or short. In the lower occipital part, the hair is reduced to nothing and then shading, and in the upper zone a cap is cut off with the transition to short hair.

Tennis haircut features

It was the active, beloved by many, sport that gave the name to this original haircut. Players often had to train and conduct grueling fights under the scorching sun. It is not surprising that long hair interfered, creating a certain discomfort. And cutting your hair too short meant losing your individuality. If a person is not confident in his appearance, he is not confident in himself, but for athlete on corte, this is the first step to defeat. That's when the tennis haircut was created. She was distinguished by a clipped area at the temples and at the back of her head, and at the top of her hair remained longer, which made the overall picture very interesting and even fashionable.

Now men of any age get sick with a tennis haircut, regardless of whether they play sports. All the same shaved temples and the back of the head remain, passing in a smooth line into the average length at the crown.


Classic tennis has been popular for a long time. But soon the stylists decided to diversify the haircut and add a few accents to it. We got the following options:

  • Hedgehog. The strands are cut very short and stick out in all directions. Machine used to create hair. Men's tennis haircut emphasizes a round face and slightly lengthens it. Ideal style for young guys;


  • male caret. Many people are accustomed to consider a caret a female hairstyle. However, the male caret allows you not to cut the strands short, which allows you to add volume. Moreover, all hairs have the same length;
  • youth haircut tennis. Perfect for stylish and confident men. The parietal zone has the greatest length. On the sides, the strands remain short. You can style youth tennis in different ways: comb your hair back or create volume on top.

Haircut types

Having come to the master, it will not be enough to order a tennis haircut, because there are several varieties of it. The hairdresser will definitely ask about the desired option for you. Here are the 4 options:

  1. Hedgehog;
  2. beaver;
  3. square for men;
  4. youth tennis.

The hedgehog is obtained from protruding strands at the crown, resembling the needles of a prickly animal. The temple and nape areas remain very short. In general, the shape of the hairstyle is in the shape of a ball. All transitions should be smooth, without sharply defined boundaries. This hairstyle visually enlarges the face of its owner, therefore it is more suitable for people with a thin, oblong face.

If the hair is curly, then the hedgehog will have to be abandoned, the desired result will still not work.

Beaver - there is practically no length at the back of the head and temples, the crown remains long (longer than for a hedgehog), and is cut off with a flat area. The size of the head is visually reduced.

Male caret - in this version, the main feature is also the formation of the site, the length of the hair can vary from 4 to 8 cm. And it's the same in every area.

Youth tennis is its traditional version, which leaves longer hair on the crown of the head, which makes it possible for young guys who are looking for themselves to experiment, try something extraordinary and extravagant, because every day you can change the styling: lay it on the side, arrange a cultural mess in the strands or comb back. In any of the options, the creativity, taste and style of the owner of the hairstyle will be traced.

Who suits

Men's tennis haircut is universal due to varieties. External features and desired length are taken into account. Choose one of the options:

  1. beaver. Suitable for athletes and those who cut their hair short. It is relevant for those who go to the court or work out in the gym. The correct shape of the head and the absence of defects on the skin are important. The length will be minimal, so flaws immediately become noticeable.
  2. Kare. Suitable for young people who prefer longer hairstyles. Permanent styling is necessary, so it is often chosen by young people.
  3. Hedgehog or model tennis. Suitable for all ages. Hairstyle does not need styling, looks neat. Short hair is no problem in hot weather.
  4. Youth tennis. This is a model with bangs, although it is small. Hair is laid to one side, they can be ruffled.

Video QUICK & EASY HOME HAIRCUT TUTORIAL | How To Cut Men's Hair With Clippers

note! When choosing a men's haircut tennis, it is better to focus on the features of appearance. It is also important whether there is time for regular styling or if you need a versatile hairstyle.

Haircut tennis has become the basis for various options for men's hairstyles, as it is performed taking into account the individual characteristics of a man's appearance. When it is performed, solutions are offered for both coarse and short hair, as well as for thick and curly curls. It will help to cope with naughty hair and give it the desired shape.

When choosing a model, the shape and proportions of the face are taken into account. In some cases, the haircut emphasizes the perfect oval and pronounced cheekbones. In others, it helps to hide some imperfections. The model can look modern or solid. An important feature is compatibility with most styles of clothing - business, casual, sports.

When choosing a haircut, do you take into account the features of your appearance and hair structure??

Not really

Tennis haircut benefits

  • Versatility. This haircut can be chosen by a man of any age, profession and status. Depending on the anatomical features of the structure of the skull, it is enough just to choose the right variation. Almost any type of hair feels good in this hairstyle.
  • variability. Every day allows you to change the image from concise restraint to eccentric outrageous.
  • Uncomplicated execution technique. With the right approach, a fashionable haircut can be created at home. It will be not only bold and interesting, but also cost-effective.
  • Comfort and convenience. The lightness of this hairstyle is pure pleasure. Under the hot summer sun there will be no discomfort, a sudden breath of breeze is enough to fully experience the beauty of this haircut.
  • unpretentiousness. Does not require special daily efforts to shape, even removing the headdress, the hairstyle will look neat and well-groomed. In extreme cases, for your own peace of mind, you can once go through the hair with a comb.

Haircut tennis for the brave

If the desire to change, nevertheless, takes precedence over restrained constancy, then stylists can help you here too. How about a mysterious and eye-catching design on the back of the head?? Only you have the right to give free rein to your imagination and decide what exactly should be depicted in this zone. It will definitely give newness and uniqueness.

Perhaps you are worried about the outlined gray hair? Then you can't do without coloring. And do not rush to refuse when you are offered an unusual and previously untested highlighting. This technique will create a rejuvenating effect. Think and ... be sure to agree!

If gels, varnishes and foams are not terrible for you, but rather call for action, then you can safely comb the mohawk or cook that came into fashion after the legendary king of rock and roll gained world-famous fame.

For a business dinner or negotiations, you can simply comb your hair back and fix it with special means. This will give the image of solidity, and the owner of the hairstyle will give the impression of a serious-minded guy.

The presence of a bang in a tennis haircut provides endless possibilities for creating something new, extraordinary and attractive. Short bangs can be randomly ruffled by first applying styling foam to it. With a long one - it’s also worth playing around, if you lay it on its side, it will effectively fall over your eyes. Why not lift the bangs vertically? Thanks to the strong hold, the unusual hairstyle will last all day.

Tennis haircut technique

To create a new image, you will need several devices, this is a razor, a typewriter and a spray gun.

  1. From the beginning, the hair on the back of the head is removed very briefly with a machine. Approximately three quarters of the back of the head. To make the transition line from short hair to long hair smoother and more invisible, you need to alternately change the corresponding nozzles on the typewriter.
  2. The hair at the top of the head is lifted up at an angle of 90 degrees to the head and cut to a length of about 5 cm.
  3. The next step will be bangs. It can be left long or cut at the same level with the parietal zone. Too short bangs can be raised, but only in the case of hard, dense hair. For soft strands, this option is not very suitable.
  4. The machine shaves the hair in the temporal zone, similarly to the back of the head, also alternating extension nozzles.

Which men are suitable for a tennis hairstyle

The choice of hairstyle is a matter that has an exclusively personal character. It should be based solely on your own preferences, as well as the nature. In any case, you can always see men's haircuts photo tennis. Here are some tips.

mens hairstyles tennis 2017


Who will suit the hairstyle of tennis players? As mentioned above, the hairstyle of tennis players suits almost any men: both young and old; and with a full physique, and with a thin.

Who does NOT suit the hairstyle of tennis players? Unless for those men who do not like to cut their hair short and who like long hair. They should think about other types of hairstyles.

It is necessary to note such a separate method of tennis haircut as tennis haircut with patterns. With the help of razors on the hair, various kinds of patterns are created. You can choose any pattern you like. The hairdresser will first draw it on your head, then he will cut it out with a machine along the marked lines. Extravagant people prefer this type of hairstyle. As a rule, patterns are made in the temporal region, but if desired, it can be done in any part of the head. For example, in the occipital region. You can add variety to such a hairstyle due to quite fashionable highlighting. It should be done exclusively in hairdressers.

Styling products

Gel, polish or mousse? What to choose? How to figure it out and not confuse anything, especially when you have to deal with such tools for the first time.

Men's styling is often created using mousse. A small amount is enough for a good effect. To achieve shine strands, mousse is applied to wet hair. It will give the desired shape and rich volume to dry hair. You can fix the result with a hair dryer.

Gel is considered a stronger means in terms of fixing hairstyles. A professional high-quality product moisturizes the hair well, which is important for creating a super effect. To begin with, the gel must be rubbed in the palms, only then applied to the curls. It is better to dry it naturally, without resorting to artificial air flow.

The varnish contains protective filters that protect the hair from the negative influence of various natural and environmental factors. After spraying the hairspray on wet hair, you can start styling it the way your mood suggests today. Often the product is used to add shine and fix an already formed hairstyle.

The right choice of a stylish man is undoubtedly a tennis haircut. A win-win option for anyone who wants to look perfect in any setting and environment.



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