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There are tons of pills, gels, ointments and sprays for penis enlargement that can be found over the internet.
In the product descriptions, just like through a carbon copy, listed innovative developments in the area of medicine, photographs before and after using the product, reviews from doctors-urologists.
The paradox is in the fact that all of this variety of innovative breakthrough technologies in medicine isn't covered on real medical resources, websites, press that's respected by urologists and society, scientific papers, and media.
Recommendations by real, well-known urologists. All well-known, respected and quoted urologists of the world, in one voice declare that there aren't any truly working medications for the penis enlargement and if they existed, then they would be the first ones to know.
It's easy to find the complex medications such as growth hormones in the pharmacy. Also, it's not hard to find steroids like Omnadren 250.
Innovative pills for the penis enlargement cannot be found in clinics or pharmacies but in free access such as AliExpress.com or any sex-shop for $10-$30.
Why is it like that? Where do the penis enlargement medications come from?
Demand creates the supply. Huge demand for such medications is from men. The ideal option would be to rub some ointment on the penis and grow +5cm in one week. Why not make money on it for those enterprising people who are willing to sell chalk pills as pills for the penis enlargement?
Body ointment could be the ointment for the penis enlargement or hygienic spray could be spray for the penis enlargement.

The demand for pills and ointments is huge. These pills on the market exist for dozens of years, but the average size of the male's penis is still 14-17cm.
First of all, this page is for those who are looking for correct information.
It is for those who can separate the wheat from the chaff, operating with information.
It is for those, whose heads are dizzy from promising effect of unknown miracle medication, but they still keep themselves together and want to find out the truth.
If you have already decided to purchase pills for the penis enlargement:
If you have already decided to purchase pills, gave in to hypnoses of scammers, your emotions are overwhelmed by the prospect or concerns "What if it's true?" – Then you probably cannot be stopped.
Buy them and get disappointed.
Purchase them in the store or sex-shop that at least has confirmed legal address. That is in case of organ injury or poisoning, you can sue for compensation for harm to your health.
Why pay twice? For pills for the penis enlargement and then for medical services.
If you still want to study the question , and do not endanger your health in vain, then on this page, we will try to convince you, by any of the available facts, to abandon the obviously failed and useless purchase.
In any case, you make conclusions by yourselves, but having spent couple of minutes on studying the question, you might save yourself from disappointment, side effects, chemical burns, allergic reactions or even save yourself a life.
At the moment of conception, our organism emerges as a single cell containing DNA with a complete recipe for assembling the future body. . The plan, under which our whole body is built, is realized through instructions that are written inside this single microscopic cell. To travel the way from a simple egg to the complete person, made out of billions of specialized cells, built in the correct order, on strictly specific stages of development, whole batteries of genes should switch on and switch off. On the growth and size of the sexual organ (just like any other part of the body) affects many factors but to a large extent, the growth and size of the penis is predetermined genetically.
How will the "medicine" increasing the penis?
Currently, overwhelming majority of any medications one way or another interact with biochemical processes in the body body but not with the "scheme" itself on which the body is built. To have such "treatment" begin to interact with the plan of building a person, it must be capable of editing and coding the human genes. Yearly, all over the world, millions of dollars are spent on studying the genes and methods of editing genetic apparatus. Sooner or later, a method of penis enlargement will appear by method of correcting separate parts of molecules of human DNA.
When will methods of genetic engineering appear for enlargement of the penis?
There is already a technology that is capable of exact and neat editing of genetic apparatus – the technology of CRISPR-Cas9. In 2016, a first person has appeared who edited her genome – Elizabeth Perrish.
In September of 2015, Elizabeth Perrish, the head of BioViva research company, began a course of genetic therapy which started changes that stop the aging process. The procedure was done in Columbia because these kinds of experiments were prohibited in the USA.
Currently, geneticists study other kinds of genes responsible for duration of life, prevention of aging process, predisposition to illnesses, treatment of genetic illnesses and predispositions to illnesses (for example, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Cancer, etc.) Genetic engineering will go a long way to determine the genes responsible for size of the penis, and because this task before the geneticists is not a priority, according to the most conservative estimates, the method of penis enlargement with the help of genetic engineering will appear not earlier than in 15-30 years.

How much will genetic therapy for penis enlargement cost?
After the worldwide resonance about genetic therapy of Elizabeth Perrish, the BioViva company was attacked by the journalists from media around the world. In one of the interviews, the company's employee was asked a question about a price of manipulation with genome. The price of the question was from от 100000$. So, we can make a conclusion that genetic therapy will not be accessible for everyone, and about 10 years will pass, after the introduction to the masses, to reduce the cost of such a procedure. The example of reducing the cost of procedure by 100 times – analysis of DNA.
BAA - Biologically active additive
99% of treatments for penis enlargement are offered in the form of BAA
Currently, there are BAA for any illness on the market, and what's especially alarming is the lack of clinical trials and the legality of these treatments.
We don't say that some of them can't be useful for treating of some kind of illnesses, but there isn't one that can effect on the size of the penis, but only on a biochemical processes in the body and functions, which are regulated and realized by these processes, for example: the heartbeat, temporary rise of potency, blood pressure and so on.  

You, as a potential buyer, should be alarmed by the fact that the manufacturer calling his product "for enlargement of the penis" is obviously a fraud.
1. What can the manufacturer put in a pill, if in the beginning stage he begins with a lie to the potential buyer?
2. Will the manufacturer of false pills spend any funds to launch the new equipment and lines?
3. Will the manufacturer try to maximally lower the cost of the product when the ending result from its use is predetermined?
4. Are you ready to become a victim of this lie and the object of scam?

If some stranger approached a sensible man on the street and offered him some pills for the enlargement of penis, he obviously wouldn't buy them. It is because he doesn't know the man or the contents of these pills. Why do men purchase pills on internet when there isn't any difference at all! The pills, BAA, or medications should be purchased only at the pharmacy, because there is a protection of the government control over the pharmacological business, even if it's not a 100%.


The advantage of penis enlargement by a hydropump over the use of pills for penis enlargement:
1. The actual enlargement of the penis instead of fictional
2. The absence of side effects in the form of different poisonings and harm to health.

Despite the obvious advantages of the hydropump over the non-working methods of penis enlargement, in a form of using the fake medications, we have to compare 2 fundamentally different approaches towards the penis enlargement: enlargement by the hydropump and attempts to enlarge the penis by pills purchased in a sex-shop.
Unfortunately, there are no medications, pills, shots, sprays or ointments for enlargement of the penis. The official medicine denies the existence of such treatments; they aren't in the medicine catalogs, medical dictionaries, medical institutions and pharmacies.
Still, these fake products, due to the advertisement and promises, are successfully sold in sex-shops and fake websites. The source and provider of these treatments are the Chinese websites: Aliexpress.com and Alibaba.com, where you can purchase these products much cheaper.

If the medicine for penis enlargement existed:
1. It would be a medical revolution and each pharmacist would know about it.
2. The price for such medication would not be 10 dollars, like it is now, but hundreds and thousands of dollars.
3. Such medication would have been sold in a medical center and not in sex-shop.
4. We would have certainly added such medication to our catalog of products, if there was an opportunity of free sale.
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