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    If the quality and result is not the main factor for you, if you want to purchase a cheap Bathmate copy from the scammers, think about it: isn't it easier to buy a fake on the official website of the supplier of fakes like Ali Express?
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    Check out the prices on the manufacturer's website and see the difference!



    Hello, can I use the pump while sitting in the shower?


    Andre, you must wear the pump and create the vacuum standing up, then you can sit down and proceed with a session.


    I got the package 2 days ago. I am already seeing the results after 2 days of use. These results give me instant hope!

    Jack Already bought

    My penis length is 13 cm, diameter – 4.7. According to diameter, I should get Bathmate-9, am I right? Or maybe Bathmate-7 is ok too? Thanks, and Happy New Year!

    Noah Already bought

    Noah, you should get Bathmate -9, 7th model is too small for you. We also wish you Happy New Year and the best of luck!


    I got the package, thanks! Everything is great. I appreciate how quickly you delivered it. Happy Holidays!

    Jacob Already bought

    Hi, Jacob. We are glad you are satisfied with our service. Thank you for your wishes. We, too, wish you Happy Holidays! All the best to you in the upcoming year!


    Hey there. My parameters are 12 cm/4.5. What model should I get?

    Charlie Already bought

    Hello, Charlie. Hydromax-7 will fit you just fine.


    Hello. I purchased a pump at your store, and I don’t know how to use it. As I understand, I should place it on my penis and keep it there for 15 minutes. Every 3-5 minutes, I need to put additional pressure on letting the water out. Or, as I read in another place, I should take the penis out of the pump every 3-5 minutes to give it rest, but I don’t understand how many times I should let the water out? Which way is correct?

    Muhammad Already bought

    Hello, Muhammad. The second method is correct. The session lasts 15-20 minutes. You must pump it 2-3 times (individually for everyone), achieve the optimal vacuum (slight feeling of discomfort or fullness of penis, but without pain), and leave the pump for 5 minutes, after which you should take out the penis and massage it. Repeat this 3-4 times in 1 session. You can let us know your email via the site feedback, and we will send you additional information on the usage of hydropumps.


    Hello! Penis length is 12.5 cm without pressing the ruler and 13 cm with pressing. The circumference is 12-12.3 cm. Which model should I get?


    Hello. According to your measurements, the H-5 model will be the most effective in usage to you. The more powerful model is XTREME-5.


    I want to leave a review and say thanks for well-coordinated and conscientious work!!! I ordered a pump. In 2 days, with a distance of 4500 thousand kilometers, it’s at my house. I never expected such a quick delivery! When I placed an order, I got a call from a specialist who explained everything to me in detail. So, great thanks for everything! I recommend it to anyone!

    Oscar Already bought

    Thank you, Oscar. We are very thankful for your great review. We are thrilled you’re satisfied with the service!


    Hello! Can you suggest a pump for me? My measurements are 14 cm in length and 4.5 cm in width, with 12 cm in diameter. Should I get x30 or x40? It’s for long-term use. Thanks!


    Hello! You said your diameter is 4.5 with 12 cm in circumference. If you divide 12 by 3.14, you get 3.8 cm, not 4.5. So, according to this data, you need the x7 model, for comfortable and productive training. The X9 model will be too large for you.


    Good afternoon! My erected penis is 12 cm, and in a relaxed state, it’s 3 cm. Which pump will fit me?

    Michael Already bought

    Good afternoon, Michael. If your pump is too large for you, you should consider purchasing x30.


    Hello. Would you recommend this model to a newbie? Does it increase quicker and better?


    Hello, this model will be excellent for a newbie. Due to the additional pear, this model is more powerful than its counterparts. Also, because of the pear, the pressure is pumped faster and easier to control.


    Guys! I’ve been using the pump for over 4 months, but I only added about 2 cm. I want to increase by 5 cm, at least. But there is a plus – if you have sex right after the session.

    Stanislav Already bought

    I bought the XTREME 9. After the second time of using it, I have marks on the shaft of my penis, as though my blood vessels have broken. What should I do? Can I continue exercises, or should I stop?

    Henry Already bought

    Henry, you created too much vacuum. The skin of your penis needs to adapt. Increase the pressure on it gradually, for a week or two. Monitor the state of your skin. If your penis darkens during a session, remove the pump, massage the penis, increase the blood flow, and continue the session. Don’t try increasing your penis by 10 cm in one week. It’s not possible in the real world. Your skin cells will not divide faster than they usually do. You must create a factor of growth, and your body will do the rest. Stop your exercises for a couple of days, then continue. Don’t worry about the broken capillaries. It will go away. Everyone goes through that when increasing the penis. In most cases, you can continue despite the little traumas, giving your penis a break, from time to time. It can be during vacations or on your lazy days. My main recommendation is to control the pressure.


    I wanted to express my gratitude to this store. You showed great professionalism and worked like a clock. I will recommend you to my friends.

    Leo Already bought

    Leo, thank you for your review! We’re glad you’re happy with the service!


    Hello! I want to purchase a pump, but I’m having a hard time choosing. I’m worried about making a mistake. Please help me with the selection. The size of my penis: 17 cm in length, 5.2 cm in diameter (circumference 16 cm), but at the core, my diameter is about 5.3-5.4 cm. I am hesitating between BATHMATE HYDROMAX-9 and XTREME 11. I want to get HYDROMAX – it’s more powerful, the model is newer, and it’s transparent, but I’m afraid that with the maximum allowed diameter of 5.6, it will squeeze my penis too hard in 2-3 months. What do you think?


    What’s more powerful? XTREME series are more potent than HYDROMAX. HYDROMAX 9 won’t squeeze too hard, but XTREME-11 is closer to your size. Both pumps will match you, but XTREME-11 is more powerful. ))


    Are 2-3 pumps enough? Do I need to get all the water out by maximum?

    Andy Already bought

    Do it until you feel slight discomfort.


    Hello, what’s the difference between HYDRO 7 and HYDROMAX-7?

    Alfie Already bought

    Hi, Alfie. HYDROMAX-7 is by 35% more potent than HYDRO-7, due to reinforced corrugation. Also, it has a removable comfort ring. You won’t need to exchange it in the future, plus it has a convenient relief valve and the fixing pressure in manual mode.


    Can I purchase a pear separately for HYDROMAX-7, the same as from the XTREME series?

    Fredrick Already bought

    Hello, Frederick. The manufacturer doesn’t make pears separately from the pumps, plus the valves are different in these models. The hand pump is only intended for the XTREME series.


    Hello! Can I use the pump every day?


    Hello, Albert. Yes, we recommend daily 15-20 minute sessions for achieving the best results.


    Hello! I wanted to say thanks for shipping my order so quickly! I never thought it would get this fast from Great Britain. Special thanks to your technical support. The pump fits me perfectly! ))

    Joshua Already bought

    Joshua, thank you for your review. We are so glad you’re pleased with our service. We wish you good luck in training.


    Hello! So I became the owner of a new miracle friend. I’ve been training for a week, 15 minutes a day. In the first couple of days, my penis really got bigger in length and volume. On the sixth day, there is a “wow factor.” My large penis is gone somewhere. It inflated and looks as before the purchase of my pump. I know, I shouldn’t expect 20 inches in one week. I keep track of my exercising on a chart that I made. I note real results – in a relaxed state, and results in erected state. It will help me in calculating a month worth results. For now, there is only one thing – my penis thickened. The shaft seems to be more massive, and I hope this effect stays. One minus, which I noticed is that after the pump, the bridle at the bottom is very swollen, and the swelling does not subside for a couple of hours, although I actively massage the penis. Thank you, Bathmate.ru! Great job, you guys! You are making our women happy!

    Stan Already bought

    Hello, Stan. Thank you for such a detailed review! Yes, to fixate the results, you need regular training sessions for an extended time (6-12 months). If you didn’t send you additional recommendations on the use of the pump, get in touch with us via site feedback with this request. Thank you again for sharing your experience with us and wishing you success in your training!


    Hello! I am using X7. I do three sets for 5-6 minutes, on average, on the maximum compressed corrugation (17.5 cm on the scale). As a result, I have darkening of the skin and bruising, although I am not experiencing real pain or discomfort during the session. I read that I should lower the pressure but increase the time of the session. What should I reduce the pressure to? I want to be sure that I have enough pressure on the penis. Can I keep 16.5 cm on the scale for 7 minutes, for 3 sets? If you have any suggestions, I’d be grateful. Also, one more question about the extender. Is it more effective before or after the corrugation?

    Fred Already bought

    Hello. It’s all individual. Try in the way that you’re suggesting or on the level of 16.8-17. Experiment with time, you need to the best option for you, during which you will feel the pressure without causing any trauma to capillaries. I don’t recommend using extenders for many reasons. But if you still want to use them, do it before the pumping. The extender pulls the ligament but squeezes the penis till it’s numb. The pump will pick up this stretch, continue further, plus revive the penis by filling it with blood. You can get the same effect by doing exercises for stretching the ligament of the penis and don’t torture yourself with strangleholds.


    It’s weird. I put on the pump, open the valve and all the water pours out of it. No vacuum is created! What is it, a factory defect? Can’t figure out this valve. I have Bathmate Hydromax-7.

    Andy Already bought

    Andy. You open the valve and water comes out of it because you put a penis in it. An amount of water equal to the volume of the penis is displaced. Then, you must press on the pump harder - some more water will come out. Then close the valve and leave the pump be. The vacuum will occur, and your penis will expand. You can press the pump one more time. Press it gently, open the valve, then push again harder and close the valve. Very soon, it will do it automatically. There’s nothing complex in this device.


    Hello! My measurements are 13 cm by 4 cm, circumference – 11.5 cm. 1. Which pump should I get? What are the maximum parameters for different pump models? 2. In comments, I read that you can get 1 cm of growth in two months, but it’s not true. Or, is it a temporary effect right after the pumping? Plus 1 cm in diameter is unreal, anyway.

    Steve Already bought

    Hello. You need Hydromax-5 to fit your size. 1 cm in two months is the real result. 1 cm in a week is the temporary effect.


    When pressing my hands towards my body, very high pressure is created on the pubic bone. If I lower the pump a little, I am afraid to stop the blood flow. Which position of the pump should I choose, in order not to harm myself?

    Dennis Already bought

    Dennis, it’s individual. You need to find a comfortable position for you without causing any pain. Pain is the signal that will direct you in finding the position. If there isn’t any pain, there will be no side effects. Also, I suggest to all clients to move the pump side to side, periodically, not too strong. It is to stretch the ligament of the penis.


    Hello, I bought the Hydromax-7. Can you send me recommendations in use? My email: ***

    Stan Already bought

    Hello, Stan. Thanks for your message. We send the information you requested for your email.


    Hello, I want to enlarge my penis. My measurements are 15 cm in length and 4.4 in diameter. Should I get size 9 or 7? I just don’t want to pay another one any time soon. Thanks!


    Hi, Rick. We know you don’t want to purchase another pump soon, but your size, for now, is 7.


    My question is to all that been using Bathmate for at least six months and to the administration. To what stage do I need to create a vacuum? 1. When there is a slight pain 2. You’re feeling pain, but you can do a couple of more pumps 3. When it’s excruciating, but you can do one more pump. Of course, the capillaries are breaking, and red dots appear. Everyone notices them, but they go away in a couple of days. From my observation, option 1 doesn’t give any visual effect, but maybe it needs time. Option 2 provides effect, but the penis hurts a little during the rest of the day. Option 3 gives lots of pain during the day, but it goes away as well.

    Vlad Already bought

    I heard about your product from my friend. I want to try it as well. What’s more powerful, this pump or number 7?


    Hello, the power of all models in one series is the same. The most potent series are HydroXtreme.


    Good afternoon! I’ve been pumping with x-9 for about a year. On the positive side: I have an increase in the penis from 14 cm to 17 cm. The negative impact is the persistent darkening of the skin of my penis. No ointments helped with the appearance. So I had to stop pumping for two months. Right now, the color of my skin is close to normal. Tell me, why does it happen and how to avoid it in the future? Thank you!


    Daniel, this effect occurs because of the constant impact of high pressure on the penis. Lots of blood flushes towards the skin and capillaries get traumatized. You need to start your sessions in “maintaining” mode, using decreased pressure. It will take longer to see the results, but there will be no darkening of the tissues.


    Good evening! I got my Hydromax-7 today, poured water in the bathtub, put on the pump, and completed 4 sets at 5 minutes each. My length is 14 cm, and I pumped it up until 15.5. It’s kind of hard to pour the water out during the session. I wasn’t fully erected, for about 70%, approximately. When I took breaks, it was more significant in the head area but not at the base. Am I doing anything wrong?

    Travis Already bought

    Travis, if the erection of your penis during a session is at maximum, you’re doing everything correctly. The level of swelling depends on your anatomy. With time, your penis will get bigger and stronger, and then you will be able to judge the results. On the initial stages, don’t overload the penis with pressure. Let the tissues get used to it!


    I’ve used X-9 for two months. Everything went great. There was slight bruising after the sessions, but not much, more like bloody dots. Last night, after another session, I noticed a large bruise as though if a blood vessel has broken. It’s been over 24 hours, and it’s not going away! I was in a rush, pressing hard on the pump. What do I do now?

    Oscar Already bought

    Hello! You used too much pressure. Stop the training sessions until you fully recover, and your tissues regenerate. It will take about a week. Continue with training but use lower pressure, increasing it from session to session. Let your tissues get adjusted to pressure gradually.


    I have a question about positioning the pump. How do I put it on correctly? Should the mark on the corrugation be placed on top or bottom? Thank you in advance!


    Hi, Dan. The base of the pump corrugation is adjusted to the body line. The bevel should be located at the bottom, above the scrotum, to provide comfort in that zone during a session.


    I am 20 years old, I am circumcised, and my size is 15 by 4. I have three questions: 1. Can I use this device on the circumcised penis? 2. Which pump should I choose in my case, number 7 or 9? Efficiency is essential, but I'm afraid that if I take a model that’s too large, the effect will be the opposite. 3. With my parameters, by how much can I increase in length, on average? Is it possible to grow up to 18-19 cm? I don’t need more than that. )

    Alex Already bought

    Hi, Alex. You can use the pump on the circumcised penis. Your pump size is H7. According to your measurements, it’s possible to add 3 cm in about 8-12 months. If you continue after that, you will continue to grow, but the process will slow down a bit. You may need more powerful models then, from the XTREME series.


    I want to know what will fit me better, HYDROMAX-7 or 9? My penis is 15 cm in length and 4.5 in diameter. My goal is 18 cm in length and 5.5 cm in diameter.

    Andy Already bought

    Hello, Andy. According to your diameter, you can use Hydromax-7 (inner diameter of the flask is 5.3 cm), and the margin of length is enough to achieve your goal (length of the flask is 22.5 cm). But in 2-3 months, the pump might get too small, causing round marks from the corrugation of the pump, after the session. With an initial diameter of 4.5 cm, you can begin using Hydromax-9.


    Hello. How long will it take to deliver to Seattle?

    Nicholas Already bought

    Hi, Nicholas. Courier delivery to Seattle takes 1-3 days.


    I want to purchase the XTREME-7, but I’m afraid of over-pumping my penis. Should I simply buy the Hydromax-7, although, I want to get the XTREME.


    Hello, David. You can use the XTREME at the beginning stage, just like Hydromax (without additional pump). When it becomes necessary to increase the pressure, you can add a hand pump and continue training at the specified pace.


    My size is about 4 cm in diameter and 16 cm in length. My X9 pump is too big for me, but I got the hang of it. I pump up my penis till it’s half erected, about 15 cm. Then I remove the pump, stretch my testicles harder away from the pump as if adjusting my scrotum and pump it up again to the maximum. I do it in two sets. When my penis stretches up to 18 cm, I sit with a pump for about 10 minutes, as long as I can take it. Then I pour the water out, wash up, let the penis rest and pump it again till 19 cm. But adjusting my scrotum is a must! Then my penis is 17 cm in length for the rest of the day. I only started pumping recently, but I must say that my penis is getting bigger and it surprises my girl and me. I am really hoping to get to 20 cm, in the pump, at least, and to get 18 cm permanently. Thanks for everything!

    Michael Already bought
    HYDROMAX - X30

    Is Hydromax-7 better than Hercules?

    Andre Already bought

    Andre, Hydromax-7 is the reinforced version of Hercules. This model is more powerful than its counterpart by 35%. The valve is changed (it’s regulated by hand for the convenience of easy reset and fixation of pressure), the cushioning pillow is improved and it doesn’t need to get replaced.


    Hello. I am wondering which model will suit me better, x7 or x9? My length is 16.5 with 4.4 diameter. Thanks!


    Alex, you need x7, after all.


    Good morning! I want to express my gratitude for your support and quick delivery. The pump is excellent! I can instantly see the difference in comparison to the counterfeit offered in sex-shops, in our city. I am glad I bought it on your website. Wishing you good luck and success!

    Dan Already bought

    Hello, Dan. We are so glad you are satisfied with the purchase and our service! Please let us know if you have any more questions! Thank you for your kind wishes. We also wish you a Happy New Year and success in everything that you do!


    I purchased this device and I’ve been using it for 3 days, once a day for 15 minutes in a warm bath. My pubic bone is hurting, my penis is red and there are some broken vessels. I don’t understand where’s the erection? When I take it out of the flask, it’s limp but swollen. I don’t want any sex after this. I thought it would be hard, afterwards, but it’s limp and hurting. How long will this unpleasant sensation last on the pubic bone? When will my penis look normal again? Should I take a break from pumping?

    Nate Already bought

    Nate, increase the pressure gradually and not to a full strength on the first day. The erection will increase not from hour to our but after a week or two. And that’s only if you don’t have any infections such as chlamydia or prostate inflammation.


    I have a scale on the left side of the pump. I put the pump with a recess on the scrotum and the scale is slightly turned to the left. Is that right?

    Johnathan Already bought

    In Hydromax, the pump can be rotated relative to the flask. You can turn it as you wish.


    Can you suggest a pump for me? My measurements are 17.5 cm in length and 3.6 cm in thickness. Thanks in advance!

    Max Already bought

    Hey, Max. With your parameters you can get the following models: Hercules, Hydro-7, and Hydromax-x30-7 (their measurements: inner diameter of the flask is 5.3 cm and length of the flask is 22 cm).


    My penis is 14 cm in length and 4 cm wide. How much can it increase in one session? Which pump will fit me and which one is the most effective, the usual one or the extreme?


    Hello, Leo. With your parameters you can get the following models: Hydro-7, Hydromax-7, and Xtreme-7. After the first procedure, the penis looks larger by 1 cm because it’s capable of taking in more blood. It’s a guaranteed result from the first time of use. The effect will stay for about 5 hours. With consistent training, in recommended regime, your penis will gradually grow. All hydropumps are effective in the same way when used properly. The difference is in strength, price, and assembly.


    Hello, I wanted to know something. My penis stretched maximally on the first day and on following days it stretched less. Is it supposed to be like that or should I increase the interval between trainings?

    Jack Already bought

    Jack, it’s normal what you’re describing. To goal is to give a constant signal to the body to grow new tissues by consistent stretching with a pump. The principle of growth of the penis is based on the long time, consistent use of the hydropump. We recommend daily 15-20 minute sessions, at least 3 times a week. You should take a break only if you feel that your penis is tired. You can let the tissues rest for a week or two and then continue with training as before.


    Hello! I got the product, thanks! Can you send me instructions on using the device? Thank you!

    Nixon Already bought

    Hi, Nixon. Please specify your order number or send us a message with your email address.


    Thank you for your customer support! I got the package!

    Vinnie Already bought

    Hello! We are glad to provide service to our clients!


    Hello! I got the Xtreme-7. I have several questions: 1. I chose XXL cream as a gift but I don’t know how to use it. 2. The instruction manual has a product for improving the results, which is called the Max Out. Do you have in for sale? 3. Do you recommend taking any vitamins or supplements and micro-elements? 4. I want to buy a comfort ring. Does it get glued when the "removable comfort pillow" is removed" (white and black that comes in a set)? 5. Can I use the pear pump to start my exercises instead of exercising with a hydropump or does it create a different effect?

    Paul Already bought

    <p>Hello, Paul. 1. It’s warming erection cream that moisturizes your penis. There are no special instructions for it. </p><p>2. Max Out is not available for purchase because it contains a forbidden component. </p><p>3. You must increase the protein intake, sleep for 8 hours, and you can add a multivitamin as well. </p><p>4. The ring of comfort doesn’t get glued. It’s used along with the removable insert as an addition. You must put it on then fix the hydropump assembly creating a vacuum. </p><p>5. You can start using the pear slowly along with a hand pump. The pressure is different with pear or without. Additional pump creates more powerful vacuum. </p>


    I pump on the maximum pressure for 20-30 minutes. Sensations are bearable although there is some pain involved. Will it cause any harm to my health? The head of the penis hurts for about a day afterwards but not too much. Is it normal?

    Steve Already bought

    Steve, it won’t harm your penis. If it’s not comfortable, lower the pressure in the pump or reduce the time of the vacuum session.

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