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    "Pumping" is another word for "inflating" of something.
    The process, which will be described below, allows a drastic increase in blood volume entering the muscle. As a result, the muscle group, which became the object of pumping, increases in size right "before the eyes". But it doesn't mean that muscles stay this way forever. If it was like that, everyone around would be larger than Dwayne Johnson.
    The effect of pumping doesn't last for more than 30 minutes. Then the muscles return to their previous size. This period depends on the individual specialties of the organism. But, as you probably already noticed, the short-term growth of the muscle volume is just the tip of the iceberg.
    "Pumping" in bodybuilding are the multiple repetitions of an exercise using small weights. For example, instead of 5 repetitions with a 100-kilogram barbell, 20 repetitions are done with a 50-kilogram. "Pumping-exercises" are built on this principle.


    From the first set, you can feel the effectiveness of this method of training. At first, the muscles might experience slight pain, but it will pass soon. When the muscle fibers adapt to the new regime, each new set will bring emotional lift, which is explained by the increased release of endorphins. This way, the amount of training sessions steadily grows.

    There are many approaches to training with "pumping up" the muscles. Sometimes, there are different opinions and arguments about it.
    Someone claims that for "pumping", 12-15 repetitions in a set are required, and some say that it has to be more than 20. If completing the set, you feel that your muscles filled up with blood and they started to expand, your "pumping" was successful.
    "Pumping" is the process of filling the muscles with blood, which is achieved due to frequent and monotonous repetitions. The blood, in this case, easily gets to the working muscle but cannot go back due to the muscle tension, which squeezes the capillaries in the muscles.
    Muscle pumping occurs due to improved permeability of cell membranes in the muscles, which are being trained, as well as the increased receipt of sugar and water.Along with water, into the muscle, gets an increased amount of oxygen and other nutrients, and lactic acid is faster derived.
    The muscle fibers adapt to the load, which is why they recover better and faster.
    The blood stretches the tissues and it leads to the improvement of hypertrophy (muscle growth).
    The "Pumping", like nothing else, leads to the increase of volume and mass of smooth muscles, blood capillaries, and venous and capillary hypertrophy.
    The "Pumping" leads to the increase of testosterone release (main anabolic hormone). Practically all professional bodybuilders agitate in favor and incomparable efficiency of "pumping".
    Arnold Schwarzenegger often used a "pumping" technique.
    This technique is the making of physical exercises after which the muscles "expand". A person gets the feeling that his muscles become huge and pumped up with blood.
    In a famous "Pumping Iron" movie, the Arnold Schwarzenegger mentioned the "pumping" technique by saying something like this: "The feeling during "pumping" is the kind of feeling from which you feel "high".
    For example, you pump the muscles at the gym. During the workout, your muscles become so hard that you get the thought that your skin will tear. It's the most amazing feeling that you can possibly imagine.


    In bodybuilding, there is a unique workout program for stretching the fascia (FST-7), the popularizer of which is Hany Rambod.
    The main idea of FST-7:
    The organs, vessels, nerves, and muscle fibers do not simply hang in our bodies but are in a case of connective tissue called FASCIA. Fascia is made of collagen fibers and elastane.
    The collagen gives it high strength and elastane high elasticity. But there is an issue: the fascia hinders the expansion and growth of muscles.
    The most important moment of all program:
    Hany Rambod is much better known in America by a meaningful name, "The Creator of professionals".
    On account of Hany, there are thirteen of "Olympia" titles from his dependent, but that's not what he's famous for. Most people who know him personally and his programs, call him the master of the best ideological inspirer and motivator. The secret of Mr. Rambod's success is that he was a bodybuilder, loves this type of sport, knows all about the training, and he's strong in anatomy.
    That's right, Hany is not a random person in bodybuilding.He graduated from California University in the city of Santa-Barbara, having received a bachelor's degree in biology and neurophysiology.
    What is fascia? Fascias are three-dimensional formations of connective tissue that cover any muscle, ligament, tendon, nerve, bone, and tightly intertwine with them. All of us, from head to toe, is one continuous, huge plexus of fascias. Our fascias hold all our inner organs and joints, from head to toe, playing the role of shock absorbers, as well as protecting our nerves. All your strength, flexibility, endurance and efficiency depend on their qualitative condition.
    1. muscle fiber kernel;
    2. contractile threads of muscle fiber;
    3. the covering membrane of muscle fiber;
    4. connective tissue sheath (fascia), uniting a group of muscle fibers, acting in one direction;
    5. blood vessels.
    To clearly understand the picture, take a good look at the meat of a chicken or a piece of fillet. When the meat is without skin, it's surrounded by a thin film, resembling a tendon. This white film around the meat is the fascia. Human's fascias are practically the same as the animals'.
    There are fascias in the penis as well - buck fascia and the fibrous membrane. Each cavernous body of the penis is wrapped by a dense connective tissue capsule, which has a specific elasticity and stretching ability and it is called the fibrous membrane of the cavernous bodies. During an erection, the cavernous bodies fill up with arterial blood under pressure and the walls of the membrane become rigid (like a car tire with a camera pumped up inside). It creates the necessary hardness to the penis required for the coitus (the sexual act).


    Smooth muscles are an important part of the walls of muscular and hollow organs.
    Smooth muscles are part of the blood and lymph vessels. The amount of smooth muscle tissue is proportionate to the diameter of the vessel, while with the same size, arteries contain more smooth muscles than veins and lymphatic vessels. As the vessels branch, the absolute number of smooth muscles decreases while the content of smooth, muscular tissue in arterioles relative to their diameter is maximum.
    The torso of the digestive tract (the channel) has three layers of smooth muscles responsible for peristalsis and movement of the villi of the intestinal mucous shell.
    Just like the walls of the digestive tract, the walls of the urinary tract also have three layers of smooth muscles, which, on closer inspection, form a single, spiral-shaped layer.
    Male and female sexual organs also have lots of smooth muscles.
    Smooth muscles are found in large numbers in trachea and bronchi, which are important parts of the lower respiratory tract.
    The sexual organ of the male contains various amounts of smooth muscles. Some contain over 50% of muscles in the penis, some less than 30%.
    This difference is the key factor, which explains why some men's penis isn't capable of erecting while other men's erection lasts for hours.
    The number of smooth muscles inside the penis is the key factor determining the presence of a healthy erection.
    The number of smooth muscles also affects the size of the penis. The larger the mass of smooth muscles - the larger is the penis.
    The volume of smooth muscle tissue inside of the penis decreases in the process of aging. In a statistic study, it was determined that in men younger than 40, the penis was made out of smooth muscles by 46%-50%. In men ages 41-60, this indicator was equal to 40 %, and finally, in men older than 60, the number of smooth muscles in the penis is about 35%.
    Smooth muscle cells, among other properties, are characterized by involuntary contractions. Smooth muscles can contract involuntary, which is why they don't need voluntary control. Accordingly, they are found in the following organs of a human body.
    • Smooth muscles are the main part of the muscular walls of hollow organs. They include most of the organs of the digestive tract and urinary system, as well as the respiratory tract.
    • The digestive tract is made of the head section (the mouth and throat) and the torso parts of the digestive tube (esophagus, stomach and intestines), as well as the associated with them exocrine glands (salivary glands, pancreas, etc.).
    • The glands contain smooth muscles, mainly in the walls of their excretory ducts. A specialty of the liver's excretory duct is the presence of branching and expansion to deposit the secretion, which is called the gallbladder.
    • The torso part of the digestive tract (the channel) has three layers of smooth muscles, responsible for peristalsis and movement of the villi of the intestinal mucous shell. In some areas, the ring muscles are especially pronounced, which develop the sphincters or gatekeepers and internal anal sphincter.
    • Comparing to the torso part, the head end of the digestive tract contains striated muscles instead of smooth ones.
    • Just like the wall of the digestive tract, the walls of the urinary tract also have three layers of smooth muscles which, on closer, inspection form a single spiral layer.
    • Male and female organs contain a large number of smooth muscles.
    • The smooth muscles, in large amounts, are contained in trachea and bronchi - the important parts of the lower respiratory tract. Smooth muscle cells regulate the volume of incoming air depending on the inner factors due to changes in the diameter of breathing ways.

    On the example of developed blood system of bodybuilders practicing "pumping", it is possible to unambiguously determine the meaning of overflow and load on the circulatory system by "pumping" for growth and strengthening of smooth muscles.


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    It's possible to that have watched the performances of athletes weightlifters and bodybuilders, and noticed disproportionately modest contents of their underpants. Sometimes, a skinny teenager with acne has larger pronounced manhood than a huge and brutal male.
    "The bodybuilder with a small penis doesn't look very manly"- various bloggers come to this conclusion after numerous social surveys among women and men.

    There is an excuse that athletes use, such as: "The penis of an athlete looks tiny comparing to the large muscles". Allegedly, it's a visual perception and an optical deception. In fact, suspicions that weightlifters have a small penis, on one hand, are justified, since the eye sees everything and no matter how large is the athlete, the width of the pelvis is unchanged, and often, on the beach, a penis of a regular man looks much more impressive than a penis of a bodybuilder tanning under the sun.
    The fact of a small penis in representatives of weightlifting is noticed by society and as it usually happens, did not remain unnoticed by the "couch-potato" analytics, nor by the film industry. In general, among various groups of the population, appeared and possibly strengthened the opinion that bodybuilders have a problem with erection or a small penis.

    Actually, the bodybuilders and athletes have the same average-sized penis just like everyone else has. But, an athlete that is overly-active in sport, experiences lots of psychic and physiological stress, so the penis, as well as his libido, are in a stage of anabiosis or lethargic sleep. It's been known that the penis changes its size depending on the emotional stage, excitement, mood, or relaxation. In men that experience stress, according to physiological features, the penis is in its lowest state. Men that are always in super stress, are able to lose 10-20% of their penis size (it is because the penis is made of smooth muscles by 30-50%, which atrophy due to lack of demand), but just as well, they can return the lost in a short period of time (1-3 months), by getting rid of stress and returning to a full intimate life.


    STRESS: The penis changes its size depending on the emotional state, excitement, mood, and relaxation. In men who experience stress, the penis is in its smallest size and compressed state, according to physiological features. Men that are always in super stress, are able to lose 10-20% of their penis size (it is because the penis is made of smooth muscles by 30-50%, which atrophy due to lack of demand), but just as well, they can return the lost in a short period of time (1-3 months), by getting rid of stress and returning to a full intimate life.

    THE LOSS OF FAT LAYER: There is always a fat layer under the skin, including the skin of the penis. Bodybuilders that use the "drying" method, minimize the thickness of the fat layer in the penis. They are not always able to restore the previous volume of fat in the skin of the penis, because during the next weight gain, there may be a "redistribution of fat deposits" and under the effects of estrogens, if they used steroids before, the fat may appear in the lumbar region, chest and abdomen. Although, during the "drying" method (decrease of overall fat percentage), the penis may appear to be longer due to the burning of the fat layer in the pubic area. But, since during the emergency weight loss, the erection is not at its best, this visual lengthening may not be noticed.
    STEROIDS: the use of anabolic steroids is the hormone replacement therapy, during which, natural testosterone stops producing, the level of luteinizing hormone is lowered, spermatogenesis is disrupted, and testicles become several times smaller (testicular atrophy). The visual size of the penis in pants is caused not only by the penis, but testicles as well. A decrease of testicle size noticeably conceals the volume of the penis under the clothing. When using lots of steroids, aromatization often occurs (conversion of testosterone into the female hormone – the estrogen) and this effect is accompanied by gynecomastia (breast enlargement).
    OUTFLOW OF BLOOD FROM THE PENIS DUE TO WORKOUTS: if you practiced high-intensity workouts, you must have felt how the penis literally squeezes during a heavy workout. And, after completion of the workout, the penis might not restore its volume for a long time. After a high-intensity workout, the penis might look almost lifeless and even become cold to touch. Because of high intensity, the blood flows to the muscles that are trained, but outflows from other places. It affects the penis as well.


    The use of Bathmate by the athletes to maintain a sexual system is able to solve the problem of reducing the size of the penis from high-intensity workouts and stress.The athletes that use steroids may not simply smooth out the effect of a decrease of the penis, but on a contrary, stimulate the penis to growth, because the hormonal therapy is able to increase the effect of penis growth from LNP-therapy.
    Bodybuilding is the process of transforming the body through physical training. A strong, manly, beautiful body is one of the main goals in bodybuilding.
    Why many bodybuilders don't pay attention to the development of sexual organ is the mystery, after all, the penis is the main symbol of male power.Many athletes don't know that the penis, just like any other part of the body, can be trained and brought to full combat readiness. The athletes that once turned to us, to support the potency with Bathmate, became our regular customers and claim that "penis building", just like bodybuilding, became a part of their lives.

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