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There are lots of examples of stretching and growth of different body parts using stretching with effort, but not one of the known methods of stretching and growth of tissues is not accompanied by intentional, forced ischemia (exsanguination) and hypoxia (oxygen starvation).
Attempts to equate the extender and stretcher to the existing and effective methods of body transformation by stretching, in most cases are far-fetched.
There are no examples of stretching of the lips, ears, and legs with an attachment of the compressing loop, a belt or the vacuum chamber.
The examples of body changes by stretching:
Gravitational ptosis-wrinkles;
Breast augmentation with implants (skin adaptation);
"Women-giraffes" – lengthening of the neck;
"Tunnels" in the ears, nostrils, and lips;
Lengthening of legs by the apparatus of Ilizarov.



Ptosis is a medical term meaning drooping of the organ. There are different types of ptosis and reasons for their appearance. Since in this article we are discussing a transformation of the body by the force of tissue stretching, due to the gravity, as an example, let's look at the gravitational ptosis of the face.
Gravitational ptosis of the face - is the sagging of soft tissues under the influence of gravity (the gravity of Earth), leading to the change of oval and size of the face and deformation of its contours.

Every day, when the person is awake, gravity affects all his body organs with pulling force-down, most of all to the weakest attached body parts, including the skin. The gravity can pull the skin for a long time and get it stretched.

The skin on the face is not just stretching with a force-down but also increases its area, because, during the stretching process, multiplication and division of cells occur. All the skin tissue, mimic muscles, nerve fibers, and circulatory system also increase in size.


One of the most requested operations in the plastic surgery industry is breast augmentation surgery. Breast implants are prostheses made of biocompatible high-quality material, which are placed under the muscle or skin to enlarge the size of the breasts or to improve their appearance.
Usually, on the next day after the surgery, the patient leaves the hospital but the final result of the operation can be seen only 3 months after. Full recovery is achieved after 6-8 months of the rehabilitation period when all the swelling is gone.
On the beginning stage, the skin on the breasts is very tight and the patient feels discomfort, tingling, and burning sensations.
Since there is a constant stretching force on the skin, on the side of the implant and mammary glands, the skin begins to grow actively and adapts to the new size of the breast. After the period of growth and adaptation of the skin, the surgery can be repeated and 1-2 more breast sizes can be added.
Some women enlarge their breasts to the extreme and become winners of thematic ratings. For example, a Brazilian model Sheyla Hershey was added in the Guinness world records for her largest size in the world silicon breasts (38KKK).


The Padaung — are the people of the Karenni group living in Myanmar, the northwestern of Kayah state, the Northern of Karen state, and southwestern of Shan state, as well as Thailand.
The women of Padaung, since the age of 5, wear the cooper rings on their necks (to be exact, it's the spirals from a bar about one centimeter thick, which look like the rings). They are installed by the local women with this qualification.
Gradually, the number of rings (or rather turns of the spiral) increases which leads to the lengthening of the neck and this is why the tourists call them "women-giraffes".
A grown woman can have up to twenty "rings" on her neck and their weight is about four or five kilograms.
Removing these spirals can lead to the neck fracture because the muscles around the neck are atrophied and altered.
These women confirm that this tradition is for self-identification of the tribe which their mothers passed along to them. Plus, the long neck is considered a sign of beauty and well-being.
Nowadays, these women continue to wear rings to attract the tourists creating a great opportunity for selling hand-made crafts.
So, having long necks turned into a business, so to speak. An example of "women-giraffes" clearly shows the fact of body change from the tensile force. Thanks to the longitudinal stretching of the neck, "women-giraffes" elongate not only the joints of the neck, intervertebral discs, muscles, and esop hagus but also the spinal cord, without radical damage to their health.
Remark: this method is only partly similar to the method of penis enlargement by the extender or a stretcher but it has a fundamental difference: there is no effect of exsanguination (ischemia) and oxygen starvation (hypoxia).
A hard belt isn't tightened around the neck and the vacuum spacesuit for fixation and tightening of the neck isn't worn on the head.


Lip stretching appeared long ago in ancient times. Especially popular is the lower lip. There are still tribes that keep their old traditions of lip stretching and treat it very seriously, with respect. For example, it's people from Suya (Brazil), Botocudo (Brazil), Nsara (Africa), Morse (Africa), Lobi, etc. In such tribes, people stretch their lips from childhood up to very old age, so their lips can get very big.
In some cultures, body modification has shown status differences demonstrating that people belong to different social levels. There is no need for that now but desire to show individuality still exists. Reasons, why people go to such impressive changes, may vary. Somebody wants to show their belonging to the subculture while someone else simply wants to show their originality and so on.

 Remark: this method of body transformation clearly shows that an increase of the tissue and the number of cells in it happens according to the applied tension vector. The lips, the ears, or the neck do not become thicker. The length of the tissue increases but not the diameter of the body part that is stretched.
The vacuum of the penis affects the whole organ. The penis is stretched to all sides and the growth of it is not just in diameter but also in length.


Bodybuilding is just one of the types of sports on the example of which we can observe the growth of different body parts through the internal stretch. We use bodybuilding as an example because it is best at showing the growth of the body tissues that is the most noticeable and obvious.
Skin and circulatory system growth. Due to the growth of muscles, the inner pressure is affecting the skin. The fascia of the muscles, the skin together with the circulatory system, the nerve fibers and so on increase its area.
It's hard to imagine what would have happened if the skin wasn't prone to the growth from the stretching. It happens that body-builders who use pharmacology, grow their muscles too quickly, creating inner tears in the skin (the skin does not have time to grow). It forms blood stains and stretchmarks, which can remain for life. You can see the same effect on people's bodies who gained a lot of weight in a short amount of time.
Large abdomen heavy weightlifters and athletes can have a large abdomen due to the stretching of walls and muscles of the abdomen area because of excessive loads and pressure of internal organs. It's especially common for those athletes who don't use a special belt during squats with a large weight or deadlifts.
Note: In bodybuilding, there is a concept of "pumping", where the athlete is forcing the muscle to actively increase its volume. The "Pumping" is very similar to the effect of the growth of the penis from the use of internal blood pressure. Read more about pumping in bodybuilding…

Apparatus of Ilizarov - Lengthening of legs

In 1952, a young doctor Gavriil Ilizarov made a discovery and revolution in medicine, having introduced to the world his technology of successful treatment of the most complex bone fractures and their complications. The opportunities of new apparatus were truly limitless because they allowed stretching and also compressing of the bone.
The technique he developed led the scientist to fame and worldwide recognition. Even though many years have passed, the apparatus of Ilizarov has undergone many design innovations but its essence is left unchanged – serving to the health of humankind and preventing disabilities.
Treatment by the apparatus of Ilizarov is performed using the needles that pass through the bones of the limbs. Often these are the bones of the forearm or lower leg.The needles are attached to the rings, which are connected with special transitional elements. They allow changing the distance between them. Due to such a simple design, the apparatus of Ilizarov can easily stretch or on the contrary, compress the bone sections, depending on what is required by the clinic. Just like any other method, this one has its positive and negative sides.
Specialties: Before the apparatus is installed, the bone is broken under full anesthesia. The apparatus is worn on the leg for a long time and the increase of leg's length per day makes about 1mm. Lengthening of the apparatus by tightening the nut is done daily. The bone grows due to the cartilage and connective bone tissue at the place of the fracture. It's possible to lengthen the leg by 10 centimeters and more.
As the leg grows, there is active growth of muscles, veins, arteries, and nerve tissues.  
Note: this method is only partially similar to the method of penis enlargement by extender or a stretcher, but it has a fundamental difference: there is no effect of exsanguination (ischemia) or the oxygen starvation (hypoxia). A hard belt isn't tightened around the arm or the leg, and pulling longitudinal force is made with the needles mounted in the bone.


Sadhuis a term that is used in the Indian culture to call the holy men and yogi's, not seeking to achieve the three goals of Hindu life: Kama (sense gratification) , Artha (material development) and Dharma (duty). Sadhu fully devotes himself to achieving Moksha (liberation) through meditation and knowing God.
"Sadhu" meaning: "virtuous man". Sādh-means "take power over something". The same root is used in the word sadhana which means "spiritual practice".
Manipulations with the penis: representatives of the "Sadhu" movement destroy the erection using different techniques. After manipulations with the penis , the opportunity of having an erection is gone which makes them independent from sexual desires – intercourse and intimate closeness.
In 1998 sexologist Gary Griffin published a book called "How to increase the size of the penis", in which he described a method of penis enlargement used in the "sadhu" tribe, and misled millions of people. This book was distributed over the internet and many readers believe that there is a "Sadhu" tribe (Sadhu is not a tribe but yogis) and that they enlarge their penises by hanging a rock on them.
Gary Griffin says in the book that he didn't come up with this idea but he was told by, quote: "one executive director of an advertising firm in San Francisco and, by his own claim, a «modern savage» by the name Fakir Musafar".
From the words of the "modern savage" Fakir, quote:
«For this purpose, they choose very young men… and gradually increase the weight of the rock, which they hang on the end of their penises, and they do it until their penises reach an incredible length. Upon reaching adulthood they keep their penis rolled up like a spiral in a small basket. When the basket is finally taken away from them, their penis unrolls to the full length and it reaches the mark below their knees» .

Starting from 1998, men keep close attention to the men of "Sadhu", but so far, there has been not one photo or a video online or offline with representatives of "Sadhu" with their penises lower than their knees. Not one photo or a video. But, there are lots of photos and video materials in which "Sadhu" demonstrates their penises and practices for the destruction of cavernous tissue. On all photos and videos the size of the penises is quite modest. Even the largest penises do not exceed the average statistical size.


Pressure therapy (LNP-therapy) using the vacuum pump is the highly-effective painless method of treating erectile dysfunction which guarantees to restore or improve potency. The most pleasant side effect is the enlargement of the penis if it is stretched regularly using the pressure therapy of the LNP.
Enlargement of the penis by the vacuum methods is practiced for a while now and there are plenty of videos and photos on this topic.
There are many materials via the internet showing the use of the vacuum pumps.
Also, it's not hard to find very large or even gigantic penis sizes including lower than the knee mark, in the vacuum pump.
Penis enlargement by the vacuum pumps is not just in the theory (like it happens with other methods of penis enlargement) but also in practice.
Amongst our clients, there are actors of adult movies just as well as regular men practicing the enlargement of penises, treating the impotence or simply wishing to extend and strengthen their manly strength in age.
Professional sexologists and urologists purchase our hydropumps and sell them to their clients. What can be more reliable than a proven method of penis enlargement and maintaining potency at its very best?


Transformation of the body has been practiced by people since ancient times. Some did it freely and some in the name of religion. Different religions used these effects on punishments or tortures. There were more barbaric historical facts when people were made in dwarfs, jesters, and freaks, placing their bodies into jars of various shapes.
In a modern world, medicine perfectly knows about the natural predisposition of our bodies to transformation and uses this property for clinical purposes.
For example, with the bite adjustment, we are not pointing out the lengthening or thickening of the body from the stretching. In example with correcting the bite, you can see all the magic of the body transformation, the infinity and the extraordinary plasticity of our bodies. A constant and purposeful influence can create miracles and the body obediently adapts to the necessary parameters.

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