2022г: There are a lot of reasons for divorces, but in 43% of cases the main one is the sexual disharmony of the spouses.


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Duration of intercourse - male and female perspective on intercourse. Too fast ejaculation can cause irritation and discontent - a man's self-esteem drops, his ego suffers. There are several options for increasing the duration of sexual intercourse.. The sexual constitution of a person and methods for its determination

Why did nature choose to?

This refers to the well-founded and healthy desire of nature to ensure that people continue their race. No methods of contraception, for example, nature did not conceive, therefore "for her" a man's ejaculation should always take place in the vagina.

What will repeated sexual intercourse do? Physically pushes the old sperm out of the vagina, preventing the sperm from reaching the egg (of course, most likely the sperm from the first portion would have already managed to get to the egg, we are just giving an example). So it can be said that the fading of erection after ejaculation is an absolutely normal, healthy and even necessary process.

But since in nature there is no absolute uniformity, there is one percent of men with a very strong sexual constitution, that's ok too.

The sexual constitution of a person and methods for its determination

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H. A. Zhuk, JSC "Scientific and Technological Institute of Transcription, Translation and Replication",. Kharkiv, Ukraine The paper presents a classification, description of signs and a brief description of the typical differences of people with different sexual constitutions, as well as methods for determining it by external signs of a person (t.e. without having sexual intercourse with him). Many methods have never been published before, even in specialized literature. Designed for self-determination by a person of his own sexual constitution, as well as for assessing the sexual constitution of a potential spouse, potential sexual partner (partner), work colleague, hobby, etc.P. From the standpoint of the sexual constitution, an analysis of sexual disharmony between spouses (sexual partners) is carried out and recommendations are given for its elimination.
Many books on sex education for teenagers, sex for singles and married adults are somewhat one-sided in covering sexual relations between men and women and are often not scientific. As a rule, they are aimed at the social, physiological, technical, astrological and other side and overlook the question of the potential sexual abilities of a person, which form the basis of his relationship with the opposite sex and directly affect all of the above parties. Once upon a time we were taught that the sexual function of a person is intended only for the reproduction of their own kind [5]. Like among animals. In fact, this is a deep delusion or, most likely, the puritanical morality of our medieval ancestors. But today we must know that the sex life of a man and a woman is the most important and almost the only core that holds them together in marriage (the second core, the spiritual superstructure is love). If someone says something else, don't believe it - they are people with a weak sexual constitution, who themselves turned out to be unhappy in marriage and like to measure everything on their own. It just so happened that on many vital issues, in the absence of experience or knowledge, a person makes a comparison on his own: “Here I am and everyone else should be like that. And if they are not like that, then they are either underdeveloped, or sick, or something else ”. And “not like that” was always despised or expelled from society. A person is individual, but society, humanity as a whole is multifaceted, has very diverse characteristics. Human sexuality is no exception. Moreover, we started talking about sex quite recently - about 20 years ago, which, by the standards of the lifetime of mankind, is a negligible amount. But it was not always so. According to historians, one of the oldest sciences - philosophy at the beginning of its formation paid 95% of its attention to the issues of gender relations and only 5% - to the study of the surrounding world. The Middle Ages, on the other hand, imposed a taboo on the coverage of a person’s sexual life (although the sexual life itself, of course, did not stop). But in the last 30 years after the start of the sexual revolution, more books and articles have been written about intimate life in the world than in the entire previous history of mankind. And as the statistics have established, teenagers and young men aged 12 to 19 think about sex every 5 (!) minutes (obviously at a time when they think of anything at all). And only after 40 years, the period of repetition of such thoughts in men increases to half an hour [21]. What is the meaning of sex for a person? In addition to the already mentioned reproductive function (only one of 288 sexual intercourses that leads to conception) and a number of physiological actions associated with maintaining the reproductive function in order (the remaining 277 sexual intercourses out of 288), a person’s sexual life also performs a number of socially significant functions, keeping man and woman together. At the same time: - a man protects a woman during the period of intrauterine bearing of children by her; - a man assists a woman during the period of feeding her children; - a man passes on his life experience to his sons; - a man replaces a mother for children in case of her death or disability; - people tend to live in groups, which makes it possible to survive together; - people communicate with each other, which allows developing and accumulating knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, means of production, labor results, etc.P. The above arguments in favor of family life are very strong. But, despite the so-called sexual revolution of the last 30 years, a huge number of films and literature covering the sexual life of a person, the number of divorces has only increased and in countries such as Great Britain, France and Germany in recent years amounted to 30-40%, and in Ukraine and the USA - reached half of all marriages. 95% of men and only 38% of women enter into remarriages in Ukraine, while the rest of the divorced prefer not to get involved in remarriages at all. There are a lot of reasons for divorces, but in 43% of cases the main one is the sexual disharmony of the spouses. And interestingly, in eight out of ten cases, the initiator of the divorce is a woman [21]. As you can see, despite the openness of the topic in recent decades and the mass of sources of information about sex, the real knowledge of men and women on this topic has obvious gaps. This is understandable, since this topic during the period of the sexual revolution was more of a commercial connotation than a scientific one. And if you remember (who watched) a lot of erotic or pornographic films, then apart from the effect of entertainment, they do not have a hint of science, usefulness for solving all of the above problems. Moreover, through these films, problems were only highlighted, which led to an increase in the number of divorces. So what's the deal? What are the human gaps in knowledge about his personal life? The study of this issue, as well as extensive literature and the author's own sociological research, showed that the most important gap in knowledge about sex is the lack of complete information about the sexual constitution of a person and its huge role in shaping harmonious relations between a man and a woman. Even the newest collections on CDs [12-14], which claim to be an encyclopedic coverage of a person's sexual life, for some reason omitted this topic. Therefore, people still have to rely only on their sexual experience, on the prompts of friends, on intuition or chance. This brochure provides scientifically based knowledge specifically about the sexual constitution of a person, its influence on the relationship between a man and a woman, as well as methods for determining this very important characteristic. Unlike other books, this brochure does not cover the structure of the genital organs, the technique of sexual intercourse (positions), hygiene, the psychology of family life and a number of other issues that have already received much attention. However, the various phases of sexual intercourse are described in sufficient detail, since it is sexual intercourse that underlies the concept of sexual constitution. For those who have read little of these works, a brief glossary of the most commonly used or important terms is provided at the end. Such terms are in italics in the text. It should also be noted that in wildlife there are no purely functional dependencies, but there is a correlation. Therefore, as a rule, the revealed patterns turn out to be true for about 90% of cases, and the remaining cases should be considered exceptions to the rules.
What is the human sexual constitution?Definition and key indicators
In a broad sense, the sexual constitution of a person means a quantitative characteristic of his stable ability to have a sexual life, namely, to perform a certain number of completed sexual acts in a given period of time. Completed sexual intercourse is understood as such an act or actions replacing it, which end in the sexual satisfaction of a person, i.e. e. orgasm. When determining the sexual constitution of a person, it does not matter how sexual satisfaction (orgasm) is achieved: natural sexual (with a partner), self-satisfaction, cross-satisfaction (without sexual intercourse) or something else (for example, involuntarily in a dream). The simplest and most common characteristics of the human sexual constitution are: a) regular sexual activity - the average frequency (recurrence) of completed sexual intercourse, which a person can maintain for a long time (with a stable sexual life); b) kurtosis - the maximum number of completed sexual acts that a person has ever had in one day. In accordance with the above criteria, the sexual constitution of a person by its type can be: weak, medium or strong (see. table. one). Table 1 Types of human sexual constitution Criterion Weak Average Strong Regular sexual activity 1-2 times a week every other day 1-2 times a day Excess 3-4 6-8 9-12 It is obvious that the division of the human sexual constitution into three groups is rather arbitrary. Table. 1 reflects only the averages of the indicated groups. So, people with a strong sexual constitution can experience 18 orgasms per day, and with a weak one - 1-2 per month. And this will also be the norm for these groups. In some books, the classification of the sexual constitution is carried out by dividing all people into five or even nine groups [1]. However, this complicates the classification, worsens the memorization of the characteristic features of groups and the boundaries between them. And a person, in the end, needs to understand only one thing - all people are different by nature, including in the ability to have a sexual life. And to know how in this sense one person differs from another, whether he is suitable or not as a potential sexual partner for another person. The sexual constitution of a person is very stable and does not change over the course of life (although age-related changes in the frequency of sexual intercourse and excess exist, but these changes occur in parallel for each type of sexual constitution). It is not developed by training, or knowledge about sexuality, or anything else - it is just a human ability, like the ability to write poetry, compose music, etc.P. You can study the theory of verse, musical harmony and composition, but if God did not send talent, then nothing will work. So it is in sexual life: you can study the Kama Sutra, diversify sexual acts, but if a person is capable of only a certain number of them, then he will not “pull” more, and with less he will suffer. It is obvious that it is not easy for two spouses to get along with an adjacent sexual constitution, but with extreme ones it is almost impossible. Hence the importance of taking into account the sexual constitution in the selection of sexual partners. And of extreme importance when it comes to the intention to marry and to join your destiny with another person for life. And in order to take into account the sexual constitution, you need to know how to determine it. However, it should be noted that the sexual constitution reflects only the potential abilities of a person in sex. In practice, he most often does not realize these abilities for a number of reasons: the absence of a sexual partner in general, the absence of a permanent sexual partner, the mismatch of the sexual constitution with his partner, the inability to find a common language with him, fatigue, bad mood, illness, etc.d. and t.P. But most often - due to the lack of true love, which, as a rule, gives rise to all other reasons for a decrease in a person's activity in sex.
The origins of the sexual constitution
The sexual constitution reflects, oddly enough, the degree of vitality of a given individual and his entire previous genus. As one movie character said, “life is a disease that is transmitted through sex”. And this “disease” is transmitted in the presence of only a certain set of human properties: beauty; mind; health; decency; sexuality, etc.P. Unfortunately, in many cases, not the last role in this list is played by the financial situation of a person, and his origin, and his titles, as well as the prospects for the future to “break out” into people. Nevertheless, this set can be severely limited and it can be shown that the survival of a genus does not depend on the degree of perfection of a person in all items from this list, but on a certain combination of its properties. So, the beauty of a person is not always combined with his mind, health or sexuality. On the contrary, more beautiful people are less sexy, but they attract the opposite sex with their beauty and, as a result, give offspring (although often then they do not have family well-being). Similarly, people with a weak sexual constitution often shine with their intelligence, efficiency, and thereby attract the opposite sex. But high performance on all counts at once is very rare, and a person with such a combination of properties should be considered a real talent. It is interesting in this regard to cite the results of some studies by American scientists. They found that with an increase in the size of the mammary glands in women, not only the level of intelligence and memory falls, but also the ability to “argue logically and coherently express one’s own thoughts” decreases sharply. According to the male team of researchers, with an increase in the size of a bra by 1 number, the level of intellectual abilities of women on the scale of the so-called IQ test drops by as much as 20 points (with average values ​​of about 100 points) [16]. Since in most cases, men are attracted to large breasts, after learning about these results, they can change their habits. Therefore, the boom in lush silicone busts in the West has already turned back - breasts of miniature sizes and virgin forms are increasingly becoming fashionable [17]. (Looking ahead, it should be said that the same delusion exists in men in relation to long female legs, and in women - to a number of indicators of men that attract them). But if a person has no virtues, then only a strong sexual constitution and high sexual activity lead to the survival of his kind. It was along this path that the biological evolution of living beings in general and of man in particular went. If you look at primitive microorganisms (ciliates, slippers, etc.).P.), it should be noted that they are asexual. Therefore, they are still micro-organisms. And the evolution of nature took the path of dividing living beings into two sexes, which affected the quality and speed of evolutionary processes. The evolution of intelligent beings (man) has made a colossal breakthrough in wildlife, since intelligence has been added to the process of natural selection of living individuals. However, this selection is still based on physical strength, the physical survival of the human body, which was fixed for many generations. But now, to some extent, consciously. including through sex. Therefore, sex is not only a tool, but also an object of improvement in the process of this evolution. Therefore, it turns out that the sexual constitution is connected not only with the degree of a person’s sexuality, but also with all his other properties: beauty, intelligence, health, efficiency, the ability to give offspring, and even longevity. In this regard, it should be considered that the natural selection of people is currently following the path of survival of people mainly with a stronger sexual constitution. In this case, there occurs a kind of polarization of human society into men and women with the strongest possible sexual constitution (see. illustration in fig. one). Rice. one. Symmetry of the evolution of the sexual constitution of men and women (t - time) As mentioned above, the sexual constitution manifests itself in many areas of human activity, in the state of his health and even life expectancy. With it, we will begin the analysis of differences in the sexual constitution. Table 2 Relationship of sexual constitution with life expectancy Constitution Weak Average Strong Life expectancy, years 75-80 80-85 85-90 with a weak sexual constitution (see. table. 2). It is curious that American scientists also confirm these figures, but in a slightly different and, according to the author, erroneous interpretation. Exploring the reasons that shorten human life, they came to the conclusion that bachelors and bachelors live an average of 3200-3500 days less than people who are married. From this they infer the usefulness of marriages. However, from the point of view of the sexual constitution, the Americans clearly confused the function with the argument. The fact is that for people with a low sexual constitution, 1-2 sexual acts per week are enough, which are convenient to combine with days off. Thus, it is enough for these people to meet with the opposite sex on the weekend, after which they will no longer need each other (in the sexual sense, of course). Thus, people with a weak sexual constitution are a kind of weekend lovers. And if they do not have joint children, any joint interests, obligations to each other, if, in addition to everything else, they have a bad character (and he, as a rule, accompanies people with a weak sexual constitution), then they are provided with loneliness. In other words, the weakness of the sexual constitution (and, as a result, a shorter life), the lack of constant craving for the opposite sex is the reason for the loneliness of these people. And even a deliberate marriage will not help prolong their life, since it is predetermined by their sexual constitution, and not by marriage, as the Americans claim. The sexual constitution also affects human health. People with a weak sexual constitution are more frail, get sick more often, including with some irreparable consequences. They also look older than they really are. People with a weak sexual constitution often have a more flabby body, a less developed circulatory system. The degree of development of the circulatory system can be judged, for example, by the capillaries. People with a weak sexual constitution bruise more easily when bruised and even when grasping the body with the hands of another person. Such people have some problems with their teeth from early childhood, which worsen in later years. This is especially evident in women who bear children, and thereby lose calcium from their body. As a rule, by the age of 50 they do not have even half of their own teeth (t.e. by this age, half their mouths are already occupied by crowns, prostheses, and sometimes false teeth.). The situation is even worse with the internal genital organs of women. As the great physiologist Pavlov established, “an organ performs a function, and a function trains an organ”. But how can the uterus train if a woman gives birth on average 2-3 times in her life? So, frequent and regular orgasms (1-2 times a day), accompanied by contraction of the muscles of the uterus, vagina and pelvic floor (8-12 times), are just such a workout. And if such training takes place only 1-2 times a week (or, even worse, 1-2 times a month) and is accompanied by 1-2 uterine contractions? Or not carried out at all? Then it turns out that “the organ does not perform the function, and the function does not train the organ”. But the situation is even worse when the sexual intercourse is carried out, but the woman does not end with an orgasm. In this case, the subsequent time (stretching for many hours) is accompanied by stagnation in the entire circulatory system of the genital organs, heaviness of the lower abdomen and even pain, not to mention a bad mood and bad thoughts. In these cases, either the organ (uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries), or some part of it, undergoes some incurable changes, gradually turning into a body alien to the body (tumor). Alas, sad statistics show that many women with a weak sexual constitution (or abnormal sexual life) are barren (or have only one child), and at the age of 35-50 they undergo an operation to remove their internal genital organs or any of their parts. No less problems for men. Firstly, men with a weak sexual constitution most often become impotent (and this is about 30% of all men). In addition, just like women, they are more susceptible to diseases. First of all, it is an inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis), infertility and, as a result, surgery. A common feature of both men and women with a weak sexual constitution is less cheerfulness, a greater dependence of mood on external conditions, pessimism, disbelief in the future, uncertainty in their actions (including in relation to sexual intimacy), etc.P. Obviously, in people with a strong sexual constitution, all of the above characteristics are opposite, i.e.e. more developed, healthy, optimistic, etc.d. and t.P. And in people with an average sexual constitution, they are averaged. In order to more clearly understand the characteristics of the sexual constitution, the influence of sex on the body, and, consequently, on human life, it is necessary to dwell in more detail on the structure and characteristics of the sexual intercourse itself.
Sexual intercourse Structure of sexual intercourse
Sexual intercourse can be considered in both the broad and narrow sense of the word. All successive psychophysiological processes in the body of sexual partners according to the stages of sexual intercourse constitute the so-called copulative cycle [2]. The definition of this cycle can be presented as a definition of sexual intercourse in a broad sense. Then everything related to sexual intercourse can be represented as five successive stages: 1) mental, covering the period of time from a person's awareness of the desire for sexual intimacy to the decision to implement it; 2) sensory, characterized by a qualitative restructuring of the processes of perception with an increase in the sensitivity of erogenous zones and the emergence of a need for their specific stimulation; 3) secretory, characterized by the appearance of lubrication in women and the secretion of the cooper glands in men; 4) orgastic, during which the actual satisfaction of the sexual need occurs; 5) residual, during which there is a gradual decline in excitation and the reverse development of genital changes. On the other hand, from the point of view of the dynamics of the course of sexual intercourse, there are four phases: the phase of excitation; plateau phase (or plateau phase); phase of orgasm; resolution phase (oppression in men, calm in women). These phases constitute sexual intercourse in the narrow sense of the word and usually require contact between a man and a woman. And, finally, from the point of view of the mechanics of the course of sexual intercourse, they distinguish: the introduction of the male penis into the woman's vagina (immission); the period of frictions (movements of the penis into the vagina); ejaculation (ejaculation); orgasm. It is customary to separate the last two stages, contrary to the well-established idea that a man's ejaculation and orgasm, as a rule, coincide in time. In fact, firstly, even for men, such a coincidence does not always occur, and secondly, both partners must have an orgasm, while in real conditions it most often not only does not coincide in time, but also occurs only one of them. And only repeated (or even third, fourth) sexual intercourse in a row can lead to an orgasm in the second partner. And this happens with the difference in the sexual constitution of partners. In the following, we will consider sexual intercourse only in its narrow sense, i.e.e. in terms of flow dynamics. one. Sexual intercourse of a man Sexual intercourse of a man is more simple, monotonous and, so to speak, typical or standard. We will consider it first of all, since it is typical for most men and practically unchanged for a certain number of women. Rice. 2. A typical male sexual arousal curve (1 - arousal; 2 - plateau phase; 3 - orgasm; 4 - oppression) A typical male sexual arousal curve is shown in Fig. 2 (on the vertical axis the degree of this excitation is plotted depending on the time of sexual intercourse on the horizontal). Sexual arousal of a man (phase 1) ends with an erection of the penis, after which it can be released into the woman's vagina. Then comes the plateau phase (phase 2), during which frictions are performed, and in the nervous system of a man, a certain amount of sensations, as it were, accumulates, which is necessary to excite orgasm. Immediately before orgasm, the secretion of the cooper glands increases, which is accompanied by the appearance of one to several drops of a transparent slippery liquid from the opening of the glans penis. It is a mistake to think that this is a male lubricant necessary for sexual intercourse. If this were the case, then she would appear before the immission and not at the end of frictions. Its main purpose in this case is to ensure the least resistance of the urethra (urinary canal) during ejaculation of spermatozoa and increase their mobility. The average duration of the plateau phase in men is 1.5 minutes with 81 frictions. For 70% of men, it ranges from 50 seconds to 2 minutes 15 seconds with a total number of frictions from 45 to 135; for the remaining 30% of men, it can reach up to 3 minutes and, accordingly, up to 180 frictions [21]. However, you should know that the above figures are valid for the case of regular sexual activity. In men with a strong sexual constitution, after prolonged abstinence, orgasm may occur after several frictions, and in men with a weak sexual constitution, the duration of frictions in repeated sexual intercourse can reach one hour (in the presence of a normal erection, of course) or not end with an orgasm at all. Orgasm in a man is aroused, and does not appear on its own, as most books imply. For the transition of the plateau phase to orgasm (phase 3), a certain intensity of frictions (their depth and frequency) is required for a certain time. And here there is a simple rule: the more often the frictions are carried out, the faster the orgasm comes, t.e. the shorter the plateau. In addition, for each man there is a minimum frequency of frictions, below which he does not have an orgasm at all. This frequency ranges from one movement in three seconds to 2-3 or more movements per second, t.e. up to the maximum possible frequency. Even for the same man, it can vary greatly depending on the duration of the period of abstinence, the number of previous sexual acts, age, physical and psychological state. And here, too, there is a rule: the longer the period of abstinence, the lower this frequency. Orgasm is the sensual climax of sexual intercourse for a man. It begins with a pre-orgasmic sensation of voluptuous concentration in the entire penis, its maximum static tension, lasting 2-4 seconds. This sensation can also be described as a state of inevitability, the impossibility of stopping the impending wave of orgasm, but not as an orgasm itself. Then, as it were, a chain reaction begins: there are jerky contractions of the muscles of the external urethra of the penis with simultaneous ejaculation (ejection of 2-5 ml of seminal fluid, which contains up to 200-300 million. spermatozoa) and simultaneous wave sensory sensations. Each pause, as it were, returns the man to a pre-orgasmic sensation, and each push again brings him to the top of voluptuousness. The shocks are repeated with a period of 0.8 to 1.2 seconds, more often at first, and then with a slight decrease in frequency and sensation, until they completely subside. Shocks can be from 2 to 10 or more, depending on the sexual constitution of the man, the previous period of sexual abstinence or the number of previous sexual intercourses in a row. Moreover, the sexual constitution is decisive, everything else affects the number of shocks to a lesser extent. The total duration of the orgasm phase usually does not exceed 10-15 seconds. During orgasm, most men do not feel the need to conduct frictions. At this time, the man's sexual organ becomes, as it were, an auto-generator that does not need external stimulation, and the man has only one desire - to shove it deeper into the woman's vagina. Since a man at this time can be practically uncontrollable, then in the presence of a large penis, this phase of sexual intercourse for inexperienced women with a short vagina can pose a certain danger. However, the number of such uncomfortable situations among married couples does not exceed 1% [21], and the problem is solved by choosing the right position. Orgasm is followed by a phase of oppression (phase 4). For some reason, in the literature it is called the phase of calm in the same way as the last phase of sexual intercourse in a woman. In other words, they are simply indistinguishable. In fact, there is such a difference. The fact is that in a significant part of men after an orgasm, an erection abruptly disappears and a second act becomes impossible. Relaxation, t.e. restoration of sexual function to the ability to re-commit sexual intercourse occurs only after 15-60 minutes, or even on the second or third day, if a man has a weak sexual constitution. Such a reaction of the male body has a very clear purpose - not to prevent spermatozoa from entering the woman's uterus and not to splash them out. T.e. this is a male defensive reaction in relation to the reproductive function of a woman. In another part of men (as a rule, with a strong sexual constitution), after the end of orgasm, an erection may persist for some time, and the man is able to continue sexual intercourse. But for this case, nature provided for a second defensive reaction - pain. At the same time, any attempt by a man to continue friction is accompanied by the appearance of pain in the penis, and the pain is, on the one hand, quite sharp, and on the other, some kind of, so to speak, sweet character. Most likely, this is a combination of a pleasant sensation from holding frictions in a woman's vagina with such a reaction in the form of pain in the absence of wounds or other damage to the penis. Taking into account the protective reactions of a man, the 4th phase of sexual intercourse is called “oppression” and looks like it is shown in Fig. 2. All of the above, as already indicated, refers to the standard sexual intercourse of a man with a peaked or explosive orgasm, the duration of which does not exceed 15 seconds. But there are exceptions. This concerns a very small number of men who have sexual intercourse in the main way described above, but the orgasm is protracted (Fig. 3). Rice. 3. Sexual arousal curve of a man with a protracted orgasm (1 - arousal; 2 - plateau phase; 3 - orgasm; 4 - oppression) In this case, each subsequent push with the release of sperm occurs with a period of several seconds, while between pushes there is a return not to the pre-orgasmic parts of orgasm, but to the plateau phase, during which intensive frictions are required. Thus, a man's orgasm in this case can last up to several tens of seconds, during which it is necessary to carry out frictions in order for the sexual intercourse to end fully, because.e. with the full number of shocks and, accordingly, the full satisfaction of the sexual need. Rice. 4. Curve of sexual arousal of a multi-orgasmic man (1 - arousal; 2 - plateau phase; 3 - orgasm; 4 - depression) experience multiple repeated orgasms in a single sexual intercourse. In this case, the first three phases proceed in the same way as in the usual standard sexual intercourse. But at the end of orgasm, the oppression phase does not occur, the erection is preserved and the man's excitation returns to the plateau stage, in which the desire to continue sexual intercourse persists. If sexual intercourse continues, then the next orgasm comes and continues in the same way as usual, t.e. according to the standard scenario. There can be several such returns to the plateau phase with repeated orgasms in a row, only after the end of which does the oppression phase begin (Fig. 4). However, most often there are two of them, and in this case, such a process should be considered as two fused sexual acts of a man with a very strong sexual constitution, in which relaxation occurs almost instantly, i.e.e. in which the phase of oppression after the first orgasm is absent while maintaining erections penis and desire to continue sexual intercourse. Other types of sexual intercourse of a man are already associated with a violation of his sexual function or the presence of any diseases that affect sexual function. We will not consider them here (there is a special literature on sexopathology for this), but let's move on to the characteristics of a woman's sexual intercourse.
2. Sexual intercourse of a woman The sexual act of a woman is characterized by a greater variety than the sexual act of a man. In a certain sense, you can say that a woman is unpredictable. And sometimes it takes a significant experience of living together with a man so that he begins to understand her and feel how to behave, so that everything works out in bed with her. First, let us dwell on the differences between the first three phases of female sexual intercourse from male, associated with the difference between the corresponding genital organs. In the excitation phase, due to a rush of blood to the genitals, the labia majora straighten, and the small ones increase in diameter by 2-3 times, changing color from pale pink to dark red. Most women also experience enlargement and hardening of the clitoris. Literally after 10-15 seconds from the onset of sexual arousal, lubrication begins to be released, causing the vagina to become wet, which facilitates the immission of the penis. The vagina, especially its inner two-thirds, lengthens and expands. If at this time the immission of the penis and the first frictions are carried out, then the man may get the impression that the penis is “lost” in the vagina, not clinging to anything. However, this is a deceptive impression of an underexcited woman. If caresses or frictions are continued, then due to the overflow of the walls of the outer third of the vagina with venous blood, an orgastic cuff is formed in a woman (similar to an erection of the penis in a man), which tightly covers the penis of a man, and the sexual intercourse of a woman passes into a plateau phase. The diversity of a woman's sexual intercourse is primarily due to the fact that the presence or absence of an orgasm in her absolutely does not affect her ability to get pregnant (but this ability depends on her sexual constitution). Therefore, the obligatory presence of an orgasm as one of the main attributes of a woman's sexual intercourse is not a fact

About premature ejaculation and how to prolong sexual intercourse

Firstly, short duration of sexual intercourse in men can be (in rare cases) a physiological problem, so do not hesitate to contact a specialist.

Secondly, premature ejaculation can be considered as such purely subjectively. Each man has his own so-called norm during sexual intercourse (which takes into account the number of frictions per unit of time - in a few seconds, for example, and their strength), necessary to achieve orgasm.

Simply put - the slower the rhythm, the longer the duration of sexual intercourse for a man with any sexual constitution. It can also be a profitable option to change positions, especially in favor of those where the “leading role” is given to a woman. There are also exceptions. But these are the easiest ways to increase the time of sexual intercourse in men.

Thirdly, premature ejaculation, most often, is a psychological problem that can be dealt with with the help of a partner (we are talking about a trusting relationship in a couple), and with the help of a psychologist or sexologist. It also implies the participation of a couple.

Prolongation of sexual intercourse

Prolongation of sexual intercourse is a topic of interest to both women and men, since so many couples face this problem.

Most of all, men are hindered by the only reason - this is premature ejaculation, which immediately makes its own adjustments to intimate life.

In this case, few women are lucky to remain satisfied, the man immediately begins to feel inferior, and both partners experience nervous breakdowns and quarrels.

Naturally, one can argue about the duration of a normal sexual intercourse for a long time and therefore there is no unequivocal opinion of experts on this issue. But different indicators are considered the norm for men. But a short sexual intercourse is called, which has a duration of less than three minutes. It's sad, but for such a period of time, rarely a woman manages to enjoy an intimate process.

Sometimes sexual intercourse cannot last long enough to be enjoyed due to the phenomenon of premature ejaculation.

This process is an uncontrolled ejaculation that occurs even before the onset of sexual intercourse or immediately after the onset of friction, and regardless of the desire of the man, with minimal stimulation and with great regularity.

This problem, unfortunately, is quite common and 25-40% of middle-aged men are its hostages, according to statistics.

In order to prolong sexual intercourse, it is necessary to listen to the advice of urologists, who offer very useful tips.

First, a man needs to immediately reconsider his own lifestyle. It may be found that the representative of the stronger sex spends a lot of energy on other activities.

Be sure to reconsider the mode of the working day, the schedule of rest and the mode of eating. For your own health, you need to avoid spicy foods in large quantities, learn to completely relax with exercise.

Increased sexual excitability is easily removed with the help of intense and regular physical activity.

The duration of sexual intercourse is also strongly affected by the frequency of sexual intercourse. As a rule, the less often sexual intercourse occurs, the faster the sexual intercourse ends. This situation is quite natural, because a long abstinence of a man leads to the fact that it becomes increasingly difficult for him to restrain himself.

Prevention of this condition may be to turn sexual intercourse into a regular occurrence. Often this is quite enough to completely get rid of such a condition. Some men make the same mistake, limiting the frequency of contacts, trying to spare themselves in order not to upset a woman by excessively short sex.

But with this they provoke the same premature ejaculation.

Some of the men are trying to continue sex, with the help of a temporary cessation of frictions. But we must remember that as soon as the erection begins to weaken, then it is necessary to continue the friction.

You can also prevent early ending of sexual contact by asking your partner for help. At the first signs of ejaculation, you need to press your thumb on the head of the penis in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe connection with the frenulum, and thus stop the excitement, repeating this more than once.

If a man suffers from increased excitability in combination with premature ejaculation, then he should not start sexual intercourse without using a condom. They sharply reduce the sensitivity of the head of the penis, and therefore the time of erection is significantly lengthened and prolongation of sexual intercourse occurs. The same effect will come if you lubricate the head of the penis with an anesthetic ointment.

It happens that taking small doses of alcohol contributes to the fact that a man successfully prolongs sexual intercourse. There is a simple explanation for this - after all, alcohol liberates sensitivity and slows down the response reflexes of the body.

But doing this while intoxicated is not normal, because you need to be fully responsible for your actions. Alcohol is often the cause of unwanted pregnancies and stupid acts on the part of a man.

This is dangerous because a child conceived while intoxicated is almost always born with defects and serious congenital diseases due to the fault of the parents.

Many men successfully prolong sexual intercourse by dampening the increase in arousal during intercourse. That is, if a man deeply makes only short and shallow frictions, then he not only excites the woman even more, but also thinks through his actions in order to complete the sexual intercourse on time.

All of these options for treating short sexual intercourse can only be acceptable if they please both partners and do not bother anyone.

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Preparations for the prolongation of sexual intercourse

Preparations for increasing the duration of sexual intercourse actively increase the time of the process of sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately, they are not able to cure the main problem of the disease, which lies in hormonal or other systemic dysfunctions.

Therefore, before starting self-treatment, you must first undergo a complete examination, which will most likely reveal the reason for the impossibility of a normal duration of sexual intercourse, and only after that engage in direct treatment.

When visiting any intimate shop or pharmacy, every man can see a large selection of products that promise an instant prolongation of sexual intercourse with the help of creams or sprays. But pills have really proved their effectiveness to continue the duration of sexual intercourse.

Such pills to increase the duration of sexual intercourse are a whole variety of varieties in shape and color and flavors. Be that as it may, all drugs are combined with the help of one component, which eliminates early ejaculation, and thus lengthens the process of sexual intercourse.

The following well-known pills are considered the best drugs in such an intimate area: Viagra, Generic Viagra and Levitra.

With the help of such pills, you can cause a good, confident excitation of the penis and prevent rapid ejaculation.

All three of these drugs have the same active substance, act on average for five hours and, if the dosages are observed, do not cause addiction or side effects.

The principle of action of these three drugs is that they help to relax the muscles of the penis by increasing blood flow to the penis. As a result, a strong and prolonged erection occurs.

Additional substances of the drug promote relaxation, and therefore sexual intercourse can no longer be considered prematurely completed. Such tablets should be taken 2 hours before future contact, but not exceeding the dose of one tablet per day.

Unfortunately, such drugs cannot be taken on an ongoing basis, and even more so for people with serious chronic diseases.

Causes of the problem with premature ejaculation

Sexologists, speaking of "premature ejaculation" as a diagnosis, take into account many factors: from age and sexual experience to sexual activity and novelty of the partner. There is a difference between primary premature ejaculation and secondary, which not only interferes with the normal duration of sexual contact, but also becomes the causative agent of various diseases.

The main causes of premature ejaculation and short sexual intercourse are:

  • little sexual experience of a man and inability to manage an erection;
  • great excitement during intimate meetings with a new partner;
  • the presence of psychological problems such as depression, guilt, anxiety or insecurity;
  • hormonal disruptions and injuries;
  • genetic predisposition to such a condition;
  • hyperexcitability;
  • inflammatory processes of the prostate gland, urethra, as well as the presence of certain sexually transmitted infections;
  • short bridle;
  • insufficient intake of magnesium in the diet;
  • passion for bad habits - alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs.

Often premature ejaculation suffers from insecure men or those who are not familiar enough with a partner or quite the opposite - even overly in love with her.

The consequence of ignoring this problem is the appearance of quarrels with a partner that do not end in anything good.

In addition, the unresolved problem aggravates the mental state of a man, increases his nervousness, self-doubt and prevents the emergence of new relationships.

It is true that the problem of prolonging sexual intercourse is an important aspect for discussion in the world of medicine. But there are many ways to treat any problem in the modern world, and the main thing is to find the strength in yourself to say that this problem has already touched. And then start fixing it.

What you need to know about the first sexual intercourse for a man?

Immediately, we note that the first sexual intercourse in men, most often, quickly ends with ejaculation due to the unusual situation and the rapid excitement inherent in a young body, which is considered normal.

Sometimes erection problems occur during the first intercourse. A common example: an erection fades just before penetrating the vagina.

This is not a disease, it is a consequence of either overwork (emotional) or an elementary fear of “failure” - a man thinks that he should do everything perfectly, instead of just enjoying sexual intercourse.

Medical preparations

A man experiences problems with the continuation of sexual intercourse in cases where, during interruption, ejaculation occurs, or an erection disappears. Therefore, many men are interested in the name of drugs for prolonging sex: gels, sprays, tablets, which in a short time make it possible to increase potency and restore erection.

Drugs that increase potency are divided into two main groups:

  • dietary supplements that require long-term use to achieve a sustainable effect;
  • Inhibitors (selective), which are taken immediately before sexual intercourse, act quickly, but not for long.

If you want to make sexual intercourse longer, then you should choose the means of the second group. The following are popular: Levitra - increases blood flow to the tissues of the male genital organ and relaxes smooth vascular muscles. Taking pills is recommended half an hour before sex, but the effect appears after 15-20 minutes. The effect of the drug lasts up to 12 hours. An important nuance - the product is compatible with alcohol.

Duration of intercourse - male and female perspective on intercourse. - sexual, gender, male

Viagra is a name familiar to almost everyone. The drug should be taken 40 - 60 minutes before sexual intercourse, while the duration of action is limited to 4 - 5 hours. In order for the remedy to be as effective as possible, take it on an empty stomach and drink plenty of liquid (preferably water). Not compatible with alcohol.

Cialis is a type of pill that acts very quickly (the effect is noticeable after 15 minutes) and for a long time (up to 36 hours). Reduces the tone of smooth muscles, significantly increasing blood flow to the tissues of the penis. Can be used with any diet, compatible with alcohol.

The name Super P-force is familiar to few, as the product is relatively new, but also highly effective and lasts for 10-11 hours. Before taking any medication, be sure to consult your doctor.

What can be the solution to erection problems during the first sexual intercourse?

Abstraction. Perhaps not the best day was chosen in terms of your condition - maybe this is a consequence of overwork.

Transferring the initiative into the hands of a woman in the literal and figurative sense. Note, if this is the first sexual intercourse for both partners, you should not "blame" the responsibility on the woman.

Generally, the key to a healthy sexual intercourse in this sense lies in a trusting relationship with a partner, where there will be no place for fear or excessive excitement.

Also the reason can be very banal - you previously decided to "relax" with the help of alcohol or drugs, what is unacceptable (especially if the sexual intercourse is unprotected). Nothing is more detrimental to penile erection than alcohol, even in small doses.

Folk remedies for the duration of sexual intercourse

Natural and herbal ingredients can delay ejaculation. Phytotherapy becomes an addition to proper nutrition, physical activity. How to prolong sexual intercourse with the help of folk remedies based on homeopathic recipes:

sexual intercourse

  • ginger root. Clean, cut 2-3 cm of the underground part of the plant, pour a glass of water, cover with a lid, “simmer” over low heat for 10 minutes. Strain and add honey and lemon juice if desired.
  • Ginseng tincture. The most useful is the dried root. It is crushed, poured with 500 ml of alcohol (30%), insisted for 3-4 weeks.
  • St. John's wort. Boiling water (250 ml) pour 200 g of raw materials, insist until it cools down, drink ½ cup before meals.


Some men speak positively about the "asterisk" (balm), mint ointments, decoctions and toothpastes. Such experiments should be done carefully, applying quite a bit of funds to the foreskin.

Important! Alcohol taken before sex does increase sexual intercourse, but only the first few times. In the future, this ceases to help and leads to the opposite effect.

About preventing pregnancy

We will not write here about the obvious usefulness of condoms and other contraceptives, but we will talk about one technique: coitus interruptus.

Coitus interruption technique (when ejaculation does not occur in the vagina) is known, by the way, from the Bible, and is actively advertised in pornographic films.

It should be noted that this technique does not prevent pregnancy. In addition to the immediate moment of ejaculation and orgasm, shortly before this, the so-called "pre-seminal fluid" is released, which may contain sperm.

Also, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) are transmitted through the pre-seminal fluid, for example, cases of HIV infection are reliably known.

Still, elementary, nature did not provide for a man to literally pull the penis out of the vagina just before orgasm, therefore, nature can “take its toll” and the man simply ceases to control himself and forgets that he was going to have coitus interruptus. Also, the technique of coitus interruptus is undesirable from a psychological point of view.

Techniques for prolonged sex

Popular techniques developed by Western scientists - sexologists will help to make sexual intercourse long.

Simans technique

Otherwise, the technique is called "stop-start" or "excitation-braking". A man masters the technique of ejaculation control over a period of two to ten weeks.

Masters-Johnson technique

The essence of the technique lies in the fact that when ejaculation approaches, the partner must squeeze the sexual organ and restrain ejaculation. Compression is performed with the thumb and forefinger. The thumb should be placed at the junction of the trunk of the penis with its head. The remaining fingers of a woman should slightly clasp the trunk, it is impossible to make movements with your fingers so as not to accidentally stimulate ejaculation.

Prolonged intercourse technique

Sexologists claim that the technique increases the duration of intercourse and improves its quality, while simultaneous orgasm is possible for partners. Short description: the man inserts the penis into the partner's vagina, after which he does not make forward movements for a time sufficient for the "first wave to subside". Then sexual intercourse takes place according to the pattern familiar to the couple. A few moments before ejaculation, the man stops friction without removing the penis, and waits until the “final” wave subsides.

Taoist technique

Unlike most popular techniques, it has an eastern, not a western origin. Does not require prior training, but few men can master the technique the first time.

The schema looks like this:

  • Alternation of frictions according to the scheme 3 shallow - 1 deep. When ejaculation approaches, the man should partially remove the penis, leaving about 3 centimeters in the vagina;
  • Alternation of frictions according to the scheme 5 shallow - 1 deep;
  • Alternation of movements according to the scheme 9 shallow - 1 deep.

In order for sexual intercourse to be long, it is important to pay attention to the positions that the couple uses for intercourse. The best are options in which the man is behind or the woman is on top. Consistent change of positions will help ensure an unforgettable night. It is recommended to start from the knee-elbow position, closer to the end, moving on to the classic missionary position.
Of all the methods of prolonging sexual intercourse, men try different methods and choose the most effective one. It must be remembered that the duration of intercourse is also affected by the general state of health, which must always be paid close attention. A healthy lifestyle, improving the technique of sex and the use of useful recommendations for the prolongation of sexual intercourse will provide a full and rich sex for both partners.

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Duration of intercourse - male and female perspective on intercourse. - sexual, gender, male

Duration of intercourse - male and female perspective on intercourse. - sexual, gender, male

Duration of intercourse - male and female perspective on intercourse. - sexual, gender, male

Duration of intercourse - male and female perspective on intercourse. - sexual, gender, male

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The pump should be completely full of water. Yes, of course, you need to increase the pressure. It weakens because your penis expands. Compress the corrugation, and the pressure will increase.


Hello! I’ve been using a pump for seven months. I have hydromax-30. When I first started, my penis was 16 cm, according to the scale. Now it’s 17.5, but it gets to 18 sometimes. I noticed about 0.5 cm of growth every two weeks. For the last month, it has stopped growing. 1. Could it be possible that I’ve reached my limit? Or maybe I pressed the corrugation too hard? Does it matter if I press the pump 3 or 6 times? 2. Or maybe I simply need the larger size, like the 40th model?

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Reduce the number of sets or vacuum pressure to avoid such swelling. If you’re overusing the pump, take a few days of rest and when you begin again, take shorter sessions.


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Alex, thank you for your advice! You’re a true professional!


How many times a week, and for how long should I use the pump?


Hello! Intensive training: 15 minutes a day, 3 sets at 5 minutes each, 5 days a week, during a 6 week period. The result may be up to 30% of volume and length as a whole. It depends on the individual specialties of the body. Maintaining training: 2-3 times a week with three sets at 5 minutes each. With regular training, you will get 2-3 cm of growth within a year. This result is permanent.


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