2022г: I have been using it for a year and a half, a great thing for shaving, very convenient, compact, a charge lasts for a long time ".


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12 best hair trimmers. trimmer for shaving - Is it a razor or an epilator?? Specifications, principle of operation, Advantages and disadvantages. Features of hair removal with a trimmer in different areas. Top Producers.. What is and how to use a beard and mustache trimmer

How to choose a beard, mustache and head trimmer

A trimmer is a small device that is very reminiscent of a regular clipper. The main difference is that the device is designed specifically for the care of mustaches and beards, has a more compact size and ergonomic shape.

To choose the right trimmer, it is recommended to consider several important parameters.

Type of food

The most convenient are battery-powered trimmers that can also work when connected to the network. You can use them both offline and directly in the process of charging.

A shaving trimmer is a razor or an epilator? - beard, mustache, hair

Best buy trimmer for mustaches and beards with battery

Working time

Typically, a full charge of the battery lasts for 30-40 minutes of continuous operation of the trimmer. Some models can work up to 75 minutes in a row, they are convenient to take with you on trips.

Advice! When buying, you should also specify how long it takes the device to restore the charge.

blade type

Household appliances are equipped with blades made of ordinary or stainless steel; ceramic knives are found in professional devices. With regular use, work surfaces will quickly become dull and difficult to replace.

The top 10 beard trimmers always include devices with self-sharpening blades, and experts recommend purchasing them. In this case, you will never have to think about their sharpness, and even more so, replacement.

The ability to adjust the length of the haircut

This is one of the most important parameters, since it depends on it whether it will be possible to create the desired appearance with the help of a trimmer. Adjustment can be carried out in two ways - using interchangeable nozzles and using the wheel on the body. It is preferable to choose the last option, in which case it will be possible to adjust the length of the cut of the mustache with an accuracy of 0.5 mm.

Additional functions

If all other parameters meet the wishes, then when choosing a beard trimmer, you can pay attention to additional features. Popular features include, for example, a vacuum system for collecting cut stubble and laser pointers for perfect cutting lines.

Among the useful bonus features of the trimmer is a laser pointer for maximum cutting quality

If possible, it is better to buy a beard trimmer with a wet cleaning function. It can be difficult to remove the remaining hairs from the device in a dry way. Washing them off is much easier, but only certain models can be treated with water.

electric shaver

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Pretty common device.

Great for daily removal of unwanted facial hair:

  • to use the device, you do not need to use preshaves;
  • safe to use, will not harm the skin of the face;
  • thanks to its significantly small size, the electric shaver can be taken with you anywhere;
  • saving time;
  • blade life - 1.5-3 years with proper use and care of the device.


  • some models require additional care after use;
  • high price;
  • slight noise from work;
  • Requires batteries or independent sockets for use.

Such devices are divided into 2 types:

  • rotary. There are two or three rotating heads inside which are slotted discs. Gives a smooth and clean shave, the heads perfectly follow the shape of the face, which allows you to cut off as many hairs as possible;
  • grid. The work process is similar to the previous one, but here the blades vibrate from side to side. These machines are great for sensitive skin.

Top 3

  1. Philips S9151. Rotary type, has a stylish design, almost silent operation and long service life. Three heads provide a soft dry and wet shave. Has many additional features. Fairly easy to care for. Price — 18 005 rubles.

Andrey P. (): “I suffered with machines to the point of horror. Decided to try electric shavers. Everything is fine. Shaves great. And neck! A little longer with the neck, of course, than with the cheeks, but manages. The only thing, I think, maybe the cheaper models from Philips are also not so bad? My friends shave and rejoice. And a lot of good reviews. But it is this model of fire. And design, and color, and ergonomics, and workmanship, and shaving quality. Completely satisfied with the purchase. Service life was 7 months.

Cause di prostatite negli uomini.
  1. Panasonic ES-LV6Q. One of the premium cars. The blades of the device are highly durable and reliable, covered with nano-polishing. Gently and easily removes all hairs without harming the skin. Features a unique 5D movable head with two silicone rollers and 5 grids. Price - 18981 rubles.

Alexey (/): “The razor is excellent.I'm buying a second one, one for my father, one for myself. Before that, I used the model with four blades ES8249 for ten years, I have no complaints, I bought nets three times, once a battery and changed knives once (it turns out to be several times cheaper than using a machine, and is not tied to water).Generally satisfied".

  1. Philips SW7700 Star Wars. Modern machine in a laconic design. Features V-track Precision PRO blades that cut hair with speed and precision. Use reduces skin irritation with SkinGlide rings, which are coated with spherical granules. Price — 18 555 rubles.

Love (/): “I have been using this gadget for a whole year! The quality of shaving and cutting hair has not deteriorated during this time, the battery lasts for a long time, the battery is fully charged in about an hour.

  1. BaByliss E886E. Fast recharging, fully waterproof housing, 24 operating modes. Quickly removes hairs and is gentle on the skin of the face. Price - 7990 rubles.

Michael (Yandex.Market): “Advantages: shaves well, evenly. Disadvantages: it is not convenient to work with the mustache, it is not convenient to align the mustache in height, the mustache is not visible when trimming the edges of the mustache. The product is good for beard but not for mustache because of the design".

  1. Philips OneBlade Pro QP6520. Hybrid model of the machine, exactly follows the shape of the face and provides gentle removal. Long-term operation (up to 1.5 hours), 12 operation settings, flexible head and informative display. Price - 3100 rubles.

Rastah (/): "Great machine. I have been using it for a year and a half, a great thing for shaving, very convenient, compact, a charge lasts for a long time ".

Which beard trimmer is best?

To buy the right mustache and beard care device, you need to study the existing ratings. They include the most practical, affordable and effective models.

Best Inexpensive Beard Trimmers

Budget devices rarely boast a lot of additional features. But the best of them are distinguished by reliability and accuracy of work.

Philips BT1216 Series 1000

One of the best budget beard trimmers costs about 1700 rubles and is compact in size. The case is non-slip, the device fits comfortably in the hand. There are 5 modes of operation - you can adjust the length of the hairs on the mustache and bristles from 1 to 7 mm.

Philips mustache trimmer lasts up to an hour on a full charge

Braun BT 3020

Black machine for trimming mustache and beard costs 1600 rubles. On the case there is a button for turning the device on and off, as well as a wheel for adjusting the length - from 1 to 10 mm, and the value can be set in the range of 0.5 mm. The mustache device holds a charge for 40 minutes.

Braun BT 3020 should be recharged after 1-2 uses

Panasonic ER-GB40

An inexpensive beard trimmer costs about 2600 rubles and is quiet. The trimmer is not afraid of moisture, stainless blades can be washed under the tap. The length of the haircut is adjustable in 20 modes, the remnants of the hairs from the mustache and bristles are automatically collected in a special container.

Panasonic ER-GB40 battery life is 50 minutes

Rating of professional beard and mustache trimmers

Men for whom mustaches and beards are a real pride are often interested in purchasing a professional trimmer. Among the best, you can list several models.

BaByliss E886E

A very stylish beard trimmer is equipped not only with a power button, but also with a charging indicator, as well as a display. Length adjustment is carried out not with a standard wheel, but with the “+” and “-” keys. The blades of the machine are stainless, suitable for wet cleaning. The device provides as many as 48 modes for trimming mustaches and beards.

Important! The device supports fast charging, which takes only 5 minutes.

Professional trimmer BaByliss E886E costs about 7000 rubles

Panasonic ER-SB60

A professional-level device costs about 11,000 rubles. The user receives a compact and stylish device with a small display, a start button and an adjusting wheel. Haircut is carried out within 0.5-10 mm in 19 modes. It works autonomously for about an hour, you can also use the trimmer right while charging.

Panasonic's premium mustache trimmer keeps blades wet

Wahl 9818-116

In the rating of beard, ear and nose trimmers, you must include a high-quality American machine with 10 interchangeable nozzles. The device is suitable not only for trimming facial hair, but also for removing hair from hard-to-reach places. Can capture hairs with a length of 0.4 mm, allows you to create perfectly even outlines of mustaches and stubble. Works from the accumulator within an hour, at the same time the level of a charge is reflected on the indicator.

Wahl is often found in hairdressing salons, and costs 7,000 rubles

Top 5 Best Trimmers for Stiff Beards

Only the best trimmers with sharp and durable blades can handle short stubble or coarse beard. It is important that the device supports the self-sharpening function, otherwise the quality of the haircut will quickly be in question.

Braun BT 5070

The brutal trimmer for shaving a man's beard and mustache is capable of cutting hairs in the range from 1 to 20 mm and supports as many as 25 modes. Powered by battery. The device copes even with very hard bristles the first time, it is easy to clean with a wet method, it supports a quick 5-minute charge for one session. The average price is 4000 rubles.

Braun BT 5070 is not suitable for close-to-zero shaves, but it can cut tough mustaches and beards up to 1 mm

Philips BT5200 Series 5000

The top 5 beard trimmers include a device from Philips in red or black. The device is equipped with stainless steel knives that are not afraid of moisture, supports 17 preset modes and cuts hair in the range from 0.4 to 10 mm. Able to work without recharging exactly one hour.

Philips BT5200 costs about 3500 rubles

Remington MB4130

Among the best models of mustache trimmers, one should note the device from Remington with an ergonomic curved body and titanium blades. The machine is capable of cutting a beard up to 18 mm, the minimum figure is 0.4 mm. The device supports 13 preset modes, operates 50 minutes without recharging.

Remington MB4130 is suitable for maintaining fairly long mustaches and beards

Rowenta TN-3450

One of the best professional trimmers has titanium blades and easily handles hair of any stiffness. Knives always remain sharp, do not rust, you can wash them under the tap. The device provides for cutting mustaches and stubble in 30 modes in 0.5 mm increments, and the maximum length is 15 mm. A big advantage is the built-in light, which allows you to see the smallest remaining hairs.

Attention! The battery is designed for an hour of continuous operation. But recharging takes 12 hours, so you need to connect the device to the network in advance.

Rowenta's premium mustache trimmer features a battery remaining indicator

Remington MB320C

A review of the best trimmers should include a simple but functional device from Remington with ceramic blades. Knives are not only resistant to corrosion, but also do not cause allergies at all.

The mustache trimmer and beard trimmer comes with a comb, retractable micro trimmer for precise lines and a nozzle for adjusting the length of the cut - from 0.5 to 18 mm. Powered by battery or mains, in offline mode, the device works for 40 minutes.

Remington MB320C - model with ceramic coated blades

Top best beard and mustache trimmers of 2020

Separate high-quality machines for fine haircuts are in particular demand. Based on them, a rating of the best beard and mustache trimmers has been compiled.

Moser 1030-0460

The stylish and convenient device comes in a concise case, in the upper part there is only a start button and an operation indicator. The beard and head trimmer cuts hair up to 24 mm, if desired, it can be used to create a hairstyle. The average price is 2800 rubles.

Moser 1030-0460 can be used as a normal clipper

Hottek HT-964-100

The compact device has a large number of attachments and is considered one of the best beard and nose trimmers, as well as mustaches and ears. The cutting comb allows you to fine-tune the length of the cut. Comes with a smooth shave. An unusual feature of the device is that it is powered by AA batteries, it is convenient to take it with you on the road.

Hottek HT-964-100 is one of the cheapest trimmers and costs only about 1000 rubles

Philips OneBlade QP6520

Very good trimmer from Philips is designed for continuous operation for 1.5 hours. Supports mustache and stubble trimming to a standard length of 0.4-10mm with 14 factory preset levels. You can clean the blades of the device using water.

Philips OneBlade QP6520 - an average cost device for 5000 rubles

Rating of the best universal trimmers for beard, mustache and hair

Universal devices deserve especially a lot of good customer reviews. They are suitable not only for trimming beards and mustaches. With their help, you can cut your hair and restore neatness to your hair without going to the hairdresser.

Panasonic ER206

Convenient machine offers a choice of 12 levels of adjustment - from 2 to 18 mm. If desired, using the maximum length, you can trim the hair at the temples or cut it entirely. The device works autonomously for 50 minutes, trims the beard and mustache quickly and accurately, without skin cuts and unpleasant jerks.

Panasonic ER206 costs around 1700 rubles

Panasonic ER-GB70

Another hair and beard trimmer from the Japanese brand trims vegetation to a maximum length of 2cm. The device can be used to trim your hair. Knives work quickly and efficiently, the device almost does not vibrate during the process. The battery charge lasts about an hour, and it takes the same amount of time to replenish the energy reserve.

Panasonic ER-GB70 charges much faster than most trimmers

Panasonic ER1420

Another universal beard trimmer from Panasonic. It has three attachments - for stubble and mustache care, for shaving and for hair on the head. The maximum cut length is 2 cm, so the device can perform the functions of a conventional machine. The trimmer works quietly and quickly, but the disadvantages include the lack of wet cleaning.

Panasonic ER1420 supports 6 main operating modes

Criterias of choice

Modern machines are significantly different from mechanical ones and have special advantages:

  • choosing a blade for a particular haircut;
  • compactness;
  • narrower in width.


All clippers can be divided into two main types:

  • rotary. These models are equipped with a rotary engine. During operation, the body heats up significantly. But to solve this problem, special cooling holes have been created that are able to maintain an active mode for several hours;
  • vibrating. This type is suitable for home use, as it has low power, small dimensions and budget cost.

How to choose:

  1. Determine the type of work. The best solution would be a combined type that has replaceable batteries for travel and business trips, but also a cord for a stationary outlet.
  2. The choice of blade depends on the thickness of your hair. If they have a rigid structure, a universal model with adjustable blade length would be a reasonable solution. For soft hairs, a device with less power is suitable
  3. Replaceable blades and nozzles. Some need constant care, others, such as ceramic, can be rinsed under water and not lubricated with additional lubricant.
  4. Comfort. For permanent use, it is necessary that the machine is comfortably held in the hand and does not strain it.
  5. Additional functions. One of these vacuum suction, which helps to collect hairs in a special compartment.

Advantages of the electrical appliance:

  1. For owners of thick and coarse hair, it will be much more difficult to cope with a haircut with a razor. Electrical appliances allow you to cope with any type and structure of hair.
  2. The blades of standard razors are much sharper than they expose the skin to cuts and other damage.
  3. Electric devices have significant functionality that allows you to remove unwanted hair, straighten your cheekbones and temples, and cut long hair on your chin.
  4. Haircutting equipment great for professional use. It saves time and allows you to serve a large number of customers.
  5. The devices are equipped with attachments and mechanisms that make shaving safer.

Step by step instructions for use

  1. Wash the hair in the treatment area. If the trimmer is moisture resistant, you can start shaving, if not, dry them.
  2. Take away length. If the hair has grown too much, cut the length with scissors or a clipper. Remember that the trimmer is not able to cope with dense and lush vegetation longer than 5 cm.
  3. Start shaving – everything is different here, as in the case of a classic shave. The trimmer must be driven against the direction of hair growth, and not along it.
  4. Follow the pressure - the flat part of the nozzle should fit snugly against the skin, but not injure it.
  5. Trim - at the last stage, trim the knocked-out hairs or shave them by removing the nozzle from the trimmer.

reference! If the trimmer began to pull hair and cut badly, it's time to clean it. If cleaning does not help, take it to a repair shop.

How to cut a beard with a trimmer at home is described in the video:

Features of care

male beard

The nozzle should be selected depending on the length of the beard and the desired result. For trimming, nozzle number 3 is usually used. You need to shave the beard in the opposite direction from the hair growth, firmly pressing the top of the nozzle to the skin.


Same as with the beard, choose the right size nozzle:

  • Leave the upper part of the mustache in its original form, if you do not want to get antennas bulging in all directions.
  • If necessary, trim them with scissors and lay with wax.

Intimate area

The trimmer is good for cutting off excess vegetation in the groin up to 5 mm. This will make it easier in the future for personal hygiene or a clean shave. The trimmer in this case is much more practical and more convenient than scissors.

Ear canals and nostrils

Using a trimmer to cut unwanted hair in the nose and ears is quite simple.

Put on a round nozzle, insert it 1-2 cm deep into the nostril or auricle and slightly seduce.

In a few seconds you will get rid of all the bristles.

Video Epilator vs Shaving differences | Which is better ?


A shaving trimmer is a razor or an epilator? - beard, mustache, hair

A shaving trimmer is a razor or an epilator? - beard, mustache, hair

A shaving trimmer is a razor or an epilator? - beard, mustache, hair

A shaving trimmer is a razor or an epilator? - beard, mustache, hair

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