2024г: The smell, density, color and taste of male sperm directly depends on the state of health of the man, on his lifestyle and food habits.


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Consistency, color and smell of healthy male sperm. So what affects the state of sperm?. Sperm in men can acquire various odors, how to determine which of them are considered the norm and which are alarming? What does sperm smell like??. What does sperm smell like, how and why does it smell like that
The aroma of each person, like his appearance, is individual. Sometimes our receptors are not able to distinguish it, but there are biological fluids that have a pronounced odor, and, of course, sperm in men will belong to them. It should be noted that the seminal fluid normally has a rather specific smell, however, scientists and people have noted that the odor of semen is highly dependent on external factors and the living conditions of a man. What affects the smell of semen, why the seminal fluid acquires a pungent odor and how to get rid of the problem if a man feels that the seminal fluid has become really stinky? Let's answer these questions.

What does ejaculate smell like in a healthy man?

The main substance that gives the ejaculate a characteristic odor is spermine. This special protein, first discovered in semen, is found in virtually all eukaryotic organisms, cells of the human body and regulates metabolism. In the seminal fluid, spermine affects the metabolic processes in germ cells, providing the production of energy necessary for mobility.

Sperm gives a specific smell, compared by many with the aroma of raw chestnuts. Someone associates this aroma with raw mushrooms, mushrooms.

It is difficult to say whether such a smell is pleasant or not, since the perception of smells is an individual matter. But there are situations when how smells like cum, evokes completely different associations, for example, with stale fish or rotten eggs.

How to improve the smell of the seed?

Consistency, color and smell of healthy male sperm. - smell, man, sperm

In the event that male sperm smells like mushrooms, fish, has a pronounced chlorinated smell, this can negatively affect the psycho-emotional state of a man, and also negatively affect sexual life. As practice has shown, mushroom and chlorinated smell is not an alarming symptom, but many men would like to eliminate the unpleasant odor.

To improve the smell of the seed, you should first of all adjust the diet, giving preference to fresh vegetables and fruits. The most useful for improving the characteristics of the seed is avocado, mango, peach, melon, kiwi. Fresh juices are also helpful. Men should drink more water. Also, regular care for the hygiene of the genitals and wearing loose underwear made from natural fabrics is the key to a normal smell and consistency of the ejaculate.

Why semen can smell bad

The smell of seminal fluid is primarily influenced by infectious and inflammatory processes in the male reproductive system and food intake.

It is generally accepted that food rich in sulfur (fish, seafood), gives the ejaculate an unpleasant smell of rotten eggs. Sour fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes or pineapples, contribute to a more pleasant smell and even taste.

In some diseases accompanied by aspermia, the excreted secret may not have any odor at all.

Photo 2. Pineapple is considered one of the best fruits for the taste and smell of sperm. Source: Flickr (Clear Hard Color).

Why does it smell like bleach?

Smell of bleach in seminal fluidcountsvariant of the norm. This condition can occur during an active sexual life, after physical exertion. As a rule, this aroma indicates the predominance of prostate secretion in the seminal fluid.

Why does it smell like fish

The smell of fish from the ejaculate indicates the development of an infectious-inflammatory process in the urogenital area. These changes occur due to the fact that the pathogenic microflora in the course of its life activity releases compounds that are regarded by the human organ of smell as unpleasant.

It is important! Simultaneously with the change in smell, in the presence of pathology, other indicators also change. Color becomes greenish, yellow, brown. Viscosity may increase, lumps may occur. Sometimes you can find an admixture of blood.

What should sperm normally smell like??

Consistency, color and smell of healthy male sperm. - smell, man, sperm

The biological fluid of the human body can be different, having its own individual characteristics and characteristics. Some men do not understand why sperm smells like such a specific smell, considering it to be some kind of deviation in the body. To assess how natural the smell is, you need to know exactly what kind of ejaculate a normal healthy man should have.

For reference! Sperm in a healthy man should have a heterogeneous consistency, a whitish-gray tint, depending on the density of sperm in the fluid.

The richer the color of the male seed, the more likely the man to conceive a child. Transparency indicates a low concentration of active viable spermatozoa in it. Before appreciating the smell of semen, a man should be familiar with the following semen facts:

  • Sperm in a man can have a different smell and change throughout life under the influence of certain factors.
  • Fine smell of semen slightly chlorinated, or as the men say, reminiscent of the smell of raw chestnut. It is also considered normal if the seed smells like mushrooms.
  • If a man does not have a particularly pronounced smell of semen, you can not talk about the presence of any problems.
  • The smell, density, color and taste of male sperm directly depends on the state of health of the man, on his lifestyle and food habits.

After ejaculation, a man's sperm should be viscous, but literally a few minutes after ejection, it has the properties to liquefy. And for many medical professionals, semen quality is one way to diagnose male health.

From individual materials, you can find out that if sperm:

  • Yellow color;
  • White;
  • Too thick.

What factors and pathologies affect the smell

The following factors affect the smell of seminal fluid:

  • Taking food. As a rule, gives a hint of hydrogen sulfide, sour notes in the smell.
  • Working conditions. Constant labor activity at hot temperatures, in the heat contributes to the appearance of more concentrated flavors of sperm.
  • sexual behavior. With prolonged abstinence, the ejaculate thickens, its smell becomes more concentrated, mustiness may be felt. On the contrary, frequent sexual intercourse, unusual physical activity help to reduce the aromatic properties of sperm, giving it a shade of chlorine or fresh chestnut.
  • Unpleasant notes can also give inadequate personal hygiene a man.
  • The presence of pathologies. An important role in the properties of the ejaculate is played by the existing diseases of the male reproductive system. Infectious and inflammatory processes (urethritis, prostatitis, vesiculitis, orchitis) and sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, etc.).d.) give semen an unpleasant odor of fish, pus, or decay.

In case of other diseases accompanied by a decrease in sperm production, a decrease in the content of spermatozoa in it (congenital underdevelopment of the reproductive system, trauma, hormonal disorders), any aroma may disappear altogether or become almost imperceptible.

note! The smell of sperm is primarily affected by its composition. In the presence of diseases, the chemical composition of the seminal fluid changes, which is perceived as the appearance of an unpleasant odor, often compared to the aroma of fish.

Sperm buttermilk with fish and bleach: what to do?

Consistency, color and smell of healthy male sperm. - smell, man, sperm

In the event that the male seminal fluid smells strongly of fish or has a rich chlorinated odor, such a symptom is alarming, as it may be the result of a sexually transmitted or infectious disease. A man needs to immediately see a doctor, undergo an examination and take tests. As practice has shown, it is in women that venereal diseases are accompanied by a fetid fishy smell of the genitals.

If the smell of fish is felt from the male seed, the doctor will suggest infection with the disease through sexual intercourse. The most common diseases are trichomoniasis or gonorrhea. It is also advisable to be examined for the presence of pathogenic microorganisms - staphylococci, E. coli or chlamydia. The rotten smell of semen can be a symptom of an inflammatory process, as well as purulent processes and secretions.

Alarming accompanying symptoms are also considered:

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  • itching and burning in the genital area;
  • disturbed urination;
  • pain and discomfort during intercourse;
  • change in the consistency and color of the seed;
  • specific discharge from the urethra.

Before sexual intercourse, a man should refuse certain foods, such as asparagus, garlic or onions, fish, dairy products. They not only spoil the smell of the seed, but can also make it bitter. It is also important for a man to observe the drinking regimen, since dehydration of the body leads to a deterioration in the characteristics of the seed.

What to do if the smell changes

If the change in smell can be associated with lifestyle, food intake or working conditions, then you should try to change the factors that caused the changes. If, on the contrary, the aroma has become stable or initially had unpleasant properties, then this should serve as a reason for examination for the presence of pathologies.

Should visit a urologist or andrologist, who will be able to assess the general condition, the condition of the male reproductive system and prescribe diagnostic tests:

  • Spermogram. It is the main method for studying ejaculate and allows you to establish many pathologies. Evaluates not only smell, but also color, volume, sperm count, viscosity, pH and many other indicators.
  • Ultrasound/MRI of the pelvic organs, prostate examination. Allows you to assess the state of the organs of the reproductive system.
  • Culture of seminal fluid, urethral scraping, or urineand. Allows detection of pathogenic microflora.

normal consistency

Doctors have long known about what the normal consistency of male sperm should be. But people who do not have this information can often be confused by the fact that their seminal fluid can be thick or thin. Someone thinks that this is normal for her and does not pay attention to the state of the ejaculate.

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But how thick and homogeneous sperm can speak of the normal functioning of the male body. In order to dispel all suspicions that something is wrong with the work of the genital organs, men often need to take their sperm for analysis. And for some reason, most men find this extremely unpleasant to do. Therefore, they avoid this important examination, which is fraught with serious consequences.

With the consistency of sperm, everything is more complicated than with its other signs. It is quite difficult for an unprepared person to determine by eye that something is wrong with her. Yes, he may know that the normal state of sperm is comparable to the state of liquid sour cream. If she does not look like this, then the man has some problems in the body. Not always serious, but definitely noteworthy.

It is also worth knowing that it is normal for semen to change viscosity over time. Under normal conditions, the seminal fluid is released in a rather liquid state, then thickens, after which it becomes liquid again. A man can watch this process, and if he doesn’t like something, then you should definitely consult a doctor.

How to understand by the density of sperm that there are problems in the work of the genitals? Firstly, the problem will be that the male discharge is too thick or too thin. Secondly, a man may notice that sperm does not change its state over time. Then this will also talk about some problems in the reproductive system.

Thirdly, if the sperm is very heterogeneous, that is, there are lumps in it that are much thicker than the rest of the discharge, then this is another sign of abnormalities. In any of these cases, a man should consult a doctor who will prescribe certain tests to detect pathologies. Do not be afraid and shy, because this is taking care of your own health.

Opinion of a urologist

What does a urologist say about the characteristics of sperm in a man? For example, if sperm smells like sour milk, could it depend on the products that the man consumed the day before??

Katerina Komarentseva, urologist: “Depending on the products used by a man, the smell and other properties of sperm may vary. A sharp unpleasant odor can be provoked by nicotine and alcohol, but dried fruits, sweet dishes, fruits give sperm a pleasant sweetish-fruity aftertaste. If a man has a dysbacteriosis caused by Candida fungi, then the sperm will have the smell of sour milk and an unpleasant taste”.

Is sperm stasis possible?

Sperm stasis is considered one of the most common misconceptions about male sexual viability. Many representatives of the stronger half are sure that long periods of abstinence can provoke such a disorder in them as sperm stasis. We hasten to reassure you, medicine is not yet aware of such a phenomenon. Seminal fluid is produced in the male body constantly and does not depend on the intensity of the male's sexual activity. Nature itself took care that the accumulated excess of seminal fluid spontaneously left the male body through pollutions.

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Wet dreams do not have any specific norm and for each man they occur individually: once a week or a month. It also happens that wet dreams go completely unnoticed for a man.

Men themselves can help themselves in the absence of sexual contacts with the help of masturbation. Therefore, worries about the occurrence of sperm stasis against the background of prolonged sexual abstinence are groundless. If you still notice any deviations in the functioning of the genitourinary system, then the diagnosis should be carried out by a specialist.

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garlic treatment

The type of treatment determines the reason why a man and his sweat smell like fish. In most cases, medication is sufficient. Surgery is rarely required.


Consistency, color and smell of healthy male sperm. - smell, man, sperm

Drugs are needed in the presence of infection or inflammation with the smell of fish in men. Types of prescribed medications:

  • antibiotics - destroy pathogenic microorganisms;
  • antifungal - used for thrush;
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory - stop the pain syndrome, reduce the focus of inflammation;
  • ointments with antibacterial effect - relieve itching and burning;
  • antiseptics - disinfect the skin of the genital organs;
  • probiotics - are used after antibiotics to normalize the microflora;
  • creams and ointments that accelerate regeneration - are prescribed in the presence of microcracks on the penis.

Video How to check sperm quality?

The most effective combination of drugs. All medicines for a man are allowed for use only after passing tests and consulting a specialist.


Surgical intervention in the event that a man smells like fish is extremely rare. It is necessary only for phimosis, which is the result of a lack of treatment for balanoposthitis.

Another likely option that requires surgery is anomalies in the structure of the genital organs, which make it difficult to conduct personal hygiene and cause the accumulation of dirt in the folds of the skin. This condition is detected and corrected in childhood.

Folk remedies

Alternative medicine recipes can be used if a man and his sweat smell like fish. As an independent method of treatment, they are effective in the following cases:

  • excessive sweating;
  • hygiene after intimacy to prevent infection with STIs;
  • endocrine diseases.

In the presence of other conditions and pathologies in which a man smells like fish, folk remedies are used as an auxiliary therapeutic method. They can be used in conjunction with drugs. The most effective recipes:

  1. Sitz baths. Basis - decoction of oak bark, chamomile, soda solution. Spend 1 time per day for 15-20 minutes for 10 days.
  2. Washing. Decoctions of calendula, yarrow, plantain, soda solution. Rinse the penis and scrotum 3-5 times a day after washing with baby soap or a special intimate hygiene product.
  3. Compresses. Soak a gauze swab with aloe juice, plantain or a decoction of a plant with antibacterial action. Apply to the affected area for 15-20 minutes.

It is often forbidden to use these remedies for the smell of fish and sweat in a man due to the high risk of drying out the mucous membranes. This will provoke a burning sensation of the head of the penis or increase its manifestation.

Garlic normalizes the work of the male genital area. It helps to eliminate diseases in which a man's sperm smells like fish, restores testosterone production, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, thins the blood and has an antibacterial effect. Its use increases libido and prevents problems with potency. Ways to treat the smell of fish and other pathologies with garlic:

  • fresh and ready-made consumption - no more than three heads per day;
  • sitz baths - 150 g of raw materials per 3 liters of water;
  • tinctures for oral consumption - 400 g of garlic, 700 ml of vodka mix and leave for two days, drink a teaspoon 2-3 times a day.

Consistency, color and smell of healthy male sperm. - smell, man, sperm

Therapy is not recommended for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. If discomfort occurs in the digestive system, treatment should be discontinued.

A man can smell like fish for various reasons. Initially, you should pay more attention to personal hygiene. If the odor is still present, a urologist should be consulted. For the prevention of diseases of the genital area, it is recommended to visit a doctor 1-2 times a year.

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Consistency, color and smell of healthy male sperm. - smell, man, sperm

Consistency, color and smell of healthy male sperm. - smell, man, sperm

Consistency, color and smell of healthy male sperm. - smell, man, sperm

Consistency, color and smell of healthy male sperm. - smell, man, sperm

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