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    90% of Bathmate vendors sell bad quality hydropumps created in China, Korea, India, Russia, and other countries.

    If the quality and result is not the main factor for you, if you want to purchase a cheap Bathmate copy from the scammers, think about it: isn't it easier to buy a fake on the official website of the supplier of fakes like Ali Express?
    Why encourage the scammers?

    If 95% of the products you see on the website or in the adult store are from China, what do you think is the probability that this website or the adult store will sell you the original Bathmate?
    Sometimes a useless product that only looks like it is Bathmate is sold at the price of the original and the adult stores sell it at even higher price, having a windfall and no shame, selling a counterfeit as the original!
    Check out the prices on the manufacturer's website and see the difference!


    BATHMATE is a world renowned brand of hydropumps developed for penis enlargement and increase of male strength by erection enhancement. Every year hydropomps receive various awards at exhibitions and competitions from the leading news media and ratings in the sphere of intimate industry. In 2014, the Bathmate received an award for the best surgery-free system for penis enlargement from the world renowned SING MAGAZINE.
    Currently, there are 3 series of Bathmate: The Hydro(the first series of 2006), Updated (more advanced series of HYDROMAX) and the the newest and most perfected XTREME version. Since 2006 to the present day, millions of hydropumps were sold around the world and the number of clients keeps just keeps growing. Thus, thanks to our clients, we can surely confirm that the Bathmate system is tested by millions of men around the world. It is highly rated and considered the most effective and popular method of penis enlargement.


    The principle of penis enlargement and increase of erection is based on the approved official LNP-therapy, which is a treatment by the local negative pressure. LNP-therapy is the only mentioned and confirmed by medicine method of penis enlargement without a surgery.
    A doctor who recommends pills, creams, extenders, and stretchers as an alternative to surgery may be an interested party or a scammer.


    Penis enlargement in 15 minutes. After the procedure, the penis is able to take more blood than usual, becoming larger. The effect stays for 8 hours. With systematic trainings using Bathmate, the size of the penis actively grows. The effect that gives the extender or stretcher in a year occurs in 15 minutes with Bathmate!

    Increase the size of the penis in a year and keep the results. 25-30%. Since the penis is in a stretched mode for a long time, there is an effect of gradual growth at the cellular level. From the training exercises with the hydropump, not only the volume of blood-containing caverns increases, but also the mass of the tissue and smooth muscles of the penis by increasing the number of cells-hyperplasia. This effect stays for a lifetime.

    Straightening of the penis up to 80%. During the penis enlargement exercises, the short side of the penis is stretched the most and it's accompanied by the greatest cell division in this area. If curviness of the penis is due to the Peronei's disease, with formation of the calcified plaques, the LNP-therapy contributes to the flow of blood to this area and prevents further development of Peronei's as well as the treatment of the affected area.

    Increasing erection and potency. LNP-therapy for impotence treatment is one of the main effective types of therapy of real medicine in the real world. A hydropump is the new wave in LNP-therapy with the use of water instead of air as a working environment. The use of water noticeably lowers all possible side effects (huge swelling, bloody dots, etc.) which are inherent in air vacuum pumps.
    What is LNP-therapy…

    Simplicity and ease!
    Comparing to other methods of penis enlargement, you don't need to spend all your spare and work time on trainings.
    You don't have to go through pain and risk with your health for achieving the goal.
    Do your normal daily activities parallel to the training, wash up or even drink coffee, while your penis is getting trained by a hydropump!
    All that's required from you is your desire and frequency of trainings, Bathmate will do the rest for you!
    The total number of hours spent with Bathmate hydropump during half a year, will be much less than the time for rehabilitation after surgery or wearing an extender for 6-8 hours a day!




    What makes Bathmate different and unique is the fact that it uses water as a working environment, when creating a vacuum around the penis. The water environment has a list of excellent advantages comparing to the air environment, allowing to safely and more effectively train the penis, drastically decreasing the side effects and speeding up the process of penis growth.


    Warm up the penis with warm water. In any type of sport, the training must be accompanied by the warm-up of the organism with warming exercises and pumping of blood muscle fibers and circulatory system. There are hundreds of examples when not warmed up muscles and ligaments led to injuries ending the athlete's career. Such examples are in all areas of sport, for example, a tear of ligaments in arm wrestling or heavy weightlifting, muscle injury in sprints and even strokes and cardiac arrests. Not warmed up body is subject to dangerous traumas which can lead to the end of training exercises and even sports achievements.
    Penis exercises are no exception to the rule because the penis is the part of the organism and it needs all the same pre-training properties just like any other part of the body.
    Warm water warms through the penis during the whole time of training exercise, creating conditions for better elasticity and prevention of various injuries.
    Any extenders or stretchers, on the contrary, inhibit the blood flow not only in the penis but throughout the entire blood branch, supplying and withdrawing the blood. Daily stagnation of blood in the sum of 6-8 hours a day during one year leads to the development of severe complications in the form of thrombosis, prostatitis and other which end up being an unpleasant surprise for men trying to increase the size of their penis by such radical, painful and dangerous methods. Air pumps contribute to the pumping of the penis with the blood but they don't warm up the penis with warm water which drastically lowers the effect of training and their results.


    The water is a denser environment than air and it's practically not subjected to stretching. The air, on the contrary, can be "stretched" easily and unlimitedly. For an air vacuum pump to create a vacuum sufficient for the penis to respond with an artificial erection, it is necessary to pump out the air for a while, creating a vacuum.
    In hydropump, things are a bit different because when any amount of water is pushed out, the penis responds instantly by filling in a displaced volume. This way, in the air pump, stretching of the penis is limited by the rigidity of the walls of the penis and the opportunity to remove only part of the atmospheric pressure.
    In hydropump, each millimeter of pushed out liquid will be filled up by the increasing volume of the penis. This process is instant and the level of penis enlargement is controlled.


    Since our organism is mostly made out of the water, in the hydropump, the water together with the aqueous environment of the penis makes up a much more uniform structure, so the penis stretches more evenly.
    In the air pumps, the vacuum affects the whole penis but the weakest parts are subjected to stretching at first which is the skin of the penis, in this case.If there are weak areas in the protein membrane of the penis, a strong vacuum can help with the curvature of the penis and swelling in this area.
    On various forums, topics on air pumps and their advantages, one over another is being discussed, stating that some of the perfected pumps can create a negative pressure in -1, -2, or even -3 of the atmosphere. Actually, no matter how perfect the air pump is (even industrial), it is not able to create a vacuum in the air, less than 0 atmospheres, since 0 atmospheres implies an absolute vacuum - the complete absence of the molecules of the environment in the vessel.
    This is why, no matter how ideal and powerful the pump is it's impossible to draw the water through the vertical tube, while pumping out the air, if the water source is 10 meters lower than the pump!  So there is no difference where you are applying the LNP-therapy, at home or in a clinic, because all the air pumps are limited by used environment – the air and its properties (under the condition that your air pump has enough power to remove at least half of the atmospheric pressure).


    Advantages of penis enlargement by a hydropump over the use of medications for increasing the size of the penis:
    1. Real penis enlargement instead of imaginative
    2. Absence of side effects such as poisoning and harm to your health.
    Despite the obvious advantages of hydropump over the workless methods for penis enlargement such as the use of fake medications, we have to compare 2 different approaches: penis enlargement by a hydropump or attempts to increase the penis with pills purchased in adult stores.
    Unfortunately, there are no medical treatments, pills, shots, sprays, or tablets for penis enlargement. Official medicine denies the existence of such treatments; they are not in the medicine catalogs, medical dictionaries, medical centers, or pharmacies.
    But, due to the advertisements and their promises, fake sites and adult stores successfully sell them. The source and supplier of most of these drugs are Chinese sites such as Aliexpress.com or Alibaba.com, where you can buy these things at a much cheaper price than usual.
    If there was an actual drug for the penis enlargement:
    1. It would have been a medical revolution and every pharmacist would have known about it.
    2. The price for this drug would not be 10 dollars, like it is now but hundreds or thousands of dollars.
    3. Such drugs would have been sold in clinics and not in adult stores.
    4. We would have definitely added this drug to our catalog of products if it was prescription-less.


    The extender is used in medicine after the lengthening surgery of the penis. The penis is rooted deep in the pelvis. After cutting the supporting ligament of the penis, it is relatively easy to pull 1-2 cm out. But it goes back in just as easy. The extender was created to prevent the return of penis root into the pelvis which pulls the penis from the pelvis. The extender must be worn during 6 months after the surgery to fixate the result; otherwise, the result of penis lengthening will be equal to zero. Also, the penis can shorten in length because there is a possibility that it will additionally go deeper into the pelvis area.
    There is a theory that extenders can lengthen the penis by 4 cm without surgery but no one has proven it yet.
    Bathmate advantages over the extender:
    1. Volumetric and proportionate penis enlargement. The hydropump increases the size of the penis proportionate in all sides. Extenders and stretches strive to stretch the penis only in length.
    2. Penis head increase. The hydropump can increase the size of the penis' head while extenders attach to the head of the penis and unable to increase it.
    3. Increase the volume of the penis by training the vascular system and smooth muscles. Hydropumps train the smooth muscles of the penis enlarging its volume. Extenders depress the vascular system by squeezing and stopping the blood circulation.
    4. Penis enlargement is proven in photos and videos There are many photos and videos via the internet showing huge and giant penises in vacuum pumps. There are no examples of large penises in extenders. .
    5. The effect from 15 minutes with a hydropump is more obvious than after one year of wearing the extender. .


    Penis-lengthening surgery and thickening of the shaft of the penis surgery are two different types of surgeries. Each one of them has a very high cost and lots of side effects. Preliminary complex examination and all necessary tests additionally increase the cost of the surgery.
    Penis-lengthening surgery always implies the additional purchase and wear of an extender during the rehabilitation period.
    Penis enlargement surgery is a radical and dangerous method of penis enlargement but it can be the only possible method of penis enlargement due to certain diagnoses such as micro-penis, deep stages of Peronei's disease, the presence of various physical, congenital and acquired abnormalities and injuries. You can get denied in surgery due to a list of reasons such as diseases of the reproductive system, inflammation, venereal disease, or poor blood clotting. The list of possible side effects or complications, which the patient is warned about in the clinic is scarring, bleeding and infection of stitches, tissue necrosis, thrombosis, loss of penis sensitivity and even complete impotence.
    Bathmate advantage over the surgery:
    1. Low cost;
    2. Increase of penis in length and diameter;
    3. Increase of head of the penis;
    4. Potency increase and treatment of potency;;
    5. The simplicity and comfort.


    There is a list of exercises for increasing your penis in length and diameter. All of the exercises are chosen to stretch out the penis, the ligament of the penis and stretch the protein membrane of the penis to increase the penis in volume. If these exercises are done carefully without traumatizing the penis, paying close attention to the painful feeling, not allowing any dull and sharp pain, these exercises are practically safe to do and they can increase the size of the penis if done regularly.
    On average, it takes about an hour a day to do these exercises.
    Usually, to see any results such as an increase of the penis by 10-15% takes about 1 year of doing the exercises. These exercises are the most effective if done before the completion of the growth phase (puberty) and full puberty of the man, i.e. until 18-20 years of age.
    The older the man is the less effective these exercises are for penis enlargement, because of their relatively weak impact on the penis. However, these exercises are useful for maintaining the reproductive system and blood circulation. The older the man is the more useful and effective these exercises are for maintaining the blood circulation and erectile ability.

    Bathmate advantages over the exercises:
    1. Exercise time is 15 minutes instead of 1-2 hours;
    2. More powerful and deep effect on the penis;
    3. More pronounced and stable result;
    4. Simplicity of execution.
    The use of the hydropump doesn't prohibit the use of the exercises for the penis enlargement. Moreover, if you do the exercises before you use the hydropump, you will additionally prepare the penis towards the training exercises and raise the effect of hydropump use. 5-15 minutes of exercise before the hydropump would be enough. Simply stretch the ligament of the penis and the albumen to the end of the penis. These exercises are more effective than extenders comparing to other methods of penis enlargement combined with the hydropump since these exercises do not harm the blood system but on a contrary promote the blood circulation.


    As humiliating as it is but we have to compare the original product with the fake imitations which are all over the internet and various stores.
    We feel that it's our duty to let you know that you can get disappointed having purchased a cheap copy, never knowing the real effect of using the original Bathmate.
    There are a large number of imitations on the market. More than that, sometimes we find imitations of fakes themselves. This variety and mass distribution of "fake" products pursue only one goal - the thirst for profit. We are not talking about the quality of the product or the effect from its use since it's not the initial purpose of creating such garbage, which is why the scammers disregard these parameters, attracting its clients with a cheap price while using the copy-rights and texts from the Bathmate creator and its dealers.
    Bathmate advantages over fakes:
    1. Quality materials vs "junk";
    2. Declared discharge instead of its absence;
    3. Pronounced effect instead of disappointment;
    4. Commitment to quality instead of buying garbage.

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    Besides all the physiological and positive effects, Bathmate gives a powerful and psychotherapeutic effect. The insecurity of having a small penis or expectation of failures during sex can bring an end to the sexual relations or relations with the partner as a whole. A larger size of the penis and full erection leads to the appearance of the emotional component, which plays one of the main roles in a man when it comes to the appearance and support of the erection. Additional satisfaction from sex is of the most pleasant and important effects that Bathmate can offer to its customer.

    Bathmate — is the most popular system between men for penis enlargement around the world for more than ten years. Hydropumps can be used not just for daily exercise but before the sexual act or a walk to the beach to get sneak peeks from women and men (as polls and statistics show, men get sneak peeks of other men's penis's and compare sizes with them).
    There are no examples where anyone from the "adult films" industry confessed of penis enlargement using exercises, extenders or the medicine but there are hundreds of confessions and videos where men around the world talk about enlargement of the penis by a vacuum.
    There are lots of videos over the internet showing "how to wear and put on the extender", lessons on the penis enlargement, but as we can see that the teachers themselves have a fairly modest size of the penis which only proves that they have gone to the wrong path.