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    I want to get the HYDROMAX-9. On your website, you don’t have extra cushioning pads in stock. They are not provided for this pump or is it that you’re out of stock? Do you send worldwide?


    Hello. Extra cushioning pads aren’t provided for this model. Yes, we ship worldwide after the full prepayment.


    Hi! I got the package! It arrived at my post office. I was running home and singing happy songs to myself. Haven’t tried it yet but I am going to right now. Thanks guys!

    Val Already bought

    Hi Val! So glad you got the package! Let us know how it works out for you! Write us if any questions come up!

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Yes, you understood correctly. Everything happens just the way you describe it. Unfortunately, I don’t remember regarding the X30 purchase. I bought Goliath for sure but I don’t remember about the x30, since I purchased it much earlier.

    Clint Already bought

    Thank you for the explanation. We see only one way out of this situation. Since the removable ring is the consumable part, it can be replaced to the Hydromax-x30 – Long Insert (additional, lengthening ring-insert). We have this accessory in stock and since you purchased Goliath on our website, you are our client, so we can offer you a discount for this product. If you’re interested in this offer, please write us back.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    No, I have Goliath and X30. My question is regarding the ring of comfort for X30. Thanks.

    Clint Already bought

    Clint, I want to specify something. You mean that on the removable ring of comfort, the foam-rubber part of the light gray color is detached from the white, plastic base? Never heard of such thing before. Tell me, did you purchase it at our store?

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Hello. I am having a problem. On the ring of comfort, the rubber ring began to peel off from the plastic base. The air gets in the pump and it doesn’t hold the pressure. Can you suggest how I can glue it in order not to harm the rubber or plastic? Thanks.

    Clint Already bought

    Hello, Clint. I believe your model is Goliath (you wrote in other messages). There are additional comfort pads for this pump. We have them in stock. Please let us know your purchase order and we can send you 1 ring to your address.


    I have been using the pump for almost 1.5 years. I stopped using 1 month ago and my penis returned to its initial appearance.


    Hi, Mike. It’s all individual and depends from many factors: age, session time, consistency, nutrition, etc. We have a ton of feedbacks stating the opposite. The effectiveness is clinically proven, plus there is the “LNP-therapy” treatment. There are lots of good reviews from people on various forums. Of course, they are the people that we can’t influence. We have been on the market for 6 years and are authorized dealers. During these years, we have been honestly fulfilling our duties and give our clients 100% guarantee for high-quality service.

    2019-04-10 17:39:45

    I wanted to check if you confirm all the feedbacks. I am scared to order it. I’m thinking it could be scam.


    Could you suggest a pump for me? My measurements are: 14 cm in length and 4.5 cm in diameter. I guess I should get the XTREME-7, am I right?

    Travis Already bought

    Hello. Yes, you’re correct. With your parameters, you can purchase XTREME-7 or XTREME 7 WIDE BOY, with a base like in 9th model, since 4.5 is the intermediate size. You can start using a wider model.


    Hello. I was suggested on your website to purchase the 9th model. I wanted to ask the maximum diameter towards which I can increase my penis. Thanks in advance.


    Hello, Nick. The inner diameter of Hydromax-9 flask is 6.7 cm. This model provides comfy use, as the penis grows, approximately up to 6.3 cm (that is if you train regularly).


    Hello! I got the package. Everything is good! Thank you guys for the excellent service. John D.

    John D Already bought

    Hello. I have a congenital curvature of the penis. The curvature is of the arc down. Can I straighten my penis with Bathmate?

    Jim Already bought

    Hello, Jim. During a session with Bathmate, the shorter side of the penis is subject to the most stretching. The penis acquires more natural and straight shaft in the matter of several months. The average straightening of penis’s shaft is by 70-80% in 10 months.


    Hi! My erected penis is approximately 15 cm. Bathmate Hydromax-7 seems to be my size, but my diameter is almost 5 cm. It looks like Hydromax-7 fits my by length, but according to my diameter, I should get XTREME-11. What do you think would suit me best, Hydromax-9? Is there a high possibility of getting the length of my penis extended by a vacuum pump? Also, I am circumcised. Can I use the pump in my case? I doubt with a pump selection, and I’m hoping you could help me. I want to get a pump that will serve me for a long time.

    Nathan Already bought

    Hi, Nathan. Your pump is the XTREME-11 because of your diameter, but Bathmate Hydromax-9 will also fit you. I recommend that you purchase it if you are not on a tight budget. The penis length can be increased by 3-4 cm a year. Vacuum pumps are used for circumcised and uncircumcised penises.


    In a relaxed state, my penis’s diameter is 4 cm, the length is about 14.5. After the 25 minute session, my penis is enlarged up to 5 cm in diameter and 17 cm in length. 4-5 hours after the session, my erection is much larger than usual. My wife is shocked)). Thank you, guys! Good luck!

    Arthur Already bought

    Hello, Arthur. Thank you for your feedback! We are glad you’re happy with the product! Wishing you great success in your training!


    Good day! I am wondering which pump I should get? The length is 14 cm, the diameter is about 4-4.3 cm. According to my parameters, I need the x30 but are you sure that I won’t have to buy a bigger size in a month?


    Hello. Yes, you need to get Hydromax-7. According to your parameters, this model has a reserve for full-fledged training ( flask length is 22 cm, and the inner diameter of the flask is 5.3 cm).


    After the pumping session, I am having slight aching pain at the base of my penis (at the root). Am I overworking it too hard or using too much pressure for a beginner? I’ve been only pumping for a week. Maybe I should use some kind of ointment after the session? Any type of healing cream?

    Archie Already bought

    Hi. For a newbie, you started with too much pressure and pulled your ligament. We always recommend increasing the load from one session to another, beginning with a low vacuum at first. You must stop your training until you recover entirely or continue your sessions with much lower vacuum pressure.


    Hello! After using the pump, I develop a bump around the head of the penis, filled with clear fluid. It goes away if I massage it for 20 minutes. As I understand, it’s lymph. Is it dangerous? How long will it continue showing up? Is it possible to tear the vein during a session? What are the possible consequences of using the pump? What recommendations can you give me?

    Alex Already bought

    Hello, Alex. Short-term swelling of the foreskin with lymph is possible under heavy loads. It’s not dangerous and goes away quickly. If it scares you, lower the pressure. If it doesn’t, then continue just as you did before. Over time, your tissues will adapt, and swelling of the lymph won’t keep happening.


    Hello! I can’t figure out if X7 or X9 is my size. My penis in length is 15.5. The circumference around the head is 4.3 and 4.9 around the base of my penis. How long do I need to pump for a year? Thanks.


    Hello! X7 is too small for you in diameter. You should get an x9. It all depends on the consistency of your training and individual peculiarities of your body. On average, most men grow 2.5-3 cm in length and 1 cm in diameter in six months.


    Hello! My measurements: 18.5 x 5. Does it make sense to buy x9, or should I get x11 already? Thanks.

    Alan Already bought

    Alan, both hydropumps will work for you.


    What does it mean? The pump is too big, and it won’t work correctly?

    Arthur Already bought

    Arthur, it might be too big in diameter. If that’s the case, it might suck in the testicles.


    The diameter at the base is about 11.5 or 3.6. In the description, it says that the maximum penis length should be 19 cm. But it won’t have any space for the penis if it stretches out!?


    Andre, according to your diameter and length, you should get Hydromax-7. The overall length of the flask with compressed corrugation of the pump is 23 cm. You will have a remainder of 5.5 cm. It’s enough for full-fledged training.


    Hi! Do you offer any guarantees that there will be a result of this pump (h-7)? My penis is 13 cm in length and 4 cm in width. What maximum results can I get, and in what amount of time?


    John, it all depends on how intensive and consistent your training is, as well as from your individual characteristics of the body. If following the instructions correctly (if the pump is used consistently), on average, in 6 months, you can grow 2.5-3 cm in length and 1 cm in diameter. Also, you get a short-term enlargement with a harder erection after each pumping session, which lasts up to 5 hours.


    Good afternoon! I purchased the Hydromax-5 at your store some time ago. Now I am thinking about getting XTREME-7. The thing is that I had surgery on the left varicocele, and when I use the pump consistently, after about 3 weeks of training, I start having pain in the veins on the left side. In the Xtreme version, I suppose, there shouldn’t be such a thing. If I understand correctly, in the Xtreme, all it takes is one pump to adjust the pump on the penis, and then, using the pear, I can change the pressure, that is, to release the water. Is it so? Thanks in advance!

    Thomas Already bought

    Hi, Thomas. In the Xtreme series, you don’t even have to make a pump. All you need to do is hold the pear with one hand, squeeze it, and the pump will adjust by itself. Further, you only work with a pear to create the optimal pressure.


    Hello! I develop bubbles at the base of my penis (or it’s the veins). Is it because of the high pressure?

    Vlad Already bought

    Hello, Vlad. It is lymph, accumulated on the surface of the skin due to abuse of pressure. You must lower the vacuum and increase it gradually, from session to session. Make sure that your tissues have time to recover and adapt.


    Hello. I got the XTREME-11. In the process of using it, I developed a question: what does the scale on the pump show? During a set, in the pump, my penis reaches 20 cm on the scale. When I measure it during the erection, it’s about 17.5. Thanks.

    Ben Already bought

    Hi, Ben. The most accurate indicator of the scale is reached during a full compression of the pump corrugation. Also, during a session, under the vacuum effect, the penis gets more substantial, and it’s able to take in more blood than during a natural erection, so the scale shows achieved results according to the created vacuum. This is why in the normal state (with natural atmospheric pressure), the indicator is not the same as it is in the flask of the pump during a session.


    Hello. I’m using the Hydromax X30 for over a year, but the growing result is only temporary, for 5-6 hours after the session. Can you tell me what I can do to get the permanent results? Also, what is the service life of the pump?

    Michael Already bought

    Hello. Can you tell us your order number? We want to make sure that your product is the original. The pump is made for 100,000 sessions, and the valve is designed for 5,000 switches.


    Hello! I want to increase the diameter and length. Which pump should I get? My measurements are 13 x 4.0. Does the age matter?


    Hello. You should get Hydromax-5.


    Good day! My penis length is 13 cm, and the diameter is 3.5. I got the x-9 by mistake. I made a rushed decision. After reading the instruction on the website, I understood that I need the x-7 model since my size is medium, and x-9 is for large penises. Can I continue training with x-9, or will it be ineffective? Should I get the x-7, after all? Thanks in advance for your response.

    Vinnie Already bought

    Vinnie, hi. X9 is too broad with your parameters, which prevents proper vacuum or leads to its complete absence. For the practical training, you need X7 or X5 (Sometimes with 13x3.5 parameters, some clients use the X5. The capacity of this model is 19 cm in length with an inner diameter at the base – 5 cm and the inner diameter of the flask – 4.8 cm, scale up to 15 cm). So X5 is enough for full-fledged training. You can also get X7. Until 2015, there were no X5 models, and everyone started with the X7 model. Write to us via email, and we’ll give you a good discount. We feel sorry, this has happened to you.


    I have a question, please. On some regional websites, I read in the comment sections that if you stop using the pump, the penis returns to its initial size, as if never used a pump before. I read that you must always use it to keep up the size. Is that true?

    Mike Already bought

    Mike, if you use the pump for more than 3-6 months, you will have a permanent result. That is if you use the pump often and consistently. If you use it once a week for a year, then you have to pump it for the rest of your life.


    Hello! I got the product. Everything great as promised. Thank you very much. I will keep you in mind when I need one more pump.

    Anthony Already bought

    Anthony, we’re glad you are happy with the pump. You wish you good luck in your training.


    How long should one session last? How many sets should I do?

    Philip Already bought

    One session is 15-20 minutes on average, with 3-4 sets at 5 minutes each.


    Hello! My length is 15-16, and the diameter is 4.2. Should I buy H7 or H9?


    Hello! Your model is H-7.


    When I have 2 sessions at 10 minutes each, my foreskin starts looking like a swollen cleft lip (bumps on the skin), which scares a lot. And again, 5-10 minutes after the session, the significant effect goes away. Despite the cost, maybe I ordered the wrong size to begin with? My length is 16 cm. I didn’t measure the circumference. Thanks in advance.

    Stanley Already bought

    Stanley, if you don’t have any problems in use, the pump should fit you well. If your foreskin swells up too much, try to lessen the pressure but increase the time of each session. When your skin is adjusted, then you can increase the strength. Don’t worry about the swelling of the skin. Continue to train when you recover. Based on my personal experience, I know that the effect stays for 5 hours, and then it gradually goes away. Strangely, your penis tissues don’t stretch. Increase the time, decrease the pressure, and let us know about the results. For example, try intense pressure for 2-3 minutes. Decrease the pressure a lot for 1 minute. Then set it to comfortable and sit like that for 8-10 minutes. Change the water, massage it gently, put on the pump, create maximum pressure, sit like that for a minute, and then loosen the tension to a comfortable feeling. Sit with this vacuum for another 10-15 minutes.


    Hello! Here’s my question: how strongly do I need to press the pump to my pubis? I have been using the Hydromax-9 for a couple of days. My size is 16.5 in length. Do I need to press it so my size would match with the scale? I can’t seem to push it so hard because I am having discomfort and pain. Should it be this way? I am pressing it to the 13 cm mark, and it doesn’t go any further. I don’t see any temporary enlargement results after the session. I don’t have any infections, by the way. Can you suggest anything?


    Hello, George. The scale on the pump is relative, and it will match with your exact size only when the corrugation is fully compressed. Yes, there might be some discomfort and painful sensation at the beginning of the exercise. Some have more pain and some less. It all depends on your organism. This will go away as your tissues adjust to the pressure. Since you aren’t able to compress the corrugation as you should, the vacuum inside the pump is weak. Therefore you don't see much effect after the session. In this case, we recommend that you increase the time of the session and lower the pressure. Gradually increase it from session to session, and you will see how the pain and discomfort in the pubis will go away.


    Hello. I don’t know if I should get model 7 or model 9? My penis is 13 cm, I don’t know the diameter. Is it real to enlarge it? I am 21 years old. It’s just that my size is so small…


    Hello! Your best match is h7, but to correctly choose a model, it’s better to know your diameter at the base of the penis in erected state. On average, you can grow from 2.5 to 3 cm in length and 1 cm in diameter in six months. If you add jelqing exercises and combine them with the pump training, at your young age (due to your hormonal level), you can improve and speed up the results.


    Hello. I’m using a pump for 3 months. Can you tell me why my penis has darkened? What do I do now?

    Stan Already bought

    Stan, hi. Nothing to worry about! If the color frightens you, create a lower pressure and darkening will go away with time. If you’re ok with the color, continue with exercises. Your tissues will adapt, and strengthen and darkening will begin subsiding.


    I pump, and I also pull the pump to the sides. Then I release the water, rest, and do it all over again. After the session, it’s 4 cm longer. When I measure it after I rest from the pump, it’s 3 cm longer.


    With lots of vacuum, the penis stretches up to 16 cm, but my shaft starts turning blue, and I am forced to stop the session. The penis should get blue! It was all different before all this. How dangerous is it for the penis? You’re saying to continue exercising and not to expect lots of growth right away. But I am afraid that if I continue to pump, I will develop more problems with the skin. You guys must be experts in this. Please tell me what I should do?

    John Already bought

    I suggest that you don’t try to enlarge your penis in one week and don’t overuse the vacuum pressure. Stretch the exercises for 6 to 12 months. You don’t need to stop now. I am saying this from my real experience. Nothing horrible is happening to your penis. Create lower pressure, let your penis straighten, add more strength, your penis will harden. Remove the pump, adjust the penis and scrotum, create the vacuum again but add more power. Gradually increase it to get to 16 cm. Sit like that for one minute. Slightly lower the pressure. Your penis will decrease by 5-7 mm, but the pressure will reduce by two times. This way, you won’t traumatize the penis, but it will be by 80% on edge. Sit for about 3 minutes with this amount of pressure. Pour the water out, let your penis rest, and then repeat the session again. While you sit, you can move the pump around and do some stretching of the ligament.


    Yes, the skin doesn’t swell up, but I’m under the impression that the penis doesn’t either. Should I take a break? I read in the instruction that a 2-3 week break is a must.

    John Already bought

    The penis swells up, of course, or you can’t get it up to 16 cm?


    Hello! I wanted the opinion of a specialist! A while back, I purchased a pump and started using it. Everything was great. My penis would swell up. For ten days, I gradually increased the pressure, but on the 11th day, I decided to use it twice a day. I created high tension in the morning and evening. My erected penis (14.5 cm) was stretched to 16 cm in a matter of minutes. It hurt, but I could handle it. I can’t say that it was unbearable, but the vacuum was strong. I did 5 sets in the morning and evening, 20 minutes a session. On the 12th day, I went to the bathroom to start my session. I did my sets, but my penis didn’t swell up. I decided to take a break for 8 days. On the 9th day, I went to the bathroom, and the same thing happened – my penis doesn’t swell up as it did before. Tell me, what should I do now? How many days more do I need to wait? Is it dangerous?

    John Already bought

    Hello! Are you saying, your penis doesn’t swell up at all? Maybe your skin doesn’t swell up since the body reacted to an overdose of negative pressure by strengthening the elastin fibers (lifting). Your skin became less sensitive. It’s not likely that you affected the penile tissue. I suggest you continue to train but not expect your skin to swell up for a couple of months. Expect the gradual growth of your penis. Right now, work on the length – release the water, grab the flask and gently rock it side to side. Move the base of the flask down to stretch the supporting ligament of your penis. You can do it twice a day, no worries. Keep in mind that you can influence cell division within the body's capacity. You cannot speed up the process of cell division by overdosing yourself with pumping.


    Hello! I have a question. I am 20 years old, and my penis is 15 cm in length and 4.5 in diameter. How much maximum can I increase my penis, and when should I replace the pump for a larger size?

    Timothy Already bought

    Hello, Timothy. In 6-8 months of pumping, you can increase the size of your penis, according to your parameters, by 2.5-3 cm in length and by 0.7-1.5 in diameter. Our clients had different results. It all depends on your body and the consistency of exercising. You must get a larger pump when you start feeling that the one you are using has become too small.


    The administrator has explained the situation. I read, not the most flattering review about the Hydromax. The guy assures us that Hydromax is much weaker than the Hercules. How can you comment on that?

    Robert Already bought

    Hydromax is more potent than Hercules Hydro-7 by 35%. The manufacturer affirms it! This result is achieved after the testing. What you read on the forums, could be the anti-PR from interested parties. Everyone has the right to speak on the forum, but it doesn’t mean that what they’re saying is true. Billions of people with billions of opinions! Not every post of the pupil on the forum deserves the “Authoritative opinion” status. According to statistics, 90% of messages on forums are from interested parties, which are often purchased on specialized websites...
    90% of Internet users never register on forums. They only read the posts, hoping that real people write them!


    Hello. My length is 15.5, and the diameter is 4.5. According to diameter, I should get the 9th model, am I right?

    Enlarger Already bought

    Enlarger, hi. Model 7 or 9 will be a good fit for you. You are in the interval, according to your diameter. Lengthwise, you’re matching Hydromax-7 Wide Boy.


    A small review. The product arrived on the 23rd of January. It’s the 5th of February today. I got it to increase the length of my penis since my diameter isn’t bad. Since I work 24-36 hours and I am off for 1 day, I get 3 days of exercising and 1 day of rest. I do my exercises in the bathtub. My sessions look like this: 12 minutes with gradual pressure increase, 2 minutes with powerful compression. Then, 1-2 minutes of rest, massage to rush the blood around the penis, then I repeat. It takes me about 30 minutes to complete. I know the instruction says 20 minutes, but I am watching the state of my penis and don’t let the head to turn completely blue. It only starts turning blue at the base with full compression, so I wait for about 2 minutes and rest. My results: in nearly 2 weeks, I grew 0.5 cm in length. Diameter and volume didn’t interest me, so I am not monitoring them. If you’re interested, I will keep you posted on further growth.

    Leo Already bought
    HYDROMAX - X30

    Hello. I wanted to ask how often I can use the pump? Should I use it daily or every other day? Thanks.


    Andre, hi. To achieve the best results possible, you can use your Bathmate every day, and spend 15-20 minutes a session.


    Thank you! I got my order! I tried it, and everything is excellent! One thing I didn’t do. I should have chosen a shower strap and not a lotion when I was choosing a gift. Now I have to order the strap because it’s not comfortable without it. I have a suggestion for you guys. Can you set up the purchase form in a way that when you’re ordering a pump, you could add extra accessories on the same page, such as the shower strap, storage bag, cushion pad, ruler, etc.? Despite the cost, it’s going to be a complete set. I thought it would be a bag and a strap in the set, but I only got the pump.

    Ricardo Already bought

    Ricardo, thank you for your review. We will consider your suggestions.


    Good day! You’re saying that Bathmate Goliath isn’t manufactured anymore, but it’s sold almost everywhere. Are they fakes? It’s just that I need a Goliath because the Xtreme-11 is expensive. Also, I have another question. I grew out of x40, so where isn’t there Hydromax x11? Why is there Xtreme after that? Or is it that you don’t have it in-store? A small review: your work is excellent. I purchased the x40 at your store. Everything is working. I shall wait for the response. Thanks in advance.

    Randy Already bought

    Hello, Randy. Bathmate Goliath was discontinued before the Xtreme-11 was released, since July 2016. So, there might be a fake Bathmate Goliath sold, or it could be the leftovers of the originals. The manufacturer doesn’t release the x50 in the Hydromax series. For those clients who need the “XL” size of hydropump, we offer an affordable price for the Xtreme-11.


    Can I purchase a pump separately? If yes, how much will it cost?


    Sorry, Daniel. The hand pump isn’t sold separately. It comes in a factory set of the Xtreme series, and it only matches these series. Meaning, there is no way of connecting this pump to the first two series.


    Good day! I am having the following problem with the x40 pump. When the valve is in the open position, the air gets through it, and the vacuum decreases. I didn’t have this problem with x30. What can I do in this situation?

    Eddie Already bought

    Eddie, when the valve is in the “open” position, the air and water easily go through. It is logical. To fixate the vacuum, switch the valve into the “closed” position.


    To the administrator: I read about the bathtub filled with water. Is it just to warm up the tissues, or do I need to do a full session while lying in the tub?

    Lucas Already bought

    Lucas, you don’t have to lie in the tub during a whole session. Some like using the pump standing up in the shower, some like it in the bathtub.


    Hello. I got the package, thanks. I overdid it the first time, pumped it to the maximum. I got a length of 17 cm. It was painful but bearable. After the session, the skin around the head swelled up like a rabbit lip. It scared me. It almost went away overnight, and by the evening, it looked normal. Next time I worked until 16-16.5 cm. In the end, I pumped it till 17 cm, but for a short time. Another fact, my penis is 16 cm according to a ruler (I measure correctly). There may be an error in the pump scale due to the peculiarities of the body structure. I only bought a pump. When taking a shower, I feel like I need support for the pump. I found a way out. I took a sponge (it’s with rope handles), one handle of the sponge I placed on the end of the pump with a ring, and I slipped my hand through the second handle and hung it on the shoulder. It works for me! It feels like my penis is pulled in different directions at the same time.

    Robin Already bought

    We were bringing our apologies for any shipment delays during Christmas time. Transportation companies are overloaded. Thank you for your review and creative recommendations.


    Hello. I have a question. With 12 cm length, can I get this model? Also, should I take a break for better results, or should I pump daily without a break? Thanks in advance.


    Hello, Russel. If the diameter of your penis at the base in erected state is less than 4 cm (to calculate the circumference, you must divide the length by 3.14) with 12 cm length, then you need the x20 model. If it’s over 4 cm, you can start using the x30 model. We recommend daily exercises, in 15-20 minute sessions, 3-4 sets at 5 minutes each. This is to get the best results, or you must exercise at least 3 times a week.

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