2023г: 20 Dirty Secrets Women Keep From Men.


Video 10 Secrets Women Hide From Men (WARNING: These Will Upset You!)

20 Dirty Secrets Women Keep From Men. Who agrees to a relationship with a stranger faster and cheats more often? And why it is believed that women need sex only for conception, scientists have found.. 20 Dirty Secrets Women Keep From Men

What women hide

one. We let off gases

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Let's start with the obvious. Women pass gases, although many will swear that they are not. But the facts don't lie: when nobody's around, we do it. And the louder and smellier, the more pleasure.

2. We satisfy ourselves

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As soon as we are alone, the husband goes to work, the children go to school, we have time alone, which we spend doing self-pleasure. Sometimes you have to do this when someone is at home, and free time is not expected on the horizon. It usually happens in the bathroom.

3. We pee in the shower

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Nobody talks about it, but everyone does it. According to surveys, about 80 percent of men and women blew in the shower. Perhaps the sounds of the water make us do it, or it's just that there is an opportunity to do several things at the same time. Sometimes we really want to do it in the hot tub, but we don't do it out of respect for others.

4. We pull hairs from all over the body

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We pull out individual hairs from the toes, chin, above the lip, on the nipples and so on. We take special pleasure in pulling out stubborn ingrown hairs. When we pull out this "parasite", it gives us unsurpassed pleasure.

5. When you're in love, we smell your clothes

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A woman who is in love may sniff your clothes or the pillow you sleep on when you are not around. If you caught us doing this, we would fall into the ground.

6. We would like to be more open about intimacy

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We would like to be more free when it comes to sex, and sometimes we have thoughts of a threesome night or a wild stripper with no emotional attachment.

Women want more sex than men think

It's no secret that long-term stable relationships rarely serve as a decoration for regular wild and unbridled sex. And often a man does not mind, but a woman has more important things to do. And here it is not! The latest study by Canadian scientists from the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto Mississauga, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, proves that men fatally underestimate the sexual needs of their regular partners.

The study included 229 couples who were then in a stable relationship lasting an average of six years. The age of the study participants ranged from 18 to 68 years (curious if there was at least one pair with extreme values). The participants were asked long and detailed questions about their sex life with a regular partner. It turned out that, on average, couples have sex once or twice a week. And then the most interesting began.

It turns out that men are more often the initiators of sexual intimacy, and this despite the fact that women experience sexual desire no less than. Why don't they ask for sex themselves? The authors of the study believe that social stereotypes are to blame for everything, depicting a man as a lustful animal, and a woman as a cold and detached person who refuses to have sex with him (remember at least one of the many romantic comedies about a crisis in family life).

Also, women are more afraid of rejection than men. That's why, even if they don't mind having sex, they prefer to remain silent. After all, to receive rejection from a man (where, interestingly, such men?) means for a woman to give him some of the power in a relationship. And this is unprofitable.

As a result, the same scientists came to the disappointing conclusion that it is the woman who remains unsatisfied more often in a couple. Therefore, regularly offer your girlfriend to have sex. She, you see, is not comme il faut to ask herself.

Signs when a girl wants sex

You already guessed that a woman is a mysterious and unpredictable creature. It's hard to understand, but you can. How? Now you know.

Here are the top 10 qualities that any woman appreciates in a man:

  1. Confidence. If a girl sees fear and indecision in your eyes, it's bad. Shyness is more of a part of her. You've been out of your teens for a long time. So be bold.
  2. Initiative. Every girl dreams that a man takes the initiative in his own hands. Be the "locomotive" in your relationship. Don't tell her what you're going to do. Just take it and do it.
  3. Equilibrium. The girl wants you to act calmly and collectedly in any situation. If you find it difficult to keep emotions to yourself, work on yourself. Do not be like exalted ladies - this is not masculine.
  4. Pleasantness in communication. Nobody likes bores. God forbid you retell the story of the action movie you watched the day before to the girl you like. Or describe your coin collection for an hour. A girl should be fun and interesting with you. She can get bored alone.
  5. cheerfulness. If you're not in the mood, better reschedule the date. The girl wants to be laughed and entertained. Your sullenness will bring her down. A gloomy and dissatisfied beech is even worse than a bore. But do not go too far so as not to look like a clown.
  6. Mysteriousness. Your chosen one does not want to immediately know everything about you. She wants to be surprised. There is no need to tell her all the ins and outs. A light halo of mystery will give you a special attraction in her eyes.
  7. unpredictability. Of course, in a good way - do not confuse unpredictability with eccentricity. A woman likes to guess what your next move will be. Play with her like a cat with a mouse. She will hate you for it... and love you.
  8. Mind. A smart woman with a stupid man is not interested. As well as vice versa. Pick a pair to suit you. It is important that you communicate in the same language.
  9. ambition. An ambitious and purposeful man inspires respect. A woman likes it when her chosen one knows exactly what he wants from life. Sets a goal and goes to it. Well, if you are used to ranting while lying on the couch, nothing will work out for you.
  10. Courtesy. The ability to turn a girl's head is a rare quality. Try to master the art of flirting. And soon you will see genuine interest and admiration in her eyes.

A girl tuned in to intimacy is unlikely to say one fine morning: "Darling, it's time". It's time?! No, of course she will say. But nonverbally. Clothes that are more frank than usual, a brighter color of lipstick, slightly spread legs and imperceptible touches will speak for her.

To answer the question: "Does a girl want you?”, it is worth learning the basics of body language. Crossed arms, fingers clenched into a fist, and a menacing look from under the forehead - clearly do not indicate a romantic mood and a desire to retire. And what indicates to a man the readiness of the chosen one to move to bed - more.


If the guy is in the friend zone, the girl will not bother with the color of the carcass, the depth of the neckline of the blouse and the elegance of the linen. She can easily come to a meeting in sportswear, with a high ponytail and no hint of makeup. And won't blink an eye.

If a woman has erotic plans for a man, in the bathroom she dreams of his touch, and deep down she is waiting for the first step on the path to passion, she will not allow herself to look unsexy in the presence of an object of adoration.

Кроме того, это самое поличное может оставить прядь своих волос на подушке, потерять сережку, кольцо и оставить в спальне запах своих духов.

During the conversation "accidentally" the strap fell? Urgently need to bend down to straighten the shoe so that the chosen one notices the translucent bra? Yes, men, these are playful hints, not "ill-fitting" clothes!

Sexual desire can limit meetings. Be prepared to hear, “Sorry honey, not today…” if she can’t shower, get her legs waxed, and style her hair before a date.

facial expressions

How to understand that a girl wants sex? No need to listen to her words - watch facial expressions and behavior. She licks and bites her lower lip, smiles sweetly, and the straw from the cocktail is in her mouth for too long?..

Or maybe the girl is playing erotically with her hair? Already several times adjusted the button at chest level? Stroking her thighs? These are not subtle hints.

How she takes a glass in her hand, bites off a piece of dessert and licks a spoon? Smoothly, gently and so that it is impossible to take your eyes off her smooth movements? If you think that this femininity is “accidental”, “just like that”, “given from birth” or “unconscious” - know that you are wrong.

A woman will never waste her energy on appearing like a sexy kitty next to an uninteresting man ..

"Favorable" posture

If a woman wants sex, she will never sit in front of a man in a "rough" or boyish position. She will choose the best angle. Walking with a guy down the street, will walk on the right because the left ear is prettier. In a cafe, he will piquantly cross his legs, meaning beautiful knees and a “dark spot” under the dress. During the conversation, bend down so that the chosen one sees the bust and smells the perfume.


Sparkling, slightly woozy and adventurous eyes of your chosen one are a sure sign that the relationship will soon move to the next level. Such a look excites, because it broadcasts everything: hints, readiness for the development of events, bestial passion, frank desires.

A man also needs to play his role with skill. In response, look at the woman directly, boldly, with a willingness to seduce and bring the game to a beautiful, blissful end.


Leaving the table, the girl lightly touched your shoulder? During dinner, for the umpteenth time, she ran her toes along her shin? If at the same time you hear a languid voice, slightly intermittent breathing, and her pupils are dilated and her cheeks are flushed ... This is not from stuffiness in the room;).


Taureans are stereotyped as homebodies with newspapers and buns. And this homeliness in the mass consciousness is poorly linked to the intimate sphere. However, this is one of the most sexually uninhibited signs of the zodiac. Physical intimacy with a person is very important for Taurus, and it’s good if it is outstanding. For example, if there is some kind of sexual fantasy, Taurus must be told about it. Such a man will immediately run to organize everything necessary, whatever it is: a boat, a submarine, a starship. The main thing for him is that everything is done perfectly. The main sexual need of Taurus is freedom, the ability to do everything the way he wants, without hearing reproaches and comments addressed to him. He must remain the absolute master of the situation in order to feel satisfied.

Women's opinion about manhood

Guys, what kind of idiots are you (sorry, but I can’t find another word)! What are you doing with your boys?!? I am the wife of one of your "brothers in misfortune". I looked here, read - I'm in shock! I looked at your photos, they all have great "guys".

Video The DIRTY SECRET Women Hide From Men...

You all have complexes since childhood: who is in children.the garden measured who was peeping in the school toilet, who was in the army in a public bath. The size of the "resting member" does not always correspond to the "working" member. Here is an example: I am married for the second time, the first one was 19cm - a vacationer, and 20cm - a worker; the second 6-8cm is resting, and 14cm is working. I lived with the first one for 9 years, he was very proud of his size, but in bed 0. I didn’t experience an orgasm with him in bed, I had to learn to satisfy myself. And with the second (we have been living for almost 8 years), I forgot what self-satisfaction is, I am completely satisfied. You experience some kind of special buzz when the “boy” is in a resting position, and you take him in your mouth, so soft, small and you feel how he swells, grows - the BIG is indescribable! But with a big one, you only think about how to quickly move on to other options for sex. You want them to take it all, so they put it in the throat, and the girl thinks to herself - that's a freak! We've seen enough porn with big dicks, but how are the girls happy from the fact that they were leaving big, so they began to get dirty. They were paid to be happy and satisfied. What makes you think that all the girls want a big and fat cock? A large and thick cup causes more problems and discomfort than pleasure, and with a large one, too, not all poses are suitable. If a girl has a size (cm) of the vagina that allows you to take it big, but if not (and there are a lot of them), then this is a complete pipets! Because when the “boy” reaches the uterus, at best, it is discomfort, and at worst, it hurts, especially if she is pregnant. Why do you think that the farther shoved, the more pleasure she gets? Our point G is no further than 3 cm. I worked all my conscious life in a women's team and there were a lot of conversations on this topic. And I can say with 200% certainty that not one of them chose a guy by his penis! These are only your male troubles!

Understand, we love you not for big and fat. And if you were refused, then it's certainly not because of the size! We need a faithful, loving man, for whom you will be the best. In sex, think not only about yourself. I also want to add exclude porn-erotic films from your life - this does not happen in life. In life it's different, you need to make love, not fuck . Be simple. If a girl is decent, she doesn’t care what size you are, she will love you no matter what, with all your flaws and virtues . And if not, then believe me, they will forget about you and they won’t even remember what it is in your pants.

And for married people, I recommend that you first discuss with your soul mate, explain. T.TO. your changes may lead to a divorce or search for a lover by the wife, with sizes that satisfy her in pastels, and not sizes that satisfy your EGO.


Aries are people of fire, ardor and passion. They can’t be embarrassed, let alone scared by curiosities from erotic movies. Such men will willingly try something new, then they will conduct an experiment, and then come up with something of their own. But do not assume that the sexual needs of Aries are only newness or toughness. Not at all! Sex is important and necessary for the representative of the first sign of the zodiac. Moreover, this phenomenon is so integral to life that it is closely related to its other areas. Such a man needs sex to happen with a person with whom there is a strong spiritual connection. Without romance, of course, it is feasible, but it's not that. Yes, and the status, luxury of a partner are important requirements for Aries. Anyhow, Aries will not let anyone into bed without a passport. A joke, of course, but with some truth: the main sexual need of Aries is spiritual unity with a partner.


Aquarians are very sexy people with natural magnetism. They quite easily lure members of the opposite sex into bed, but they themselves prefer that they hold on more steadfastly, maintaining a certain halo of mystery. In the sexual sphere, Aquarians prefer variety and ingenuity, so they value sincerity in intimate matters. The basic sexual need of Aquarius is to be able to speak frankly about intimate life with your partner without harboring sexual fantasies.

Expert opinion

In practice, the strong half of humanity needs more sexual contact. This is due to the fact that a man is naturally programmed to transmit genetic information. And women also need an emotional connection with a partner for sex. She is looking for a protector and helper who will protect her and their common offspring.

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Experts have proven that most people need romance and love, and sex is in the background for them. Moreover, for women, relationships with loved ones are more important, and for men, sexual intimacy is nothing but physical pleasure. Evidence of this is masturbation from an early age, and falling in love with girls occurs later. Representatives of the weaker sex, on the contrary, have sexual contact when they are in a relationship with a man.

According to the results of the research, it turned out that young ladies are more prone to same-sex love. And throughout their lives they change their preferences in sex. The strong half of humanity prefer stability, so they often behave monotonously.

If you figure out who wants sex more, a woman or a man, then scientists say that women. This happens for the following reasons. For guys, sexual intimacy is just physical contact, where pleasure is achieved during ejaculation and it lasts about four seconds. Girls, on the other hand, use a whole range of emotions during sex, starting with foreplay.

In addition, they are able to experience several orgasms in one sexual intercourse, which means that the pleasure is multiplied several times. Over time, you want to experience this pleasure constantly, it becomes like a drug that you can’t refuse. Based on this, women are more likely to want intimacy than men.

who wants more sex

Video 20 Dirty Secrets Men Keep From Women


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The pump should be completely full of water. Yes, of course, you need to increase the pressure. It weakens because your penis expands. Compress the corrugation, and the pressure will increase.


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Alex, thank you for your advice! You’re a true professional!


How many times a week, and for how long should I use the pump?


Hello! Intensive training: 15 minutes a day, 3 sets at 5 minutes each, 5 days a week, during a 6 week period. The result may be up to 30% of volume and length as a whole. It depends on the individual specialties of the body. Maintaining training: 2-3 times a week with three sets at 5 minutes each. With regular training, you will get 2-3 cm of growth within a year. This result is permanent.


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