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As humiliating as it is but we have to compare the original product with the fake imitations which are all over the internet and various stores.
We feel that it's our duty to let you know that you can get disappointed having purchased a cheap copy, never knowing the real effect of using the original Bathmate.
There are a large number of imitations on the market. More than that, sometimes we find imitations of fakes themselves. This variety and mass distribution of "fake" products pursue only one goal - the thirst for profit. We are not talking about the quality of the product or the effect from its use since it's not the initial purpose of creating such garbage, which is why the scammers disregard these parameters, attracting its clients with a cheap price while using the copy-rights and texts from the Bathmate creator and its dealers.
Bathmate advantages over fakes:
1. Quality materials vs "junk";
2. Declared discharge instead of its absence;
3. Pronounced effect instead of disappointment;
4. Commitment to quality instead of buying garbage.


Since the beginning of Bathmate in 2006, after the active acknowledgement of efficiency of the new method of penis size correction by hydraulic power, up to this day, in different countries appear the new "craftsmen" which start a handicraft production of hydropumps, hiding behind the original Bathmate label, selling junk to consumers through all selling points beginning from sex-shops and ending with internet stores. The main manufacturers of counterfeit are located in China, Korea, India and other countries.
Many "craftsmen" in different countries are joined by one purpose – the maximum profit.
It's not hard to guess that enterprising, new "craftsman" does not think about the quality of the product, because the purpose of the counterfeit is not development of the brand, not to please the consumer, but implementation in a logistic chain: the producer – the seller.
Different online and offline sellers are usually only profit oriented and try purchasing a product as cheap as they can to increase the trade markup, thus supporting the active production of counterfeit. The cost of such product is so low that there's no way it could be of good quality, and most of the time, the counterfeit of branded product means "cheating" the consumer, who is obviously trying to purchase a good product and who's going to be lied to during a sale. In order for the deception to take place, counterfeits are made visually as close to the original as possible. What will happen later with the product and the customer, doesn't concern the manufacturer of counterfeit.

An article about the exposure of one of the manufacturers of counterfeit products

Подделки Bathmate"There are more and more companies encroaching on a quick profit", - says John Oakes, creator of Bathmate.
The year of court battles is finally over, starting with opening of court trials and ending with concluding phase of complete destruction of Bathmate counterfeit, which was made by the craftsmen in Southern Korea.
The organization was made out of four people who nearly "on their knees", at home conditions, made counterfeits of Bathmate hydropumps.
The pump flasks were made on the bottle making factory and goffer-pumps on the local rubber factory. At home, all details were assembled with regular glue.
This product was sold to sex-shops under the Bathmate brand, passing off fakes for the original. Moreover, the product reached wholesale warehouses. Judging from the amount of product, the "craftsmen" worked day and night.
One of the sex-shop clients exposed the fraudsters. The pump boxes were printed with excellent polygraphs but the quality of the pumps was very poor.

"It's a sigh of relief, but we know that battle isn't over yet, there's still China ahead", says Oakes.
fake bathmate"To counterfeit activities of small and medium-sized enterprises, leads mainly greed and short-term profits. They didn't develop, didn't go through testing, and didn't pay for patents and trademarks.
They simply copy, sometimes with pathetic methods, like it was in this case.
Right now, 90% of internet sex-shops are filled with dangerous counterfeit fakes from China, Korea, and India of all popular firms.
Not having financial funds for the factory product, young entrepreneurs call themselves a "group of professionals". Teenagers, ages 13-18, create internet-shops, who are ready to buy junk goods at bargain prices, to sell them cheaper than original, creating a strong competition to the real firms."
This was explained by Mr. Beaumont, the legal overseer of the Bathmate brand.


Sometimes, a man wishing to increase the size of his penis, first time in his life (or maybe the only time in his life) buys a device for the penis enlargement and starts with a counterfeit.
There are times when a man buys the fake on purpose or the salesman sells him a fake as the original.
Because of the low-quality of the fake product, the user doesn't get the expected result, gets disappointed in the hydropump and ends up with unfair opinion about the Bathmate, skeptical attitude to branded product which helped millions of men in making their penis larger, cure the impotence, improve and brighten their life with new sensations and impressions.
The Bathmate counterfeits are made to deceive the customer.
The original Bathmate is created to help the consumer and from this moment, the principal difference of two products begins: they look-alike, but are absolutely different in quality and effectiveness.


The tank of the Bathmate hydropump is made out of Lexan.
Lexan is the registered trading mark of SABIC Innovative Plastics firm. High-strength polycarbonate resin, replaces glass where strength considerations prevail over cost considerations.
  Absolutely all Bathmate fakes are made out of clear plastic, Plexiglas and other cheap and toxic materials, having low strength and distinctive pungent smell.

Advantages of Lexan material:
High rigidity;
High impact strength;
Strength when heated;
Suitability for repeated sterilization with boiling water and steam;
High light transmittance.
Examples of Lexan material use: this material is used in making elite windows, airplane illuminators, bulletproof panels, boats, home electronics (iBook, iPod).
In USA, the Lexan lenses, due to their high impact resistance, comparing to CR-39, in obligatory order, are prescribed to the minors as well as adults, leading an active lifestyle, and athletes.
With Bathmate hydropump, you will not get a chemical burn or penis trauma due to brittleness, fragility or unreliability of construction and material.The Bathmate is extremely durable and it will never darken with time, tarnish, dry up, or chip.
Disadvantages of cheap materials:
High brittleness and fragility:
Periodically, we receive complaints over the email that the customer received a fake from some store. Often, fake products arrive with cracks, because they do not withstand loads during transportation.
There are situations when during the first use of the hydropump, the spring of the valve breaks through the thrust pad and ends up inside the flask.In almost all cases, there are problems with the valves, because they do not hold the vacuum.The fake can be easily crushed with a foot and it breaks when falls down. Theoretically, due to the weak walls of the container, during the rarefaction, the fake can crack and "collapse", injuring the penis, but that's in theory, since the fake pump cannot create such large vacuum pressure.
Springs fakes are made of materials prone to corrosion.The rubber of fakes isn't able to create a normal spring force, it tears easily, does not adhere properly to the flask, detaches from the flask during the contact with hot water, because of the thermal expansion and poor technical characteristics.
The high toxicity of materials.

The Bathmate hydropumps are made exclusively in Great Britain. In China, South Korea and other countries there are no factories allegedly operating under the license (such misinformation is found on forums and several websites). All models produced in any countries except the Great Britain are considered counterfeit. The original pumps always go through the quality testing on stands, on the working pressure and on the quality of the assembly. Each hydropump has its unique number, its personal PID.
One video-blogger regularly shows the external difference between the original Bathmate and fakes. Externally, products are look-alike but with careful observation, there is a big difference in the quality of materials and assembly. Everything is different: materials, casting quality of materials, quality of knot connection, the use of regular paint instead of special waterproof scale-stickers.In the review, the "Hercules" hydropump is compared to its copy but all series of Bathmate are subject to counterfeit and the qualitative difference is identical with any fakes.


Before the release of each series of hydropumps, the calculations of device, tests on stands and volunteers were made.
All pumps correspond to the specified technical parameters, are leveled to the required design pressure.
The sylphon-pumps, the tank, and the valves were checked and tested for the wear resistance and working pressure.
The measuring scale is made so well that it won't come off or rub off even after a thousand training sessions.
The elasticity and softness of the thrust ring are based on the calculation of low skin injury, as well as stability on the sylphon-pump.
During the exploitation of Bathmate, the thrust ring doesn't "disperse", doesn't get squeezed out. It tightly holds the working pressure, which cannot be said about the fakes.
The sylphon-pump creates the required pressure in the penis; it does not imitate it.
All the materials are absolutely hypoallergenic and have gone through all the clinical testing in the "Aspen" clinic.
The Bathmate hydropumps, all series and models, overcome all the fake hydropumps by the working pressure, pressure holding time, comfort in use, safety, quality of material, quality of hydropump assembly and other technical characteristics.


The quality of service is one of the main advantages that manufacturers and sellers of fakes will never be able to give.
For us, the quality of service, support of the client, consultation on the use of the product, improving the performance – are the absolute priority, but for the seller of fakes, the quality of service always comes last.
1. We are confident in the quality of our product and we can always solve the problem in case of a sudden breakage or unexpected situation.
The seller of the fake product will do everything possible to avoid the return of the product, because he knows what kind of "useless junk" he is selling and already pre-prepared ahead to reflect further claims from the client. The client is simply faced with another deception and often he has no choice but to give up and remain with the sediment on his soul. Usually, clients don't want to call the police because the product is of intimate character, and most of the sellers of fakes get away with it!
2. We know our product "inside and out."If the client has a problem or questions on the use of the product, if he doesn't know how to correctly install the pump, we will competently consult the client, understand his actions and find the reason for the failed attempts.
Usually, the seller of fakes doesn't even know what he's selling and how to use it. On the websites of such sellers, there are tons of product names and he doesn't care what the client will purchase from the list. In most cases, even a description of the hydropumps on these websites is not correct. Sometimes, copying texts from our website and trying to rephrase the words, the scammers lose the meaning of the text because they don't even have time to study the product. Moreover, they don't have the necessary information to consult the client.
3. We have the experience and knowledge. Our clients communicate with us for years. They send us reviews, ask and even recommend some, coming from their experience, including the nuances in use. Each organism is unique and what is also unique, are the problems and methods of solving them. Of course, communicating with clients, we take into consideration their recommendations, their success, or on a contrary, their problem moments, and we have an experience that is theoretical and based on a real practice as well.
We know what to eat better, about the additional nuances in the training, about desired time of training (morning-evening), about the methods of increasing the load and shock days, and much more that cannot be found on websites (hormonal usage, testosterone boosters, methods of overcoming inhibition and stopping of the penis growth, methods of additional loads). We work with urologists in different cities and we have access to free consultations, so when it's necessary, we can help the client, for example, in questions of treating the impotence, prostates, and others. We can even help the client in getting a good discount on the surgery for the straightening of the penis or erectile dysfunction. Now, isn't it the service the client wishes to have?
What does the seller of the fake have? Only the fake product and commercial interest. He doesn't have any experience in this matter because he deals with the client once or twice. During the sale and conversation, any breakage of the pump is the fault of the client.

4. We appreciate each client!!
We try to maximally open the topic of penis enlargement on our website and during consultations when needed. We are always open to dialogue, suggestions, and requests. We help the client as much as it is possible for us. We always want to leave the best impression of us and any positive feedback for us is worth its weight in gold. People are used to the fact that most promotions and gifts are a scam. There are many examples, starting from the mobile phone promotions and ending with the lotteries. But we are not like that. Our promotions and gifts are absolutely real! Even wholesale buyers receive gifts from us. Sometimes it is candy and sometimes a precious item. We are friends with our clients and it's our credo, our style of existence as an organization. We know perfectly well that the future lies in human relations and open cooperation.
Do the sellers of counterfeit appreciate their clients after the sale?
The seller of counterfeit is interested only in the sale, and it's a one time-sale, usually. On the question of the ethics of selling counterfeit, the answer – it's a business!

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