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    This page has the most frequently asked questions.


    Using the hydropump by Bathmate

    Are the hydropumps actually effective?

    Hydropumps are effective and patented remedy for penis enlargement and improving the erection. The pills and ointments can only temporarily improve the erection but hydropump helps in getting rid of the cause for erectile dysfunction. Any extenders slow down the blood in penis, squeezing it like erection rings for many hours, and in the end, for months and years. The hydropump, on a contrary, pumps all the blood branches with blood and develops the penis from the inside in just 15 minutes. The hydropump is tested by millions of men and proved its effectiveness on a global level!

    Is the Bathmate safe to use?

    Out of all methods of penis enlargement, Bathmate is not only the most effective but also the safest method, strengthening men's health and increasing the size of the penis. The Bathmate is safe to use. All details that contact with the skin were thoroughly tested, passed research and dermatological tests in the world-famous "Aspen" clinic. When observing the instructions to the hydropump, Bathmate is safe, and in some cases it is useful for treating certain male diseases (Peyronie, erectile dysfunction, etc.).

    Do the results of penis enlargement stay for a lifetime?

    The results achieved during 2 weeks are temporary stretching and gradually return to the original parameters. The results achieved after 2 weeks of training stay with you for a lifetime.

    What results can I get with penis enlargement?

    • The average enlargement during 6-12 months, among our clients, is about: 3-4 cm in length, up to 1,5 cm in diameter, and about +30% towards the initial size of the penis.
      Each user is individual and results will depend from you. Men with smaller size of the penis tend to see better results in percentage terms than men with already large penis.

    • But in men with large penis the result in centimeters might be better than in men with small penis, because if the organ is already large, then the amount of cells in the tissue, participating in division, are more.

    Purchasing Bathmate

    What color of the pump should I get?

    We recommend choosing clear models to have a complete visual control of the state and color of the penis in the pump.

    How to choose a model of pump?

    Measure your penis and according to results choose the closest to your parameters model of pump. If you are not sure, contact the support group because the pump with incorrect parameters will cause a lot of discomfort in use.


    Do the results of penis enlargement stay for a lifetime?

    The results achieved during 2 weeks are temporary stretching and gradually return to the original parameters. The results achieved after 2 weeks of training stay with you for a lifetime.

    Is there a guarantee for a pump?

    All pumps are sold with a 24 months guarantee for the factory defect. In case of any factory defects, contact the support group.

    Delivery questions

    Is there anonymity of the order?

    All packages are sent in a neutral packaging without images or text, which may point to the content. The mail man or the courier doesn't know what's in packaging.

    Do you delivery to countries of CIS?

    Yes, we send pumps all over the CIS. Read more about delivery and payment…

    Bathmate Awards

    Bathmate is the only device for enlargement of the penis that received awards from the world, influential, and recognized ratings of the porn industry, as the best and most effective device for the penis enlargement.