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    Out of all non-traditional physiotherapy treatment methods, the LNP therapy therapy (the impact of local negative pressure method or local decompression in various combinations) is becoming the most popular.

    The LNP-therapy is considered an effective method of fighting against male impotence. Such treatment method, based on the impact of local negative pressure is used in many modern clinics.

    It's been known that erectile dysfunction is developed due to the insufficient blood supply to the penile tissues. Such disorder appears due to the various organic and psychological illnesses. Considering that, with sexual impotence it is necessary to apply a complex therapy directed on liquidation of the provoking factor and recovery or the erectile function.
    When physiological stress occurs, the area of transcapillary gas exchange increases and the function of plasma membranes and trophic tissue improve. All of this intensifies metabolic processes in the cell, and in tissues, exposed to the LNP-therapy, normalization of metabolic and bioenergetics processes occurs.
    This method makes a general, local, segmental and reflex effect on the body under various choices of use. The LNP-therapy is also used in the form of monotherapy but it's especially effective with the combination treatment of sexual disorders.
    A treatment of various types of sexual disorders associated with damaged erectile component, responds well on the effect of local negative pressure (LNP) on the penis.
    The beneficial effect of LNP-therapy on the cavernous bodies of the penis is associated with a sharp increase of blood in the organ flow , due to the reduction of external pressure on the penile blood vessels, which leads to their expansion and the discovery of a large number of previously non-functioning capillaries.
    The local increase of the blood flow in the penis leads to the overflow of the cavernous bodies which causes the impact on the baroreceptors, thermoreceptors, and chemoreceptors of the organ. The effect on the baroreceptors activates specific psycho-sexual reflexes, effecting through the spinal centers on the brain cortex. This causes a whole list of specific sexual reactions associated with the erection of the penis. If the mechanic irritation from the baroreceptors of the penis normalizes the tonus of the spinal sexual centers, the look of the erected penis and associated with it memories of the erotic character excite the brain cortex centers which may lead to the appearance and active erection.

    In general, the mechanism of physiological effect of pressotherapy on the organism is much more difficult and isn't fully studied yet. Using the radio immunological assay method it has been proven that the level of testosterone and gonadotropins increases in the plasma blood of patients by 1.5 -1.8 times after 12-15 sessions of LNP-therapy and the level of prolactin and estradiol lowers.
    During the pressotherapy, there is an irritation of the large number of receptors in the skin and mucous, which reflexively affect the central nervous system, i.e. the central nervous mechanism switches on and activates.


    Phylogenetically, the human organism was formed in the conditions of homogeneous environment, from the atmospheric pressure point of view, and was never in a situation during which one of its body parts was in conditions of very different atmospheric pressure.


    The human organism does not have any programmed adequate adaptive reactions towards such type of irritants.

    In case when a certain part of the body or the organ is subjected to decompression, it leads to a "panic" in the organism, that is, as a response, many mechanisms are activated at the same time and significant resources are mobilized. In other words, this organ or this body part gets all the attention from the organism.

    The reaction to the unusual irritant is physiologically stronger than it is necessary to keep the wholeness of the organism for its survival.

    The organism switches to a higher and more functional level. This is what makes the LNP-therapy different from the other types of therapies such as penis exercises, manual massage, vibration massage, and electric vibration massage.

    In the middle of the last century, an American scientist has invented a vacuum-erector which looked like a cylinder connected to a vacuum-pump. The principle of action of such tool consisted of the fact that it created a local negative pressure (LNP) in the cavernous bodies of the penis, which lead to the increase of blood flow to the organ and stimulated a natural and powerful erection. With time, this vacuum-erection therapy became widely used in andrology practice and gained great popularity. As of today, specialized clinics offer services of vacuum massage to improve the function of the sexual system, preventing the development of impotence and genital diseases.


    On the surface of the human body, the atmosphere presses evenly with the strength of 10-15 tons. On each 1cm2 of the body surface, evenly presses more than 1 kilogram of atmosphere load.

    The organism was created in such a way that its inner pressure, construction of the body itself and its tissues, as well as density of substances of which it consists, levels out the pressure of the atmosphere.

    When creating a vacuum around the penis with a hydropump, the pressure on its surface significantly lowers and the list of needed and useful effects for penis enlargement appear:

    1. Elastic construction of the penis which is constantly resisting the atmosphere pressure experiences less inner load and expands in volume.

    2. The increase of volume of the penis attracts the blood to the cavernous bodies, spreading the smooth muscles in the penis and at its base.

    3. Due to the inner arterial pressure, the blood rushes even stronger towards the area of the penis, filling up the expanded spongy body with itself, the cavernous bodies and caverns.

    This way, regulated and artificial erection appears, which drastically exceeds the natural erection.


    Once the penis in a mini vacuum chamber, it is under the pressure, which is less than atmospheric by 150-500 mmHg.
    Oxygen saturated blood with normal atmospheric pressure gets in the tissue of the penis, which is under significantly lower atmospheric pressure.
    An intensive diffusion of oxygen from the blood into the tissues occurs, i.e. active oxygenation and hyperemia of penile tissues. Due to the difference in pressure and increased blood flow to the organ, most of the smallest capillaries begin to open and actively function.
    Positive physiological changes and the effects of the LNP-therapy are also associated with a powerful impact on the peripheral blood and lymph circulation.
    Regional movement of interstitial fluid, in this area, causes the intensification of metabolism, mobilization of central and peripheral mechanisms of blood circulation.
    The function of plasma membranes and trophic tissues improves. All of this intensifies the metabolism processes in the cell, and in the tissues, exposed to the LNP-therapy, normalization of metabolism and bioenergetics processes occurs.


    Therapeutic mechanisms of negative pressure effect differ depending on the sexological syndrome, which is the structured center of sexual disorder.
    According to authoritative sources, pathological changes in cavernous bodies of the penis begin to appear after the age of 30 a form of fibroelastosis of trabecular closing pads, then in a form of sclerosis of longitudinal closure muscle structures, and finally, in a form of atrophy and sclerosis of trabeculae's muscle fibers.
    By the age of 50, these changes become widespread, with diffuse character.
    The healing effect of the LNP-therapy on this syndrome is determined by the fact that during the treatment sessions, an increased amount of arterial blood flows to the cavernous bodies of the penis.
    By the methods of Doppler ultrasound, plethysmometer procedure, and electrophysiology,during these procedures and after, there has been registered an increase of blood flow in the testicles by 2, 6 times and by more than 4 times in the penis. A local increase in temperature by an average of 1.6°C was recorded, compared to the initial numbers. The metabolism in the tissues of the penis abruptly increases, which contributes to the elimination of degenerative changes in the cavernous bodies.



    The LNP-therapy is recommended to those men who aren't able to achieve and maintain an erection independently.

    This method is actively used in the treatment of several diseases of the genitourinary system such as prostates and vesiculitis in a chronical form. The LNP-therapy is also effective in treating the vascular diseases that cause erectile dysfunction. This therapy is recommended for the Peronei disease, deformation of the penis caused by the surgery, and aged impotence.

    Currently, indications for diagnosis and treatment with the method of local negative pressure on the penis, can be formulated in the following way:

    This method of treatment is recommended with:

    — Various clinical types of damages of the vascular system of the erectile component of the copulatory cycle;

    — Psychogenic form of disorders of the mental component, in particular, the neurosis of expectation of failure;

    —- Debuted forms of impotence;

    — Chronical prostates and prostatic vesiculitis, especially with the congestions in the pelvis;

    — Objective diagnoses of the vascular-cavernous disorders and dynamic monitoring of the treatment effectiveness;

    — With separate types (by the results of the LNP-therapy diagnoses) of potency disorders in old age;

    — With abstinent forms of impotence as an element of a complex of sexual rehabilitation of those who had adenomectomy surgery;

    — - Peronei decease;

    — Copulatory dysfunction in patients that had surgery on the urethral stricture;

    — Dysfunction of potency after having cavernitis of the penis;

    — As a concluding (rehabilitation) stage after vascularization of the penis;

    — As a concluding stage of the treatment after the plastic surgery of the penis associated with epispadias, hypospadias, and micro-penis;

    — With intermittent priapism.


    The LNP-therapy is prohibited to people who suffer from heart illnesses and have acute pathology of the genital system.Vacuum-erector cannot be used by people who have any tumors, hernias, phimosis, varicoceles, and hydroceles. 


    Tumor formations (including benign prostatic hyperplasia);

    3 stage of hypertonic decease;

    Very pronounced atherosclerosis of the heart and brain vessels;

    Heart illnesses in the stage of decompensation;

    Severe chronic diseases of internal organs (glomerulonephritis, pancreatitis, hepatitis, etc.) in the acute stage;

    Systemic blood diseases, anticoagulant therapy;


    Inguinal and inguinal-scrotal hernias;

    Varicose veins of the spermatic cord (2nd and 3rd degree);

    Thrombophlebitis of the pelvic veins and lower extremities;

    Phimosis and paraphimosis;

    Acute and chronic diseases of the testicle and appendage;

    - Acute inflammatory diseases of the genitals.


    Complications with LNP-therapy are rare when done professionally. Most often, complications occur due to the forced vacuum in the mini vacuum chamber when creating too much vacuum in it, which is more than 0,5 kgf/cm.


    Very strong painful sensations in the area of the neck and head of the penis occur.

    Point hemorrhages in the skin of the penis appear;

    The swelling of the foreskin or skin of the penis is developed.


    1. It is safe and harmless for patients when abiding these guidelines.
    2. It gives a shorter course of treatment and a higher percentage of recovery compared to other methods of treatment of sexual disorders
    3. 3. Physiological and easy to use. Its implementation can be trusted to the specially trained secondary medical personnel under the supervision of a doctor.
    4. It can be combined with other methods of treatment or used independently for most types of sexual disorders, especially accompanied by the lowered erection
    5. It doesn't require large economic costs.
    6. It doesn't require a special facility for the procedure. It can be done in clinics and at home.
    7. The method is safe ecologically and is harmless for the patient and the medical staff.

    After the LNP-therapy, the erection ring , ring is placed on the base of the penis, to extend the effect of the artificial erection, keeping the erection, and having sexual intercourse. If the sexual act lasts more than 30 minutes (with the erection ring on the penis) and the man doesn't remove the ring, 30 minutes after achieving the erection with the help of a vacuum-erector, a swelling of the tissues of the cavernous bodies occurs. Incorrect use of the tool or improper methods of the procedure, the use of the erection rings, and non-compliance with recommendations lead to the temporary decrease in the sensitivity of the penis head, due to which, the erectile dysfunction temporarily worsens.
    The insufficient size of the pump's diameter;
     The excess of the rarefaction level, while there is an overextension of trabeculae and cavernous vessels;
     Unjustified increase in the number of sessions;
     Underestimating your painful sensation may lead to many unpleasant consequences such as the swelling of the penis, development of temporary paraphimosis, or even fainting. You should not bear the pain hoping to achieve a more powerful result.

    Periodical vacuum procedures of the penis help the cavernous tissues stretch and fill up better with blood. As studies show, regular use of such a method allows achieving not just a temporary but permanent effect.This means that LNP-therapy is great for treating full impotence, beginning stages of erectile dysfunction or as prevention of impotence. The LNP-therapy helps men to regain the erection, improve the potency, normalize the work of their reproductive system, support their sexual activity, and have a full life!


    The idea of vacuum-erection therapy was introduced in the practice of modern andrology by an American citizen G. Osborn, who at the beginning of the 1960s used the first vacuum-erector made out of cylinder jointed with a pump.
    Before the medicine accepted the fact that the local negative pressure improves the erection, before the clinical studies began, folk craftsmen around the world were independently using self-made tools such as flasks with a pump to enlarge the size of the penis. Nowadays, enlargement of the penis by a vacuum pump can be called "granddaddy's way of increasing the penis".
    It's no surprise, because the man understands subconsciously, that to make the penis grow, it must be subjected to stretching, which is why using the vacuum for this purpose was the easiest and most correct solution. Maybe you even thought about enlarging the penis with a vacuum, not knowing that there is such thing as LNP-therapy in medicine. What else can stretch the penis in volume so reliably and qualitatively like the vacuum-erector does (in simple terms "penis pump")?
    The use of a vacuum-erector (vacuum pump or a hydropump) is nothing different from the LNP-therapy. A vacuum pump flask is worn on the penis and the air is pumped out of it. An artificial erection is achieved. The user is measuring the increase of his penis using the measuring tape and from training to trainingtries to achieve a level of penis increase by 1-2mm comparing to the previous training session. A gradual growth, increasing of the elasticity and volume of the penis is the real essence of the penis enlargement by the vacuum-erector. 

    The result in penis enlargement using the vacuum pump is individual.
    We introduce the vacuum-erectors by Bathmate, based on data statistics that have been collected throughout the whole international Bathmate network. The average results of the Bathmate hydropump users are available for studies.

    There is a whole list of factors in the "penis building" affecting the growth of the penis, which is:
    Individual predisposition to stretching: all people are different, their abilities and predispositions, the elasticity of tissues, etc. So the results will be different because of genetic or other specialties of the organism;
    Persistence and responsible approach to the training: there is nothing more powerful in achieving your dream goal than the purposefulness, persistence, "obsession" by something you love. If the user has a purpose to enlarge his penis in 6 months, it will have a very positive effect on the result of the training;
    Regularity, absence of long gaps: the regularity in trainings is the key factor not just in "penis building" but in any other type of sport. One training session is the stress factor for the body which weakens after a day. The regular training of the organism is the reason for development and growth, to which turn in all areas of sports and intellectual development;
    Rational, distributed over time, a gradual approach to the working pressure: sometimes, a man who wishes to enlarge his penis, rushes things. He might use the maximum pressure since day one, turning his penis blue, and then keeps it in a vacuum-erector for over 30 minutes, sometimes even longer than an hour. Such actions are not considered training but harmful effects that decrease the growth of the penis and increase the chance of various traumas of the penis' skin and cavernous bodies. Smart distribution of the load, a gradual increase in the load on the penis, the absence of abuse by negative pressure is the key to the health, powerful erection and gradual increase of the penis.
    Types of vacuum-erectors: There are a lot of vacuum-erectors (vacuum-pumps) for the penis enlargement on the market. Most of them are in standard size and lots of them can't keep and create the necessary pressure. On the market, we introduce the Bathmate hydropums and we say with confidence that our hydropums are made for different anatomic specialties of the penis of different men, they have the necessary negative pressure during the training and they are sufficient to make full use of them for reinstatement of the erection and enlargement of the penis.
    The age of the user of the vacuum-erector: the age affects the growth of the penis, just like it works on the growth of the muscles, your studying and your brain work. The older the user is, the smaller the result will be per unit time and the harder and more responsible he must be to achieve the desired result;
    The rational and balanced menu: a rational, protein-based menu is the key to success in any type of sport. The absence of construction bricks – the protein, can make your training exercise into a complete waste of time;
    A healthy sleep: your sleep and rest affect the growth of the tissues and development, regeneration and support of the organism. Insufficient rest and sleep decrease the results from any training in any type of sport;
    The absence of stress: stress and nervous exhaustion have a bad effect on the growth of your penis, muscles, brain activity, the stage of the organism and the necessary motivation towards the training. Stress doesn't just affect your mental sensations, it changes your hormonal level, weakens the body, etc. Stress, especially if it's accumulated, depression, nervous and moral exhaustion – negatively affect the training and final results;
    The pain barrier: enlargement of the penis is based on the inner sensations but every man has a different pain barrier.
    Some men cannot stand the pressure in the pubic area. Sometimes men start from the beginning with a large pressure, experience pain and get disappointed in this method of penis enlargement.
    The gradual increase of the load allows your organism to get used to the pressure on the pubic area.
    If you have a lowered pain barrier and you think that the pain in the pubic area is unbearable, please use the CUSHION RINGS (softening pillows), specially made to ease the pain. This accessory will help you with getting used to the pressure in the pubic area and fully keep the training session.
    With time, you will forget about the cushion rings, because after the adaptation period your body will stop experiencing the pain in that area.

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