The promise of increasing the size of your penis is a claim made by practically every product in the male enhancement industry.

Though at the end of the day very few products actually live up to this claim.

The bathmate is the exception to that rule, as it’s one of the very few products that we can assure you actually does produce real results.

After personally using the bathmate on and off over the course of four years, I think it’s a perfect time for me review this product.

What Is Bathmate?

The bathmate is a water-powered penis pump (known as a hydropump) that is used to permanently increase the length and girth of your penis, improve upon the hardness and fullness of your erections, as well as other aspects of general penile health.

It makes claims that users can gain upwards of 1-2 inches in length and girth.

The pump came out nearly a decade ago, with its first model being the hercules, which has sold over one million pumps to this day.

The bathmate is by far the most popular penis pump on the market.

How Does Bathmate Work?

One of the noteable features of the bathmate is its simplicity. There are not external parts, lengthy procedures, warmups, cooldowns, or lube needed to use it.

Which is why one of their there slogans is, “just add water”.

To use the pump you fill it to the brim with warm water, put your penis inside of it, and then begin pumping.

As you pump a vaccuum/pressure is created inside the device which forces large amounts of blood into your penis.

When this happens your penis starts to significantly grow thicker and longer inside the pump.

Once adequate pressure is achieved, you leave the device on anywhere from 8-15 minutes, and then you’re done for that session.

Again, it’s a very simple process.

Here is a quick video explaining this further:


Does Bathmate Work?

Yes. I have successfully increased the length and girth of my penis — though mostly in girth.

There are two types of gains you can expect with the bathmate: Short term and Long term.

Short Term Gains

These gains are similar to a muscle pump. In other words, they are temporary.

After every bathmate session you will see an increase of anywhere between 0.5-1″ in girth.

You will also see a significant increase (about 30-40%) in your flaccid hang/length.

Additionally, you will have fuller and more blood-engorged erections (which is especially good for guys with erectile dysfunction issues) in the hours after your session.

Furthermore, you will also notice an increase in orgasm intensity as well.

In other words, any stimulation to the penis, as well as orgasms in general are heightened/more pleasurable — which is due to the increased sensitivity of the penis after being pumped.

These are the things I notice that happen for me after literally every session I have with my bathmate.

And as I’ve used the device over the years, I’ve noticed that the temporary gains in size tend to stick around longer as well.

Long Term Gains

As you continue to use your bathmate on a continual basis you will make PERMANENT gains.

The key isn’t to use it for a long time, but to use it consistently — about 3-5x week, 8-15 minutes per session.

Doing this will result in the following results:

0.25-1 inch in girth and 0.25-1 inch in length.

There are going to be outliers who will gain more, and of course, the longer you stick with it the more likely you are to keep making gains.

Something to know is that the bathmate is primarily a girth builder despite what their website claims.

Personally, I’ve put on about 0.7″ in girth and 0.3″ inches in length from mine.

However, I’ve further added to my length by using the Phallosan Forte Extender, which is what I also recommend in combination with a bathmate to really max out your gains.

In addition to the above, you can also expect to see permanent results in your flaccid hang.

I will say that out of all the stuff I’ve tried, nothing has really improved the meatiness and hang of my flaccid penis like the bathmate has.

Lastly, you can also expect permanent improvements in the quality of your erections and general penile health, as frequent pumping trains your penile chambers (corpora cavernosum) to take in and hold more blood over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve never done any male enhancement stuff/am new to pumping, can I start with this?

A: Yes. The bathmate is the device I would recommend the most to start with for any newbie who wants to improve their size, simply due to how easy, safe, and fun it is to use.

Q: Is this thing legitimately safe?

A: Yes. The bathmate has been tested and calibrated to only be able to achieve a certain maximum pressure. The idea is that this pressure is enough to see results, but not enough to do any actual damage.

Personally, in the four years I have been using this thing I never had any serious problems occur. Typically if I over do it I am just a bit sore, so I rest up for a day or two.

Q: Can I combine this with the phallosan extender, jelqing, or other exercises.

A: Yes. In order to maximize your gain I recommend combining this with the phallosan and other exercises if you wish.


You can either pump before or after using other stuff — I prefer after.

Q: Can I have sex/masturbate after the bathmate?

A: Yes. One of the awesome things about it is that you have sex with a significantly thicker penis after every session if you wish.

Q: What is a good bathmate routine?

A: As previously stated, a simple yet effective bathmate routine can be be as little as 8 minutes, 3-5x per week.

For the first few weeks go into the bathmate completely soft, and as time passes you can start going in with more of an erection.

You also want to start off doing it for only 6-8 minutes and then work your way up to 12-15 minutes as your penis adjusts.

Which Type Of Bathmate Should I Get?

There currently are three different series of pumps from bathmates and 2-3 models (different sizes) within each series.

  • The Original Series: Hercules and goliath
  • The Hydromax X-Series: X20, X30, and X40
  • The Extreme XX-Series: XX30, XX40

Having owned each series, I can tell you that there isn’t much difference between any of them besides price, though there are a few KEY differences that you need to be aware of.

The Original Series (Hercules) is the cheapest and works great.

The Hydromax X-Series (X30/X40) has 35% more pressure than the original series.

The Hydromax Xtreme XX-series has about the same pressure as the X-Series, but includes a handball pump, carrying case, lube, towel, shower strap, measuring gauge, and a removable comfort pad.

What does this mean for you?

You are essentially at the mercy of you wallet on this one, as all pumps will provide GAINS.

However, the Xtreme XX-series is the best.

This is because it is the only pump that uses a handball as a means of pumping up. And the handball-pump is definitely an improvement due to the fact that it allows for a more controlled and easier pump.

All other versions of bathmate require you to pump by jamming the device into your body. And while this works fine, the handball pump definitely allows for a smoother and slightly more effective experience.

My Recommendation

The hydromax x-series can be seen as the intermediate pump. It’s got 35% more pressure than the original series (hercules), and it only costs a bit more.

I recommend this pump to the majority of people because it is the most cost effective-result producing model.

The Xtreme xx-series is the best pump on the market, bar none. The most noteable feature that it has is the handball pump which does really add a bit extra to the overall pumping experience.

I recommend this pump to anyone who can justify paying nearly twice as much for the best of the best. You’ll likely never need another pump again if you start off with this one.

The hercules is the pump that I would recommend only if the other two are outside your price range and you still wanted to get a bathmate and see good results.

What Size Bathmate Do I Need?

For length refer to the above picture.

For Girth:

  • At 4.2″ or less get the x20
  • Under 5.5″ get the X30-XX30
  • Over 5.5″ get the x40-XX40

Where Should I Buy It From?

Due to the popularity of the bathmate it is sold on many different websites.

The problem is that many websites may be selling counterfeit pumps and you wouldn’t really be able to tell.

The devices themselves are precision instruments, they need to have the correct pressure, gaiters, etc or they won’t work properly.

This is why you don’t want to buy a fake one, regardless of how cheap it may be.

I also strongly recommend that you dont buy a used one either.

Besides the fact that it is fairly disgusting to use one that someone else has, there could also be an issue with the valve when buying it used, which could screw up the pressure, and basically make the entire thing useless.

Instead, you want to get your pump directly from the source (the manufacturer), so you can be sure that it’s actually going to work and give you the results you’re after.

Click here to visit the offical bathmate manufacturer.

Final Words

The reality is that very few products in this industry ACTUALLY work.

However, without a doubt the bathmate is one of them.

I’ve personally used this device for four years and can tell you that it’s easily the funnest device in my male enhancement arsenal to use.


I would recommend it to absolutely anyone that is interested in increasing their size, erections, and overall penile health.



Can I ask a question? How much water should be in the hydropump during a procedure? My flask is almost full. What affects the amount of water? How many times a set do I need to press on the vacuum? The thing is that I got a full pump of water and began to vacuum. I felt like my penis filled with blood, and then it weakens. Do I need to increase the pressure again? Thanks.

Paul Already bought

The pump should be completely full of water. Yes, of course, you need to increase the pressure. It weakens because your penis expands. Compress the corrugation, and the pressure will increase.


Hello! I’ve been using a pump for seven months. I have hydromax-30. When I first started, my penis was 16 cm, according to the scale. Now it’s 17.5, but it gets to 18 sometimes. I noticed about 0.5 cm of growth every two weeks. For the last month, it has stopped growing. 1. Could it be possible that I’ve reached my limit? Or maybe I pressed the corrugation too hard? Does it matter if I press the pump 3 or 6 times? 2. Or maybe I simply need the larger size, like the 40th model?

Fred Already bought

Good day! We recommend that you add jelqing exercises to your training sessions. If there aren’t any traumas, swelling, and erecting is great during sex, then you’re doing everything correctly. Add the jelqing exercises, and you will see the additional changes. You shouldn’t change the pump yet. The decrease in growth is normal. The body’s resources are restricted, but we are sure that you haven’t used yours up yet. It’s normal to get used to the loads. Thanks for your message. Right us back when you have any questions.


Hello, after using the Bathmate, my skin expands a lot under the bridle. It’s swelling up a lot more than the penis itself. Is it normal? It seems so swollen!

Mike Already bought

Reduce the number of sets or vacuum pressure to avoid such swelling. If you’re overusing the pump, take a few days of rest and when you begin again, take shorter sessions.


Hi guys! Does anyone have two pump versions, the regular one, and the xtreme? Is there any difference between them? Also, my penis doesn’t want to grow much in length. I only added 2 cm, but my diameter has increased a lot. Condoms roll back tighter, plus the insert by the end of the session is a little tight. According to the manufacturer's recommendations, I must get the x7. Right now, with a maximum pressing, its 17.5 cm, but it’s a bit too tight. Is it time to get the x9?

Arthur Already bought

I want to share my experience, and maybe it will be useful for somebody. The essence of active growth is overcoming. If your penis is 17 cm today, you need to reach 17.2 in the bathtub and don’t leave the tub until you get that! Then you fixate this result for 1-2 weeks. Don’t exit your bathroom until you get that 17.2. Then you will start noticing that 17.2 is getting too easy. You’re reaching this number in a first set. Next time do it until you’re 17.3-17.4 cm. That is how we grow. Also, check your hormones. If your testosterone is low, you can start taking Omnadren or Sustanon. They are substitutes for testosterone. Next, check your pump. If you can afford it, get the Xtreme. If you can’t, do the following: pump with a Hydromax to the edge (this advice isn’t for the beginners), then while you’re in the bathtub, push your pelvis forward. Your penis will lengthen a bit, press on the Hydromax, and you will be able to let some more water out of it, fixating this penis length. Pull your pelvis backward (to a normal position), and you will feel true vacuum! )) You can tilt the pump and stretch the ligament. Tilt ahead of you. Pull the pump away from yourself. Anyway, it’s a fight for the extra millimeters. It’s training. You don’t just put on the pump, yawn, and you’re done. Yes, it will still grow if you’re in a passive mode, but mine grew for 2 cm, and then the growing stopped! I started coming up with ideas, and the ice started moving! Good luck to you all!

Alex Already bought

Alex, thank you for your advice! You’re a true professional!


How many times a week, and for how long should I use the pump?


Hello! Intensive training: 15 minutes a day, 3 sets at 5 minutes each, 5 days a week, during a 6 week period. The result may be up to 30% of volume and length as a whole. It depends on the individual specialties of the body. Maintaining training: 2-3 times a week with three sets at 5 minutes each. With regular training, you will get 2-3 cm of growth within a year. This result is permanent.


I decided to leave feedback about the hydropumps because I see that users aren’t very active at posting reviews. Maybe someone will reply with their experience and techniques in the use of hydropumps. So, I have two pumps: Hydromax 7 and Xtreme 9. In February, I purchased the Hydromax, and one week later, I knew that it was getting too small in diameter. I guess I underestimated my measurements. I like the result, so I decided to get a larger and more powerful pump. Now I only pump with the Xtreme 9. In a matter of six months, I have the following results: 1. I added 2.5 cm to my length right after I started using the pump. 2. If I stop using the pump for 2-3 days, I keep about 1.5 cm that was added. I am hoping that it will continue to grow as it does now. I understand that at some point, the growing process will slow down, but I sure don’t want to slow down. Theoretically, I saw some very big enlargements by pumps over the internet, so I am hoping that in a year or two, I will be getting the xtreme 11.

Omar Already bought

I purchased a pump to solve my manhood problems. I’m warning you - it’s going to be a long story. I have prostates for over 1.5 years now. I caught a cold once and started peeing a lot. My urination flow got weak, and the bladder wouldn’t get empty. I had to strain myself, but it still felt like I didn’t finish urinating. Plus, in about 3-4 months, I started experiencing slight pain during urination, and my erection got weaker. I am only 31 years old, you guys! I went to see the urologist twice. He didn’t find any viruses or infections. It’s just those darn consequences of a cold (by the way, take good care of yourself and train your body to cold temperatures). Pills, suppositories (Prostatilen, Polioksidoniy), and sessions with a magnet didn’t help. When I came in for the second time, the doctor prescribed the same thing, and I knew that it wasn’t going to help me. By the way, my doctor didn’t recommend a pump. I did some research over the internet and read that hydropump is the best device for treating male problems and other issues. Also, I learned that it increases the size and volume of the penis. I wouldn’t say I needed that, but why not? ) Anyway, I was researching for a long time, and then I found a post about a hydropump. It wasn’t an advertisement but an actual post, describing which hydropump is better. They said that Hydromax hydropump was the best. I found this website – they are the official suppliers. It took me a while to find them. Anyway, I don’t think it’s too expensive (there are many options on the website), plus this hydropump lasts for many years. It recovers my health, that’s all I have to say. RESULTS: It’s been 6 days since I started using it (I use it every day). I noticed the effect after the first session! It felt as if stagnation started to go away. I stopped running to the restroom so often, my urination flow became stronger, and I began to empty my bladder. And the pain is gone! The results are unreal! I mean, I’ve been suffering for 1.5 years, and I just started using the pump! I understand that results will get even better the more I use it! Plus, my penis will get more substantial, and my overall male health will improve! Anyway, thanks for reading till the end! I am so grateful to this company and especially Mary, who were so kind in providing detailed consultation I needed! You guys are fantastic!

David Already bought

Hello, David! Thank you so much for such a detailed review! We always rejoice when our product helps in solving people’s problems! We wish you excellent health and full recovery!

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