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90% of Bathmate vendors sell bad quality hydropumps created in China, Korea, India, Russia, and other countries.

If the quality and result is not the main factor for you, if you want to purchase a cheap Bathmate copy from the scammers, think about it: isn't it easier to buy a fake on the official website of the supplier of fakes like Ali Express?
Why encourage the scammers?

If 95% of the products you see on the website or in the adult store are from China, what do you think is the probability that this website or the adult store will sell you the original Bathmate?
Sometimes a useless product that only looks like it is Bathmate is sold at the price of the original and the adult stores sell it at even higher price, having a windfall and no shame, selling a counterfeit as the original!
Check out the prices on the manufacturer's website and see the difference!

Bathmate imitations are now at the Russian Pharmacies!
We all know that Bathmate immitations are sold all around the internet and sex-shops, now the pharmacies are joining this deception!
Dear visitors and buyers, please be aware and do not fall for the tricks of scammers, even if they hide their appearance behind the name of a famous pharmacy.

Fake websites write descriptions and instruction of the product, and even the name of the brand, but they sell fakes. Then later, when the product is broken, we get all the complaints from the victims.

But we have nothing to do with it. The greed of pharmaceutical companies is to blame, who in pursuit of excess profits are willing to buy imitations and sell them as branded product!






Don't be afraid to sue the fraudsters!