HOW TO ENLARGE A PENIS Bathmate simply wins within this area with their Hydromax lineup -the Xtreme getting in the prime of your line when it comes to pressure manage due to the great hand pump it comes with.


2022г: Bathmate simply wins within this area with their Hydromax lineup -the Xtreme getting in the prime of your line when it comes to pressure manage due to the great hand pump it comes with.


It´s been at this moment just about Half a year ever since I commenced in the whole penis enhancement, thankfully Ive never seriously injured myself, something that´s quite common for the newbees and inexperienced persons.

I actually have at all times heard how my own penis was answering the workout routines (by the end of the day it´s just like muscle, should you feel you have worked it nicely, including another set or exercise will be unproductive). Don’t forget, you will find results within penis enhancement if you set up your mind for you to run a marathon as opposed to a sprint.

And that is were this bathmate is necessary, hands-on workouts such as jelquing, clamping, stretching, compressions work well however they are hard to do, preparing yourself for a workout session normally requires Forty-five minutes or even more, you will have to warm down both before and after, if you actually introduce jelqs in your routine, the most basic excersice designed for girth, you’ll have to use type of lube : which means that following a workout session a shower is necessary to wash your parts.

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In the beginning it´s achievable since you are commited so you can get some sort of results however , as time frame passes you could begin to delay 1 or 2 workout sessions when you are running low on time, in addition benefits normally takes a serious end up apparent. Previously it has been good enough to make me cease after a month, I believe it´s the definite killer to long-term time commitment, the most important element with penis enhancement. In my own experience counting simply in manual physical exercises will make it “tiring” for you to “run the marathon”.

However thanks the lord I’ve found the Bathmate Goliath beside me, it is comfortable and also functional, I just must take it into the bath and after only Ten minutes of usage I really feel the full increase of my corpus cavernosum.

In just months increases in size are already quite apparent, particularly girth wise were I am mostly concentrating:


My cock is undoubtedly clearly more greatly dark-colored. Keep in mind that virtually all sorts of pumping and intense exercising to your penis such as jelqing cause this color discoloration. It often sorts itself out in time and becomes less significant many including myself personally view it as being a permanent alteration to the epidermis. To be honest, I really don´t view it as being an issue, I’d personally sign to get a larger sized dark-colored dick every day. It’s a type of unintended side effects of Penile Enlargement in most cases …various lightning lotions are available that will tackle the issue.

If you’re a new comer to male enhacement you may expect one inch of everlasting gain in the initial 12 months and when you will include it with other hands-on work outs such as jelquing you’ll make alot more steady gains.

Contrary to other potentially dangerous air pumps, Bathmate Goliath is definitely pretty safe, I never had any type of difficulties with it, as you’re able to also observe through the movie my personal erection has improved (superior with penile erection is normally measured in terms of the actual direction it has with the torso, better its directing right up as well as nearer to an individual’s abdominal area, the better).

I personally absolutely recommend this water pump to any person who is truly serious with their enhancement. You will enjoy the entire process a lot more, you can find more quickly benefits and it’ll be suitable in your schedule irrespective of how hectic it can be, if you have have enough time to take a shower you may as well also use the bathmate goliath with you.

Bathmate Goliath is entertaining and easy to use. Far more importantly it’s going to hold you commited to your enhancement ambitions and towards the lengthy term course of action. Keep in mind : “Penis Enhancement is often a Marathon, not a Sprint”

Just obtain the Bathmate if gaining girth can be your aim. In case your primary goal is length I would propose you yet another device for example an extender.

Employing just the Bathmate will provide you with benefits, nonetheless the very best gains can come when you include it with other manual workout routines such as the jelquing.

Bathmate goliath discount and direct coupon code 2015

Now you can get the the bathmate goliath, includes free shipping. Click here.

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Bathmate Goliath, Hercules, Hydro Max Vs Penomet : Which Is Better?

Comparisons need to be very simple. When you evaluate something you need to understand which is best, proper? None of that “they’re both very good BS.” Just pick your favourite and tell me why! So, along with your time in mind I’ll go ahead and give you…

The Deal Breakers

Right after spending long nights performing research on the two, I’ve come up with a compelling list for why you ought to get one over the other. I’ve been applying my Bathmate Hercules for over two years now, and when I’ve seen almost an inch in growth I’m kinda having tired of a couple issues that come with utilizing it, which you’ll be able to know more about below. This list doesn’t touch on these points, but it does give you the most significant reasons. You’ll find some equivalent facets to them that may well make them hard to compare initially -but you will find a couple key variations that break the tie and place one brand ahead of the other.

But just before we get into these variations, let’s cover what essentially the most significant similarities are among the two:

  • Both brands use medical grade components. The have each had their materials certified as medically safe
  • Each brands present 60 day income back assure. If you aren’t happy, you can get your income back.

With any penis pump, or male enhancment device for that matter, the above two points are an absolute must. It is actually the list beneath, that tends to make a single brand stand out. To me, these are the deal breakers. Soon after making use of a hydro pump for two years now, I see how important they may be.


  • Only one brand gives the most significant array of sizes. This can be crucial because finding the ideal fit starts with using an suitable size.
  • Only a single brand comes with a hand pump.
  • Only a single brand comes using a built-in comfort pad.

What all of these imply in my mind, is the fact that A single brand is simpler to make use of, allows for more pressure handle, and has more concentrate around comfort.

All of this puts this brand in front of their competitor. They’ve been in the game the longest, and I respect their dedication to creating a excellent, easy to utilize solution.

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Have to have A lot more? Read on

There’s a great deal of similarities among the two. For instance…

  • Each is often used with or without water. You are able to use each standing up, sitting down, shower or bath, and also without water.
  • Both have related accessories available. Cleaning tools, shower straps, carrying circumstances, and some thing known as Gun Oil.
  • Each are primarily based out of Europe. One in Switzerland the other in UK.
  • Both enhance your size. Users are finding benefits with every single of those pumps, so each do in fact operate.
  • Both are manually operated. You push the pump towards you to make a seal, and as you do that water expels in the major valve, which both have.
  • Both use springy gaitors to make the suction.

Figuring out only these similarities on their own would make deciding which to buy much tougher. Luckily you already know the deal breakers, but just to bring the point -here’s the rest of the motives:

A Nut Bustingly Uncomfortable Seal

In the event you read my 30 day challenge and 1 year update, you will know I had problems with obtaining a comfy seal, not to mention difficulties with unsightly swelling. I sooner or later found that starting slow and allowing time for expansion before pumping tougher helped, however it didn’t solve it entirely.

That option wasn’t full-proof, and when it helped 70% in the time, it didn’t permit me to possess as brief of pumping sessions as I required. Pumping slower was taking too much time, which brought me to an additional solution, that is incredibly powerful. However, even with all the seal problem solved I was nevertheless left pondering if Penomet pumpers were going via the added hassle. The entire grass-is-greener mentality can seriously get you sometimes.

The newer models; Hydromax x30, x40, and Xtreme include comfort sleeves, but even then the word is they’re useless. Most customers take away them immediately after a couple makes use of mainly because they hinder the seal. A leaky seal suggests you maintain pressing down on the pump to make suction. That is plenty of pressing down around the pelvis, that will ultimately bring about bruising if performed every single day. Not to mention, the gaitors on the Hydromax pumps are 35% stronger than the original Hercules, meaning bruising will likely take place a good deal more rapidly for the reason that you may be pressing down harder.


Following 2 years of my Hercules looked quite worn, but that’s anticipated to come from 2 years of exposure to water. The gaitor continues to be very robust, and I have no difficulty pumping up to my max pressure. The comfort pad however did come loose at 12 months, and ultimately came totally off at 14. I’m now using it with out a comfort pad, which is not all that comfy.

There’s much more pressure on my pelvic region than ahead of. Wrapping just before utilizing solved that, and also HUGELY improved the seal.

The vital issue to note here, is the fact that all of these problems happen to be solved together with the newer Hydromax models.

Like I said -the vital items are nevertheless operating fantastic after two years. Gaitor is firmly attached. Valve is very same performance. Tube looks standard. The only point is definitely the sticker that acts as a stress gauge is worn and peeling, and the valve needs to be cleaned a bit. This all is anticipated after 2 years of tough water exposure.

One issue I will say that may be constructive regarding the penomet in this region, is the fact that the stress gauge is laser etched in, so it’s going to never put on off. That’s good, but not the biggest thing you should be concerned about.

Your significant issues should be ease-of-use, pressure control, and comfort. Bathmate simply wins within this area with their Hydromax lineup -the Xtreme getting in the prime of your line when it comes to pressure manage due to the great hand pump it comes with.

Penomet likes to emphasize excellent in all their pages, but the largest emphasis lies in one thing special to them, which brings us for the next part from the comparison.

Penomet’s Swappable Gaitors? Are They Actually Worth it?

The key selling point for the Penomet would be the gaitor method. They are interchangeable and each 1 provides a unique tension. Why this is a promoting point is beyond me mainly because here’s the factor -if you would like additional stress you simply pump extra, right? Let’s do the math, 1 pump having a stronger gaitor will equal 3 pumps having a weaker one. Positive you could max out a smaller sized gaitor by compressing it all of the way and must switch to a stronger one…. but…

The million dollar question is -why not only get started with a sturdy gaitor and go slow? Going slow is certainly important to lower swelling, but I don’t feel you’ll need various various sizes to do so. I haven’t observed a whole lot of penomet customers refute this, but there confident are plenty of Bathmate fans on the market questioning it like I’m.

Like several, I can’t wrap my head around needing to work with .

I mean, if you need more pressure, just give a fast squeeze with the hand pump on your Hyrdromax Xtreme…. why would you ever should transform gaitors to attain a greater pressure?

That tends to make some sense …right?

The only reason why I assume they provide the gaitor program, is since it forces you to pace yourself. Rather than having limitless access to pressure like you do having a Hydromax Xtreme, you are able to only go the limit every single gaitor is designed to output.

In the event you are a minimalist, obtaining all those gaitors and possessing to swap them out all the time seems a lot more of a hassle than it’s worth. I prefer to keep issues simple. Give me one particular comprehensive pump I can use for 15 minutes, without having to cease and swap something out. That just requires extra time a lot of people don’t have.


A smaller sized reason persons obtain the Bathmate is since it features a firmly affixed gator. The Penomet’s gaitors have the tendency to pop off in the event you bend the thing at a 45 degree angle. This tends to make it harder to complete vigorous stretches that target the portion of the penis that resides in you. Obtaining a pump that enables for distinctive utilizes like that is awesome. It will be hard to do those stretches having a pump that keeps popping apart on you.

What Do You Believe?

Ability to alter gaitors is why quite a few opt for the Penomet

The hand pump, size range, and ability to do stretches when wearing, are why men and women get a Bathmate


For me, the best seal, the ease-of-use, and comfort tends to make for the ideal pump. Soon after all you want a single that you can conveniently use every day. Following two years of use, I’ve personally learned how vital these issues are to keeping a constant routine going, which eventually leads to outcomes!

When I upgraded to a Hydromax Xtreme, my thoughts was blown by how easy it was to acquire a seal and control stress. As a full package, the Xtreme is by far the most beneficial pump to work with every day. In case you are going to buy a pump you wish one particular that has a fantastic seal and doesn’t eat your nuts or leak. Where I applied to wrap prior to employing my BM, now I do not have to! It feel a lot more, nevertheless it has anything you must get outcomes.

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Bathmate Hydromax Water Pump X30 : Review

Bathmate Hydro max penis pump x30 works!!!!

It´s has been at this point more or less 6 months since I began into the whole penis enhancement, fortunately I have not injured myself, something that´s quite common on the beginners as well as new comers.

I have always observed how my dick seemed to be answering to the physical exercises (at the end of a day it´s like a muscle, if you feel you’ve worked it well, introducing an extra set or exercise will be unproductive). Don’t forget, you will find results within penis enlargement if you set yourself in order to run a marathon not a sprint.

And this is were the actual bathmate comes into play, manual physical exercises like jelquing, clamping, stretching, compressions are very effective but are difficult to do, getting yourself ready for your workout usually takes 45 minutes or over, you must warm down before and after, if you introduce jelqs within your workout, the standard excersice for thickness, you will want to use some sort of lubricant : this means that following the workout, a bath is needed to clean off your parts.

At the beginning it´s attainable as you are determined to get some good results, but as time goes by you might start to postpone 1 to 2 workout sessions when you’re running tight on time, besides that, results might take some time to come to be visible. In earlier times this has been the factor in making me give up after a thirty day period, I believe it´s a clear killer to long time commitment, the most important component in penis enhancement. In my own practical experience, counting just upon manual workout routines will make it “tiring” for you to “run this marathon”.


But thanks the lord I’ve found the Bathmate with me, it is very comfortable and practical, I simply  take it to my bath and then within just 10 minutes of usage I  feel a full growth of my corpus cavernosum.

Within just months the increases in size are already pretty apparent, mainly width wise were I’m primarily concentrating.

Check out the following video to follow my bathmate x30 before and after pictures :

Note: My penis is actually clearly far more darker. Keep in mind that almost all forms of pumping and intense exercise on the penis including jelqing result in this colour discoloration. It often sorts by itself out in some time and ends up being less significant however, many like myself personally view it as being a long term change to the skin. To tell the truth, I actually   don´t view it as being a problem, I’d personally choose a bigger dark penis over a medium one anyday of the year. It’s a type of side effects with Penis Enlargement, in most cases …various lightning creams exist to tackle the condition.

If you are new to male enhacement you may expect an inch of long-term gain during the first Twelve months and if you include it with several other hands-on exercise routines which includes jelquing you’ll make much more frequent results.

Unlike different potentially dangerous air pumps, Bathmate is really pretty safe, I have never previously had any sort of issues with it, as you’re able to also notice in the movie my erection has improved (superior penile erection is calculated when it comes to the actual angle it has utilizing your belly, the more its pointing up and also closer to an individual’s stomach, better).

I personally absolutely recommend this water pump to anyone who is serious with their enlargement. You will definitely have fun with the complete process more greatly, you will definately get more quickly benefits and it will be suitable to your routine no matter how hectic it really is, should you have have time to have a shower you could as well also take the bathmate along with you.

Bathmate hydro pump tutorial

This video explains how the bathmate works to massively raise the size of your penis over a quick time frame:

Final Thoughts

  • Bathmate is entertaining and easy to use. A lot more importantly it’s going to hold you commited to your enhancement ambitions and towards the lengthy term course of action. Don’t forget : “Penis Enhancement is a Marathon, not a Sprint”
  • Just obtain the Bathmate if gaining girth is your aim. If your principal purpose is length I’d suggest you an additional device such as an extender.
  • Utilizing just the Bathmate will provide you with results, nonetheless the very best gains can come if you combine it with other hands-on exercises such as the jelquing.

Bathmate hydromax x30 discount and direct coupon code 2015 (Free Shipping)

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Bathmate Medical Research Review

The revolutionary and technologically sophisticated Bathmate Hydromax are unrivaled specially in the event you evaluate them for the other penis enhancement devices at the moment readily available inside the industry. The Bathmate Hydromax pumps are made to make use of water to provide the preferred benefits. This really is accomplished by way of a revolutionary patented hydro-therapy technique that offers quite a few well being advantages primarily based on Bathmate healthcare study. It was initially developed to become made use of by athletes using the aim of recovering size specifically soon after education sessions.

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How Does Bathmate Hydromax Perform To Generate Preferred Outcomes?

Following comprehensive Bathmate healthcare investigation, all guys can now use it frequently as element of a overall health routine with out worrying about any security or well being challenges. The Bathmate Hydromax pumps are made with security in thoughts. So, you are able to comfortably use it either even though showering and even as you take a bath. It can be made employing superior high-quality and higher precision supplies.

The truth that it can be sold using a warranty is proof sufficient that the manufacturer stands behind the item. Consequently, you could anticipate the solution to final a lengthy time. If made use of the best way, it really is virtually unbreakable. It truly is effortless to know why it’s the preferred decision of penis pump for millions of guys around the globe.

The gaiter supplied using the penis enlargement pump operates by constructing stress. It really is vital to note that the stress is absolutely harmless for your penis. Throughout the design and style phase, comprehensive health-related study was carried out to ensure it was protected and healthier to utilize. When applied every day, the revolutionary penis pump will make your penis noticeably larger. The clinical analysis and tests performed around the penis enlargement pumps also assure that it’s secure for the skin.


The Bathmate pumps are created utilizing phthalate and skin-free supplies. The truth that medical-grade supplies are applied to create the penis pumps signifies they’re totally protected for use by virtually anybody. The material applied to produce the gaiter is US military grade which tends to make it fantastic for the function it performs because durability is definitely an critical aspect in regards to efficiency. You’ll find a great deal of counterfeits and low-cost imitations on the market. Steer clear of them and only invest in the original Bathmate merchandise.

As a result of assured higher levels of security assured by the manufacturer, everyone desiring a enormous penis can use it. Bathmate became a worldwide sensation inside a brief time frame merely mainly because other pumps don’t present outcomes as promised. Bathmate Hydromax solutions however provide impressively. Beneath are crucial points to note:

  • Bathmate relies around the energy of water to provide the extremely impressive benefits.
  • Bathmate could be fitted and operated employing one particular hand.
  • The worldwide renowned penis pump is usually utilised inside the bathtub, or perhaps within the shower.
  • The stress covers the complete surface location from the penis. Consequently it produces elevated girth in addition to a longer penis shaft.
  • Bathmate enables you to possess rock strong erections and an enhanced sexual life.

Bathmate Hydromax pumps are common to get a fantastic purpose. Hence, if you’re not content together with the size of one’s penis, think about exploring the wondrous rewards that Bathmate Hydromax merchandise offer.


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Bathmate Gains : My Testimonial (Includes My Before And After In Video)

After spending a lot of time studying the most beneficial tools that would enable me in my enhancement endeavor, I discovered the Bathmate. From there onwards, this penis pump has been alongside me throughout all my journey.

Watch the video beneath to checkout my Bathmate Testimonial:

¿So, does the Bathmate seriously work?

Just before answering this question, I need to remind you about some thing very important:

“Penis Enhancement is actually a Marathon, not a Sprint”

Results come, however they take effort and persistence out of your side. The “Magic Pill” mindset a.k.a. “I want immediate results” otherwise I will cry like a baby and quit won´t help you.

Every thing great in life regardless of whether it is actually results with girls, getting in shape or penis enhancement, requieres your commitment within the long-term.

And Bathmate has guaranteed my commitment to this journey, making sure that the entertaining aspect remains present. As with all the things in life, all through this journey there are going to be a lot of instances were you just don´t really feel the motivation to go through the exercises and have far more important issues going on within your life that call for your complete time and focus.

The manual workouts take plenty of time : warm up, stretching, jelquing, warming up once again then getting a shower to clean your parts of any sort of lubricant you’ve employed. This course of action my take anywhere from 45-60 minuites.

Going through of the same training, 3 to four times per week can come to be boring and can take up loads of time. Variety is essential to ensure the fun element. And right here is exactly where the Bathmate comes into play, it can be so compatible along with your life style, you just get into the shower, warm up for five minuites, and then get inside the pump. If you want, you may also invest in a shower strap, that may hold the pump for you.

Bathmate offers you a maximum expansion within the smooth muscle, consequently you will get girth fairly rapidly. As oppose to other air pumps which are possibly quite risky, bathmate uses the power of water. Filling your Bathmate with warm water aids to cushion and lubricate the penis as it expands, making it the safest of pumps to use.

Though Bathmate claims that the pump can help you gaining girth and length, as well as enhance your erection, the truth is the fact that Bathmate has only helped me to get girth. Numerous users critiques have also agreed around the same point. So if gaining girth isn´t your objective, I wouldn´t invest in the Bathmate.

Bathmate Isn´t A Substitute For Jelquing

As I have previously said, during your Penis Enhancement journey, there might be phases when you have a lot more important factors going on in life that need your complete concentratation and time, your motivation to reach your enhancement ambitions will fluctuate and in some cases it can fall. But working out using the Bathmate is so simple and enjoyable. If you have time to take a shower you have the time to use the Bathmate.

I have made gains in these phases of my journey solely by utilizing the Bathmate, without the need of carrying out any other manual workout routines.

However, my best gains came when I combined it with other manual workouts including the jelquing.

My Bathmate Gains : My Before And After In Video

My penis is visibly a lot extra darker. Keep in mind that all kinds of pumping and intense workout to the penis like jelqing cause this colour discolouration. It typically sorts itself out in time and becomes lesser but quite a few like myself see it as a permanent change to the skin.

Pour Conclure

  • Bathmate is exciting and quick to utilize. Far more importantly it is going to hold you commited to your enhancement targets and to the long term process. Bear in mind : “Penis Enhancement is often a Marathon, not a Sprint”.
  • Just get the Bathmate if gaining girth is your target. In case your most important objective is length I’d recommend you an additional device like an extender.
  • Utilizing only the Bathmate will give you with results, nevertheless the most effective gains will come when you combine it with other manual workouts which include the jelquing.

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Bathmate Results : Before And After Pictures

Bathmate works!!!!

It´s been now almost 6 months since I started into the whole penis enhancement, thankfully I have never injured myself, something that´s quite common on the new comers and beginners.

I have always heard how my penis was responding to the workouts (at the end of the day it´s like a muscle, if you feel you have worked it well, adding an extra set or exercise might be counterintuitive). Remember, you find success in penis enhancement if you set your mind to run a marathon not a sprint.

And this is were the bathmate comes into play, manual exercises such as jelquing, clamping, stretching, compressions are very effective but are hard to do, preparing yourself for a session takes 45 minutes or more, you have got to warm down before and after, and if you introduce jelqs in your routine, the most basic excersice for girth, you will have to use some sort of lube : that means that after your session a shower is necessary to clean your parts.

At the beginning it´s doable as you are motivated to get some gains but as time passes you might start to postpone one or two workouts if you are running low on time, on top of that results may take some time to be visible. In the past this has been enough to make me quit after a month, in my opinion it´s the definite killer to long time commitment, the most important ingredient in penis enhancement. In my personal experience relying only on manual exercises makes it “tiring” to “run the marathon”.

But thanks god I have got the Bathmate with me, it is so comfortable and practical, I just need to take it to the shower and within 10 minutes of use I feel a full expansion of my corpus cavernosum.

Within several months the gains have been quite visible, specially girth wise were I am mainly focusing:


Bathmate Before Pciture : April 2014

In the after photo pic, you can observe some bruises, nothing to be alarmed about, a common symptom when working out, as the expansion of tissue is maximum with the bathmate. Also on the background you can see my spanish site where I discuss everything related to penis enhancement in more detail:


Bathmate Results, After Picture. September 2014


If you are new to male enhacement you can expect an inch of permanent gain within the first 12 months and if you combine it with other manaul exercises such as jelquing you will make more consistent gains.

Unlike other potentially dangerous air pumps, Bathmate is very safe, I have never had any problems with it, as you can also see from the images my erection has improved (quality of erection is measured in relation to the angle it has with your abdomen, the more its pointing upwards and closer to your abdomen, the better).

I totally recommend this water pump to anyone who is serious with their enhancement. You will enjoy the whole process much more, you will get faster gains and it will be compatible to your schedule no matter how busy it is, if you have got time to take a shower you might as well also take the bathmate with you.



Can I ask a question? How much water should be in the hydropump during a procedure? My flask is almost full. What affects the amount of water? How many times a set do I need to press on the vacuum? The thing is that I got a full pump of water and began to vacuum. I felt like my penis filled with blood, and then it weakens. Do I need to increase the pressure again? Thanks.

Paul Already bought

The pump should be completely full of water. Yes, of course, you need to increase the pressure. It weakens because your penis expands. Compress the corrugation, and the pressure will increase.


Hello! I’ve been using a pump for seven months. I have hydromax-30. When I first started, my penis was 16 cm, according to the scale. Now it’s 17.5, but it gets to 18 sometimes. I noticed about 0.5 cm of growth every two weeks. For the last month, it has stopped growing. 1. Could it be possible that I’ve reached my limit? Or maybe I pressed the corrugation too hard? Does it matter if I press the pump 3 or 6 times? 2. Or maybe I simply need the larger size, like the 40th model?

Fred Already bought

Good day! We recommend that you add jelqing exercises to your training sessions. If there aren’t any traumas, swelling, and erecting is great during sex, then you’re doing everything correctly. Add the jelqing exercises, and you will see the additional changes. You shouldn’t change the pump yet. The decrease in growth is normal. The body’s resources are restricted, but we are sure that you haven’t used yours up yet. It’s normal to get used to the loads. Thanks for your message. Right us back when you have any questions.


Hello, after using the Bathmate, my skin expands a lot under the bridle. It’s swelling up a lot more than the penis itself. Is it normal? It seems so swollen!

Mike Already bought

Reduce the number of sets or vacuum pressure to avoid such swelling. If you’re overusing the pump, take a few days of rest and when you begin again, take shorter sessions.


Hi guys! Does anyone have two pump versions, the regular one, and the xtreme? Is there any difference between them? Also, my penis doesn’t want to grow much in length. I only added 2 cm, but my diameter has increased a lot. Condoms roll back tighter, plus the insert by the end of the session is a little tight. According to the manufacturer's recommendations, I must get the x7. Right now, with a maximum pressing, its 17.5 cm, but it’s a bit too tight. Is it time to get the x9?

Arthur Already bought

I want to share my experience, and maybe it will be useful for somebody. The essence of active growth is overcoming. If your penis is 17 cm today, you need to reach 17.2 in the bathtub and don’t leave the tub until you get that! Then you fixate this result for 1-2 weeks. Don’t exit your bathroom until you get that 17.2. Then you will start noticing that 17.2 is getting too easy. You’re reaching this number in a first set. Next time do it until you’re 17.3-17.4 cm. That is how we grow. Also, check your hormones. If your testosterone is low, you can start taking Omnadren or Sustanon. They are substitutes for testosterone. Next, check your pump. If you can afford it, get the Xtreme. If you can’t, do the following: pump with a Hydromax to the edge (this advice isn’t for the beginners), then while you’re in the bathtub, push your pelvis forward. Your penis will lengthen a bit, press on the Hydromax, and you will be able to let some more water out of it, fixating this penis length. Pull your pelvis backward (to a normal position), and you will feel true vacuum! )) You can tilt the pump and stretch the ligament. Tilt ahead of you. Pull the pump away from yourself. Anyway, it’s a fight for the extra millimeters. It’s training. You don’t just put on the pump, yawn, and you’re done. Yes, it will still grow if you’re in a passive mode, but mine grew for 2 cm, and then the growing stopped! I started coming up with ideas, and the ice started moving! Good luck to you all!

Alex Already bought

Alex, thank you for your advice! You’re a true professional!


How many times a week, and for how long should I use the pump?


Hello! Intensive training: 15 minutes a day, 3 sets at 5 minutes each, 5 days a week, during a 6 week period. The result may be up to 30% of volume and length as a whole. It depends on the individual specialties of the body. Maintaining training: 2-3 times a week with three sets at 5 minutes each. With regular training, you will get 2-3 cm of growth within a year. This result is permanent.


I decided to leave feedback about the hydropumps because I see that users aren’t very active at posting reviews. Maybe someone will reply with their experience and techniques in the use of hydropumps. So, I have two pumps: Hydromax 7 and Xtreme 9. In February, I purchased the Hydromax, and one week later, I knew that it was getting too small in diameter. I guess I underestimated my measurements. I like the result, so I decided to get a larger and more powerful pump. Now I only pump with the Xtreme 9. In a matter of six months, I have the following results: 1. I added 2.5 cm to my length right after I started using the pump. 2. If I stop using the pump for 2-3 days, I keep about 1.5 cm that was added. I am hoping that it will continue to grow as it does now. I understand that at some point, the growing process will slow down, but I sure don’t want to slow down. Theoretically, I saw some very big enlargements by pumps over the internet, so I am hoping that in a year or two, I will be getting the xtreme 11.

Omar Already bought

I purchased a pump to solve my manhood problems. I’m warning you - it’s going to be a long story. I have prostates for over 1.5 years now. I caught a cold once and started peeing a lot. My urination flow got weak, and the bladder wouldn’t get empty. I had to strain myself, but it still felt like I didn’t finish urinating. Plus, in about 3-4 months, I started experiencing slight pain during urination, and my erection got weaker. I am only 31 years old, you guys! I went to see the urologist twice. He didn’t find any viruses or infections. It’s just those darn consequences of a cold (by the way, take good care of yourself and train your body to cold temperatures). Pills, suppositories (Prostatilen, Polioksidoniy), and sessions with a magnet didn’t help. When I came in for the second time, the doctor prescribed the same thing, and I knew that it wasn’t going to help me. By the way, my doctor didn’t recommend a pump. I did some research over the internet and read that hydropump is the best device for treating male problems and other issues. Also, I learned that it increases the size and volume of the penis. I wouldn’t say I needed that, but why not? ) Anyway, I was researching for a long time, and then I found a post about a hydropump. It wasn’t an advertisement but an actual post, describing which hydropump is better. They said that Hydromax hydropump was the best. I found this website – they are the official suppliers. It took me a while to find them. Anyway, I don’t think it’s too expensive (there are many options on the website), plus this hydropump lasts for many years. It recovers my health, that’s all I have to say. RESULTS: It’s been 6 days since I started using it (I use it every day). I noticed the effect after the first session! It felt as if stagnation started to go away. I stopped running to the restroom so often, my urination flow became stronger, and I began to empty my bladder. And the pain is gone! The results are unreal! I mean, I’ve been suffering for 1.5 years, and I just started using the pump! I understand that results will get even better the more I use it! Plus, my penis will get more substantial, and my overall male health will improve! Anyway, thanks for reading till the end! I am so grateful to this company and especially Mary, who were so kind in providing detailed consultation I needed! You guys are fantastic!

David Already bought

Hello, David! Thank you so much for such a detailed review! We always rejoice when our product helps in solving people’s problems! We wish you excellent health and full recovery!

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