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    The vacuum pump for the penis is a specialized clear mini-chamber (the flask made of clear material), in which, by pumping air, a dosed vacuum is created around the penis.
    The pressure therapy (LNP-therapy) using the vacuum pump is a highly effective and painless method of treating erectile dysfunction which guarantees restoration or improving potency. The most pleasant side effect of this therapy is the enlargement of the penis if stretching the penis regularly with pressure therapy.  
    The essence of the method is that the penis is placed in a special mini-chamber is under the effect of pressure significantly less atmospheric (150-300 mmHg.).
    Lowering of atmospheric pressure in the mini-chamber (the flask) causes blood to flow towards the penis, which leads to an erection. Due to the pressure difference and increased flow of oxygenated blood, the vast majority of capillaries that have not previously functioned are opened and filled with blood in the organ.
    Besides, the positive effects of LNP-therapy are associated with a powerful effect on peripheral blood and lymph circulation.
    The nerve receptors of skin and vessels of the penis are irritated simultaneously, impulses enter the spinal cord and brain causing a corresponding restructuring of the activity of the spinal centers of erection and ejaculation as well as responding reaction of the central nervous system.
    The positive effects are strengthened and realized in the usual sexual life.


    The atmosphere of the earth evenly and from all sides presses on all objects. The strength of the atmospheric pressure should not be underestimated since its pressure is about 10 tons per each meter of the surface. For example, the railroad tank will shrink like it's made of foil, if to pump all the air out of it.
    Our body is a "jar" in which inner pressure is balanced with atmospheric and that is why we feel great under the thickness of the atmospheric post of our planet.
    By pumping out air from around the penis, we loosen the atmospheric pressure and because inside our bodies there is still a pressure equal to atmospheric, forces are acting on the walls of the penis and the volume stretching of the penis.
    The local increase of the blood flow in the penis leads to the overflow of the cavernous bodies which causes the impact on the baroreceptors, thermoreceptors, and chemoreceptors of the organ.
    The effect on the baroreceptors activates specific psycho-sexual reflexes, effecting through the spinal centers on the brain cortex. This causes a whole list of specific sexual reactions associated with the erection of the penis. If the mechanic irritation from the baroreceptors of the penis normalizes the tonus of the spinal sexual centers, the look of the erected penis and associated with it memories of the erotic character excite the brain cortex centers which may lead to the appearance and active erection.
    Oxygen saturated blood with normal atmospheric pressure gets in the tissue of the penis, which is under significantly lower atmospheric pressure. An intensive diffusion of oxygen from the blood into the tissues occurs, i.e. active oxygenation and hyperemia of penile tissues.
    Due to the difference in pressure and increased blood flow to the organ, most of the smallest capillaries begin to open and actively function.
    Positive physiological changes and the effects of the LNP-therapy are also associated with a powerful impact on the peripheral blood and lymph circulation. Regional movement of interstitial fluid, in this area, causes the intensification of metabolism, mobilization of central and peripheral mechanisms of blood circulation. The function of plasma membranes and trophic tissues improves. All of this intensifies the metabolism processes in the cell, and in the tissues, exposed to the LNP-therapy, normalization of metabolism and bioenergetics processes occurs.

    Currently, indications for diagnosis and treatment with the method of local negative pressure on the penis, can be formulated in the following way:
    This method of treatment is recommended with:
    - Various clinical types of damages of the vascular system of the erectile component of the copulatory cycle;
    - Psychogenic form of disorders of the mental component, in particular, the neurosis of expectation of failure;
    - Debuted forms of impotence;
    - Chronical prostates and prostatic vesiculitis, especially with the congestions in the pelvis;
    - Objective diagnoses of the vascular-cavernous disorders and dynamic monitoring of the treatment effectiveness;
    - With separate types (by the results of the LNP-therapy diagnoses) of potency disorders in old age;
    - With abstinent forms of impotence as an element of a complex of sexual rehabilitation of those who had adenomectomy surgery;
    - Copulatory dysfunction in patients that had surgery on the urethral stricture;
    - Dysfunction of potency after having cavernitis of the penis;
    - As a concluding (rehabilitation) stage after vascularization of the penis;
    - With intermittent priapism.
    By the methods of Doppler ultrasound, plethysmometer procedure, and electrophysiology,during these procedures and after, there has been registered an increase of blood flow in the testicles by 2, 6 times and by more than 4 times in the penis. A local increase in temperature by an average of 1.6°C was recorded, compared to the initial numbers. The metabolism in the tissues of the penis abruptly increases, which contributes to the elimination of degenerative changes in the cavernous bodies.



    The tank of the Bathmate hydropump is made out of Lexan.
    Lexan is the registered trading mark of SABIC Innovative Plastics firm. High-strength polycarbonate resin, replaces glass where strength considerations prevail over cost considerations.
    99% of vacuum pumps for the penis are made out of plastic material, Plexiglas as well as other cheap and toxic materials that are poor in strength and have a distinctively pungent smell.
    We count the Lexan material as a benefit that is used in the making of Bathmate hydropumps because the wear resistance and strength of Bathmate provide the maximum construction safety during its use for the user plus the longevity of the product.
    Advantages of Lexan material:
    High rigidity;
    High impact strength;
    Strength when heated;
    Suitability for repeated sterilization with boiling water and steam;
    High light transmittance.

    Examples of Lexan material use: this material is used in making elite windows, airplane illuminators, bulletproof panels, boats, home electronics (iBook, iPod).
    In USA, the Lexan lenses, due to their high impact resistance, comparing to CR-39, in obligatory order, are prescribed to the minors as well as adults, leading an active lifestyle, and athletes.
    With Bathmate hydropump, you will not get a chemical burn or penis trauma due to brittleness, fragility or unreliability of construction and material. The Bathmate is extremely durable and it will never darken with time, tarnish, dry up, or chip.


    Individual size
    The hydropumps are offered in four sizes so you can choose the individual size based on the initial parameter of the penis.
    The classical air pumps are usually at the medium size and may not fit the man with an overly large or small penis.
    The individual size of the pump prevents bending of the penis during the session, which helps in straightening the penis with Peyronie's disease and prevents the suction of the scrotum and testicles into the sparse area of the pump.
    To choose the hydropump correctly, measure your penis and use the measurement chart.  All pumps from one series are identical in abilities; the only difference is the size of the hydropump.
    The Anatomical bevel
    The sylphon-pump has the anatomical bevel as well as the opportunity of rotation relative to the bulb of the hydropump.

    What is the bevel for?
    The structure of the sexual and circulatory system is different in all people. Some men prefer the bevel down, to the area of the scrotum and in this position of the bevel they feel the most comfort during a session.
    Other men cannot work with a pump without a bevel (with regular air-pumps) nor with hydropumps, if the bevel is in the area of the scrotum. But they can have a session if the bevel is at the pubic bone area and we're going to tell you why:
    Different men have different location of the dorsal vein and artery as well as the different corner of the erection.
    If the erected penis rises high, it presses towards the upper wall of the pump and pushes on it. Together with erection, the angle of the hydropump changes in relation to the body. The end part of the hydropump presses strongly against the pubic bone and squeezes the dorsal arteries of the penis which nullifies the whole thing.
    If your arteries and veins are close to the surface and base of the pump, use the hydropump with a bevel up.
     1. Deep dorsal vein;
    2. Deep dorsal artery;
    3. Corpora cavernosa.
    This bevel allows adapting the hydropump to your individual body structure.

    The wide and soft pillow of comfort 
    The pillow of comfort is wide enough not to traumatize the skin.
    The pressure created by hydropump, distributing on the surface, not cutting into the skin or leaving bruising, allows comfortable sessions.
    The pillow is durable enough to be used for years to come.
    In air vacuum pumps, usually, the width of the contacting edge with the body is equal to the wall thickness of the flask itself.
    The use of such vacuum-erectors is painful and may have a damaging effect on dorsal arteries with constant use.
    Solving the problem of pressure, cutting into the skin, bruising and blood marks is a worthy advantage of Bathmate hydropumps.


    The Bathmate is the only officially recognized hydraulic system for the penis. The Bathmate is awarded not only a patent, but also the public recognition, huge demand, awards from the media and adult dealers, internet-bloggers, urologists around the world, adult product industry and the most importantly, commitment of customers around the world to quality and effectiveness of Bathmate hydropumps! The patent, popularity, and effectiveness - is one of the Bathmate advantages, since buying the product, the client doesn't become the discoverer but repeats the experience and success of millions of men around the world!

    Warm up the penis with warm water
    In any type of sport, the training must be accompanied by the warm-up of the organism with warming exercises and pumping of blood muscle fibers and circulatory system. There are hundreds of examples when not warmed up muscles and ligaments led to injuries ending the athlete's career. Such examples are in all areas of sport, for example, a tear of ligaments in arm wrestling or heavy weightlifting, muscle injury in sprints and even strokes and cardiac arrests. Not warmed up body is subject to dangerous traumas which can lead to the end of training exercises and even sports achievements.
    Penis exercises are no exception to the rule because the penis is the part of the organism and it needs all the same pre-training properties just like any other part of the body.

    Warm water warms through the penis during the whole time of training exercise, creating conditions for better elasticity and prevention of various injuries.
    Air pumps contribute to the pumping of the penis with the blood but they don't warm up the penis with warm water which drastically lowers the effect of training and their results.


    Dense environment.
    The water is a denser environment than air and it's practically not subjected to stretching. The air, on the contrary, can be "stretched" easily and unlimitedly.
    For an air vacuum pump to create a vacuum sufficient for the penis to respond with an artificial erection, it is necessary to pump out the air for a while, creating a vacuum.
    In hydropump, things are a bit different because when any amount of water is pushed out, the penis responds instantly by filling in a displaced volume.
    This way, in the air pump, stretching of the penis is limited by the rigidity of the walls of the penis and the opportunity to remove only part of the atmospheric pressure. In the hydropump, even with the weaker vacuum, the result of penis enlargement is more pronounced because the hydropump widens the penis more equally.

    In hydropump, each millimeter of pushed out liquid will be filled up by the increasing volume of the penis. This process is instant and the level of penis enlargement is controlled.


    Since our body consists of mostly water, in the hydropump, the water together with the water environment of the penis makes a significantly more uniform structure, which is why, in the hydropump, the penis is stretched more evenly.
    In the air pumps, the vacuum affects the whole penis but the weakest parts of it are the first ones to be subjected to stretching, namely, the skin of the penis. If the penis and the protein-membrane have weak spots, a strong vacuum of the air environment can help the curvature of the penis and swelling of this area.


    The penis goes into the hydropump much easier, practically not sticking to the walls of the container, which prevents strong inflections of the penis Water is the substitute for the lubricant. When placing the penis into the air vacuum pump it might get stuck by sticking to the walls of the flask of the air-pump.
    In the air-pump, in order for the penis to begin to give in to resolution, it's necessary to pump the air out for a long time, stretching it in volume. Only after 5-10 pump squeezes it's possible to achieve the required resolution to the initial phase of penis straightening under the effect of forceful erection. It's enough to pump out the necessary volume of water out of hydropump by one press on the hydropump and the penis will instantly respond by enlargement of the penis size due to compensation of blood flow into the cavernous bodies. Since the water is not subjected to stretching, the penis's response to pumping water out of the hydropump will be instantaneous.
    The air pumps don't have the preparation of the penis to stretching. The hydropump, on the contrary, contributes to the relaxation and preparation of the penis to stretching, increasing the circulation of blood in the skin of the penis. Due to this effect, there are practically no side effects that are typical of air pumps (skin darkening, increased swelling, bruising). Warming of the penis contributes to better progress in straightening and increasing of the penis.
    Due to the construction of the sylphon-pump, there is an opportunity of tilting the hydropump to all sides. If the curvature of the penis is localized near its base, it's possible to tilt it in the opposite phase of curvature.
    Due to the dense and water environment, now there is an opportunity to train the ligament of the penis to stretch, to increase its length and improve the elasticity. By pulling the pump away from yourself, with tilt down, up, the penis is completely and entirely shackled with the hydropump by a dense vacuum. Working on stretching of the ligament, you can achieve the enlargement of the penis much faster. The air vacuum pumps do not allow making such manipulations since the air is subjected to powerful stretching and the flask of the air pump, moving along the penis, will get depressurized in the pubic region.
    The Bathmate hydropump doesn't make noises that are inherent in all models of air pumps.
    9. HYGIENE
    The use of water and vacuum cleans the pores of the penis. Because of the water, the pathogenic bacteria does not accumulate but gets flashed out through the hydropump.
    The use of hydropump is parallel to the planned taking of the bath. It saves time since the use of the regular air pump suggests a session outside of the bathroom.

    12. THE POWER
    On various forums, there are discussions on the advantages of different kinds of air pumps. There are statements that some of the perfect pumps may create a negative pressure of -1, -2 and even -3 of the atmosphere.
    Actually, no matter how perfect the air pump is (even industrial), it's not capable of making a discharge in the air environment less than 0 of atmosphere, because 0 of atmosphere suggests the absolute vacuum, complete absence of molecule environment in the container.
    For this reason, for example, it's impossible to draw water through the vertical tube, pumping out the air, if the water source is located 10 meters lower than the pump, no matter how perfect and powerful the pump is! There is no big and cardinal difference where you do the LNP-therapy and what apparatus you use, whether it's at home or in the clinic because all air pumps are limited by the used environment –the air and its properties.
    Pulling the pump away from yourself, during a session, it's possible to drastically increase the power of vacuum which will depend on the strength of your hands.
    We strongly don't recommend abusing strong negative pressure, closing your eyes before natural indicator, the pain, and turning the penis blue.
    If you decided to enlarge your penis with a hydropump, get patience and experience, gradually increasing the vacuum. Do not rush the events. The speed of cell division is not high and limited by nature.

    Series: Bathmate Awards
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    Bathmate is the only device for enlargement of the penis that received awards from the world, influential, and recognized ratings of the porn industry, as the best and most effective device for the penis enlargement.

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