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Ligamentum is the surgery for elongation of the penis. With the help of the ligamentum, lengthening of the penis is carried out but not the increase of the penis in diameter. Lengthening of the penis and increase in the diameter of the penis are two different surgeries but they can be done at the same time.
The purpose of ligamentum:
The penis goes deep inside its pelvis with its root and bringing forward of the root of the penis from the belly can to add additional 1-3 cm towards its outer part.
The root of the penis is attached with the pelvis bone by the supporting ligament (drawing 1).
To release the penis and its partial pulling from the belly, the supporting ligament of the penis is crossed.
After crossing of the supporting ligament, the penis is available to be moved to the inside or the outside. The purpose of ligamentum is stretching and fixing the penis in a new place. A special system is used for this: it is the extender or the stretcher.
The ligamentum surgery is useless without the extender.
If the extender after the surgery is neglected, it's possible to have a shortening of the outer part of the penis, since the root of the penis may move inside of the pelvis.
The complete fixation of the result after the ligamentum surgery, with the help of extender, lasts about 1-2 months. Ligamentum is a pretty simple surgery that lasts 15-20 minutes under general or local anesthesia.


Ligamentum is not a complex procedure but it doesn't mean that there can't be complications during the surgery or in the rehabilitation period. Towards all possible complications and side effects from the ligamentum, there are rather unpleasant side effects from wearing the extender or the stretcher. The totality of side effects and negative manifestations from the ligamentum, often to do not meet the patient's expectations of surgery, which is why, according to the statistics, about 80% of surveyed men aren't happy with the results of the surgery. About 20% of men didn't get not one centimeter from the procedure and more than 15% of men complain about the various complications after the surgery associated with internal bleeding, loss of penis sensitivity, change of the angle of the penis, painful urination, inflammation and so on.
There are situations when ligamentum surgery is the only option for penis enlargement (micro-penis or retracted penis). Before the surgery, doctor examines the patient. He warns about the various negative effects of ligamentum surgery and wearing the extender. He also should try to convince the patient that there is no need to increase the penis if from his professional point of view, the penis is quite developed and there is no need for radical intervention.
The specter of side effects of ligamentum is quite wide and it cannot be provided within one (given) article. The main reason for side effects is hidden in unprofessionalism of the treating doctor (little experience, negligent attitude, unsanitary conditions, mistakes, bad mood and so on) as well as from individual specialties of patient's organism (medication intolerance, allergies, poor blood clotting, inflammations, illnesses and so on), specialties of patient's character and places of rehabilitations (fear of pain when wearing the extender, excessive initiative, activity, irresponsibility, absence of time, bad hygiene, work and much more).
With typical, as well as rare complications, you can get familiarized on various medical forums where patients in detail describe their negative side effects and consequences after the penis enlargement surgery.


Penis thickening surgery is much more complex to perform than penis lengthening surgery. The most complex and dangerous method of increase of thickness of the penis is when it's done with the transfer of muscle tissue from the stomach area or chest muscle. The intimate surgery consists in subcutaneous wrapping with specified transplants of cavernous tissue of the penis on almost all of its length with the restoration of full blood circulation in the tissue of the transplant. Such surgeries aren't just very complex but in most cases are associated with huge risk of complications.
1. Transplantation of the dentate muscle area implies circumcision of the foreskin, transfer of the muscle flap with blood vessels. During the surgery, a free muscle flap on the feeding vessels is taken from the side surface of the chest wall. After mobilization of integumentary tissues of the penis, the flap is moved in the area of the penis and is fixated towards its protein membrane. After that, the connection of vessels of the muscle fragment with epigastric vessels is carried out with the purpose of blood supply of the transplant. Patient stays in the hospital after the surgery for about 2 weeks and 2-3 weeks after he can start having the intercourse.

1. Large chest muscle
2. Dentate muscle.
2. Transplantation of the fragment of the rectus abdominis (the fragment of the rectus abdominis is transplanted on patient's own vessels) – transposition of the fragment of the rectus abdominis on axial blood flow. The access to the rectus abdominis is carried out and its part on the arteries and the vein is highlighted. Then the muscle is turned and transferred under the skin of the penis where it's fixated to its membranes. Close location and sufficient amount of transplanted material allows in achieving the thickening of the penis, bypassing the stage of stitching the vessels as well as decreasing chances of main complication - clogging of blood vessels and rejection of transplant, and as following, complete removal of completed work.
Specialties of penis enlargement using the transplantation of the muscle flap:
— Penis enlargement happens in diameter; increase of length in erected state of the penis doesn't occur.
— The result of the surgery is the increase in length at rest since after adding the muscle flap, the penis isn't capable of reducing to the natural state.
— In most cases, the penis becomes shorter in erected state by 1-3 cm due to the scarring between the base of the penis and the anterior abdominal wall (penopubic angle).
— The result of penis thickening, achieved after the surgery, disappears by 60-70% in 6-12 months due to the gradual muscle dystrophy (since the muscle isn't involved in work, it thins).
3. Lipofilling – are the injections with patient's own fat tissue which is taken from the belly (or other fatty part of the body) and is injected under the skin of the penis. Because the patient's own tissues are used, the risk of complications is lowered but, after the surgery, the penis might deform since the fatty cells have the ability to dissolve.
The penis doesn't stay large for long because the fatty tissue fully dissolves in 6-12 months. The more a man is prone to thinness, the faster the effect of penis thickening will disappear. The lipofilling can be done parallel to the penis lengthening surgery, the ligamentum.
1- Fascia Dartos; 2- Fascia Buck's; 3- Skin; 4- Cavernous body; 5- Urethra; 6- Tunica albuginea; 7- Skin-fat graft.
4. Enlargement of penis diameter by hyaluronic acid
This method of enlargement of the volume of the penis suggests injecting a special gel based on the hyaluronic acid under the skin of the penis. The hyaluronic acid is well compatible with the human's tissues since it's identical to hyaluronic acid that is developed by the human's organism. This method of increase of penis' diameter doesn't give a permanent result. The penis is gradually decreasing in diameter and in 8-12 months the effect fully disappears because the gel dissolves in the tissues, turning into the carbon dioxide and water and comes out of the body. The safety of this interference is very relative. The formations of the granulomas, deformation and decrease of the penis, as well as erectile dysfunction have been reported.
The injection of gel under the skin deforms the penis because during a sexual act, there are very aggressive loads onto the skin of the penis, which "press" the gel to the base of the penis or to the area of the head. With dynamic loads during a sexual act, gel migrates and may move to different areas of the penis, developing zones of local pressure on veins, compressing their blood flow and worsening the erection. Removal of gel by a surgical method is very problematic, expensive, and dangerous idea.


Prosthesis of the penis is the extreme solution for solving the erection problem. The advantage of penile prosthesis is the ability to activate or "deactivate" the device at the man's desire.
Prosthesis gives the hardness to the penis for penetration into vagina.
A man with prosthesis is ready for regular intercourse practically in any place around the clock. Prosthesis of the organ doesn't affect the process of urination. Prosthesis of the penis doesn't affect the size of the penis during the erection, although, the penis with prosthesis is much larger in relaxed state than in the same state before the surgery.


The Mexican Urologic Association and other leading professional associations of world urologists consider penis enlargement surgeries (lengthening as well as widening) to be  EXPERIMENTAL, not having proven effectiveness, efficiency and safety. Making a decision on having a penis enlargement surgery, the patient puts himself at risk of complications. With very large possibility (over 50%), the results of the operation will not meet patient's expectations.

Before deciding on surgical thickening of the penis, the following should be kept in mind. These surgeries are quite complex, lengthy and expensive. Sometimes they require lengthy stay in the hospital (10 days and longer) and careful postoperative, medical supervision. There is very high possibility of complications comparing to the penis lengthening surgery.

Penis enlargement surgery complications:

The most frequent early complications (first several weeks after surgery) are: bleeding, wound infection, lengthy swelling of the penis, temporary or permanent decrease of sensitivity of the head of the penis, pain during erection.
The most frequent late complications of such surgeries are: change of the erection angle (due to the crossing of supporting ligaments, the penis during erection is not directed up but ahead or down), shortening of the penis, instability of the penis and its "subluxation" during the intercourse, resorption or necrosis of tissues that have been entered under the skin of the penis for its widening (skin and fat transplants, muscle), erectile dysfunction, decrease in sensitivity of the head of the penis, deformation and curvature of the penis.

Very often (50% of cases and more), the result achieved after the surgery doesn't meet the expectations of the patient. Penis enlargement requires very deep special knowledge, perfect surgical technique, and thorough compliance with all technological stages of this process.
Trust only professionals with great reputation!


Comparing to the surgery, the blood circulatory system is getting trained; it gets pumped up with blood, which means that the access of all necessary food elements is improved for the cells of the genitals' tissues.
For the support of male's health, strengthening of potency, and prevention of many diseases we recommend training with Bathmate on a regular basis, at least once a week. The older the man, the more relevant our recommendation becomes.
The surgery for penis enlargement in length and diameter is associated with many complications, traumas, and risks for health.
The hydropumps are used for penis straightening and Peyronie's disease treatment. The hydropump, first of all, helps to eliminate the cause of curvature (calcified plaques), increase of blood flow, getting rid of hypoxia and ischemia of the penis. Second of all, it stretches the shorter side of the penis.  
Surgery for straightening of the penis is the radical method associated with the risk for health but there are situations or pathologies where it's not possible to straighten the penis without a surgery. Read more about the penis straightening surgery…
The hydropump is the noninvasive method of penis enlargement. It doesn't require surgical invasion and may be used at home independently. It's quite possible to stretch the ligament of the penis as well as the penis itself. This is why hydropumps are considered the most effective and safe method of penis enlargement.
The ligamentum surgery doesn't guarantee the result. Lots of it depends from the surgeon, the patient, successful surgery and rehabilitation. Wearing the extender or the stretcher also has a list of negative specialties which add to the negative effects of ligamentum surgery.
Hydropump affects the whole penis. Increase of the penis happens proportionate and evenly, according to the anatomic specialty of the protein membrane of the penis.
Enlargement of diameter of penis by surgery isn't permanent. Fatty cells and gels dissolve. The muscle flap is subjected to dystrophy and thinning. The surgery for increase of diameter of penis is dangerous and threatens with side effects.
The use of hydropump suggests saving on the most precious asset – the time. The amount of time spent on training is only 15-20 minutes and matches with taking a shower or bath. The user spends this much time anyway in the bathroom. So why not spend this time with benefits for the penis? Money spent to purchase a hydropump is a very modest sum, comparing to the cost of the surgery. It is cheaper than the cost of the average smartphone or 2-3 jars of high-quality protein.
The cost of surgery, usually, starts from $1000 but top-rated surgeons charge from $5000, plus the price of consultation, analysis, the extender and so on. Even the large cost doesn't guarantee you the result and the absence of side effects. Patients who have undergone surgery, as a rule, still come to the method of penis enlargement using the air-pump or hydropump.
The Bathmate doesn't made noise and it only requires 15 minutes of your time. The sexual act is possible right after the training session.
The surgery "knocks" the person out of his regular schedule. Sexual act is prohibited during the rehabilitation period. The extender is noticeable during wearing and takes a lot of time to "recharge". Removal of the device for the urination, because of pain, or to reinstate the blood flow. Keeping the anonymity after surgery is quite difficult because painful sensations from wearing the extender are much stronger than wearing the device without surgery. Change of walk and frequent visitations to the bathroom are guaranteed.

The Bathmate brings positive feelings, instant beginning and new size from the first time of use.
Are the patients satisfied with the results of penis enlargement surgery?
The most reliable results in medicine are published only in in carefully edited, professional, medical journals. In European Urology journal, year of 2006, Volume 49, Issue 4 (April), page 729, was published an article of authorized urologists C.Y. Li, O. Kayes, P.D. Kell and co-authors, which analyzed the results of using various methods of penis enlargement. They notify that satisfaction of patients varied from 17 to 35%, about half of patients demanded repeated surgery which in the vast majority also did not produce a good result. The frequency of complications after the surgery was amounted to 10%.

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