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    90% of Bathmate vendors sell bad quality hydropumps created in China, Korea, India, Russia, and other countries.

    If the quality and result is not the main factor for you, if you want to purchase a cheap Bathmate copy from the scammers, think about it: isn't it easier to buy a fake on the official website of the supplier of fakes like Ali Express?
    Why encourage the scammers?

    If 95% of the products you see on the website or in the adult store are from China, what do you think is the probability that this website or the adult store will sell you the original Bathmate?
    Sometimes a useless product that only looks like it is Bathmate is sold at the price of the original and the adult stores sell it at even higher price, having a windfall and no shame, selling a counterfeit as the original!
    Check out the prices on the manufacturer's website and see the difference!



    Good day! I just wanted to say “thanks” for the professional level of technical support of your company. I wish all the best to you guys! Keep up the excellent work! Larry.

    Larry Already bought

    Hi, Larry! Thank you for your warm and kind words! We are doing our best to please our customers! Wishing you good luck as well!


    Hello. I am having a hard time deciding which size of the pump to purchase. My penis is 17.5 cm long. Which pump will suit me? I want to work on increasing the diameter. I understand that my length will increase as well. Thanks!

    Harry Already bought

    Hello! To select a pump, we need to know your penis diameter.


    Thanks for the pump! Everything arrived perfectly! I am using a pump for a week now. Have a question, though. Do I have to take the pump apart after each session? I mean, take out the insert and detach the pear elements?

    Eugene Already bought

    Hello, Eugene. Thank you for your purchase. You don’t have to take it apart every time, only periodically, to let the parts completely dry. Send us a message if you have any questions.


    I want to purchase a Hydromax. Can you suggest which color is better or more practical?

    Alex Already bought

    The transparent tone is the best, and the rest doesn’t matter.


    Hello. I am writing again regarding the Bathmate. The thing is that my penis base swells up after the pumping and leaves marks from the corrugation. Can you suggest anything? I know a little time went by because I need to exercise at least a year for new cells to develop, but I am having this problem. Thanks for your response in advance.

    Nathan Already bought

    Hello. The diameter of the pump may have gotten too small for you.


    Thanks for your response. I am doing two sessions at 10 minutes each. It works fine with the ring. The penis swells up, but as I was saying before, my veins hurt. I read in the reviews that after creating the vacuum, I put on the pump, switch it on, and the valve is in the central position. When the vacuum is created, do I need to switch it to the right or left? The video doesn’t say anything about this part.

    Irvin Already bought

    Irvin, as much as we know from our practice, all intense painful sensations go away with time as your body gets used to the effect from the outside. We hope that your vein pains will go away soon, just as well. When you feel sharp pain, lessen the pressure, and increase the time of the session. Regulate it, and maybe it will help in decreasing unpleasant sensations. Yes, on your model, you must switch the valve “to the right” position to fixate the rarefaction.


    Good day. A month ago I bought a pump at your website. I am delighted with your service and the pump. I have several questions, and I am hoping you have answers. When I am using a pump with a ring, I develop water retention or, as some say, a “turkey neck” on the penis around the head. Also, because of the ring, the veins are hurting on the side, where I had surgery on varicocele. When I use the pump without a ring, the suction is better, but for some reason, the penis doesn’t expand how it does with the ring, and water retention is at a minimum. Do you know why is it like that?

    Irvin Already bought

    Irvin, as much as we know from our practice, all intense painful sensations go away with time as your body gets used to the effect from the outside. We hope that your vein pains will go away soon, just as well. When you feel intense pain, lessen the pressure, and increase the time of the session. Regulate it, and maybe it will help in decreasing unpleasant sensations. Yes, on your model, you must switch the valve “to the right” position to fixate the rarefaction.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Thanks for your response! Here’s my review: I’m thrilled with the service, starting with the answers I got here, the reviews, and ending with personal communication over the phone. I talked to the manager (sorry, forgot the name), and he was very wise. The package was placed into a large box and arrived in a complete state. I will definitely recommend it to anyone!

    Paul Already bought

    Hello, Paul. Thank you so much for the feedback! We are glad to serve you!

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Good day. I got the package, and everything is excellent. Question: After I remove the pump, should my erection stay?

    Paul Already bought

    Hi, Paul. When you’re using the hydropump, a forced erection occurs due to the effect of negative pressure. After you remove the pump, the erection caused by the LNP effect should not remain. The erection after the pump appears naturally if you get excited.


    My penis size is 15cm X 4.46. Which pump should I get?


    Hello. You have an intermediate size. Your better fit is Hydromax-7, but you can already start using the Hydromax-9.

    XTREME - X30

    Hello! Can you help me choose the model? My length is 14 cm, the girth is 12.5 (I suppose, the circumference is 3.98). I guess I should purchase Hydromax X30?

    Vlad Already bought

    Hello, Vlad. Yes, you’re absolutely right. Your model is x30/7.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Good day. Can you help me choose the model size? My length is 14 cm, the girth is 13.2 (I suppose, the circumference is 4). So I should buy a Hydromax X30?


    Hi, Patrick. Yes, with your parameters, you should get the Hydromax-X30 model.


    Good day! I am 16 cm long when erect. Which model and size should I get? How fast will I get the result, and how much can I grow?

    Ali Already bought

    Hello, Ali. X11 will be too big for you. You didn’t mention your diameter when erected. Terms: it’s different in everyone, but most grow from 1.5 up to 3 cm in length in 6 months. In diameter, 1 cm as a minimum in the first month of pumping. These are the statistics according to our clients’ feedback.


    Hello! Thanks for the pump (Xtreme-7). I got it without problems, but I do have a question. On the box, it says that besides the cleaning detergent, there must be a 10 ml branded lubricant, but it isn’t here.

    Andy Already bought

    Hello, Andy. Thanks for your purchase! On the sticker, it says: “Bonus Pack Special Edition, 10 ml Pump Lube replaced with 100 ml Cleaning detergent”. The manufacturer replaced the lubrication contents for something more useful, which is the cleaning detergent for the pump, plus there is ten times more detergent than lubricant.


    With Hydromax 5, what’s the possible penis enlargement in length? What’s the length of the flask?

    John Already bought

    Hi, John. Working capacity of the H-5 model: The inner diameter of the flask is 5.2, and the length of the flask is 19 cm.


    Hello! I have a question: after the pumping, the penis is barely inflated. It returns to its initial size right away and turns completely blue! It was never like this before! It used to increase a lot and didn’t turn blue! What am I doing wrong?

    Dennis Already bought

    Hello, Dennis. It looks like your penis tissues are tired of large loads. You must give them some rest without training breaks, by way of increasing the time session on a lowered vacuum pressure.

    HYDROMAX - X40

    Hello! Can you suggest a pump for me? My penis length is 17 cm, and the diameter is 5 cm. My goal is to get 20 cm in length and 7 cm in diameter. Thanks!

    Ken Already bought

    Hello, Ken. With your parameters, to achieve 7 cm in diameter, you can purchase x11. Its inner diameter is 7.3 cm.


    Hello! When I use the Hydromax-7 pump in the bathtub, the pump holds on well. When I stand in the shower, it falls off and doesn’t want to hold on to the pubis. I had Hercules pump before, and it stayed on pretty well.

    George Already bought

    Hello, George. It’s hard to tell why it’s not holding on. Maybe you’re making a very low vacuum. Let us know in more detail how you’re making a session, step by step.


    Hello! Can you tell me which size I should buy with 16 x 5.5 measurements?

    Daniel Already bought

    Hello, Daniel. With your parameters, Bathmate Hydromax-9 will be a good fit.


    Good day! On your website, in the payment and delivery section, I saw that there is an option of cash on delivery by mail. I think that I ordered this kind of delivery. But I got a letter from you which states that my order will be processed after full payment. I would like to get my order by cash on delivery option.

    Jack Already bought

    Hello. It’s an automated message for all incoming orders. If you ordered “cash on delivery,” your package will be sent in the way that you ordered.


    Is this website working? For some reason, you’re not eager to answer my questions.


    I’m sorry. Which question didn’t we answer?


    Hello. My penis is 16 cm in the erected state, but it’s thin. I want to increase the diameter. Can you suggest a model? Will it actually increase the diameter of my penis? Anonymity is critical to me. Can you guarantee anonymity?

    Andy Already bought

    Hello. Hydromax-7 will be a good match for you. The inner diameter of this model is 5.3 cm. The effect is noticeable after the first training session. The organ becomes fuller in volume. On average, in 3-6 months, you can grow about 1 cm in diameter. Confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed.


    Hello! Can I use the pump daily if I don’t experience any tiredness or discomfort in my tissues? That is if I take breaks based on my sensations?

    Alex Already bought

    Hi, Alex. That’s correct! You should train based on your body’s sensations and state of your tissues.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Hello. I have a question about payment options. Do I need to make a prepayment or not? I’m interested in Bathmate Hydromax-30.


    Hi, John. There are different payment options, including cash on delivery.


    Hello! Do I get a discount for the second purchase of a pump?

    Stan Already bought

    Hello, Stan. Yes, there is a discount for the second purchase of a pump. Please get in touch with us via the feedback form or telephone number.

    XTREME - X20

    Hello! Does Bathmate affect the duration of sexual intercourse?

    Albert Already bought
    HYDROMAX - X40

    Good evening! Can you suggest a pump? My measurements are 17 cm in length and 4.5 cm in diameter. Should I get Hydromax-X40 or Hydromax-X30?

    Fred Already bought

    Hello, Fred. You have the intermediate measurements so that you can get Hydromax-X30 as well as Hydromax-X40. Model characteristics: x30: inner diameter of the flask is 5.3 cm, length of the flask is 22.5 cm. x40: inner diameter of the flask is 6.3 cm, length of the flask is 24.5 cm.

    HYDROMAX - X40

    Please postpone my package for 2 weeks since I have to leave on a business trip. Thanks in advance!

    Michael Already bought

    So, in simple words, when my penis is erected, I have to put on the pump? And I don’t have to wait till it becomes soft?

    Dennis Already bought

    Yes, Dennis. That’s correct! You can use the pump when your penis is fully erected.


    When I use the pump if I get erected or wait until the erection goes away?

    Dennis Already bought

    Hello, Dennis. Of course, you can. It doesn’t get in the way of exercise. On the contrary, it’s recommended to have a little foreplay before you use the pump. Anyway, when you use the pump, forced erection appears, which is more durable than natural ones.


    With measurements 15x4.5, which size should I get?

    Nathan Already bought

    Nathan, you can get Bathmate h-7 or h-9. But if you’re only beginning to train, it’s going to be more comfortable with hydromax-7.


    What are your nutrition suggestions when using a pump? I am asking because at first it was growing and now it has stopped! Do I need to combine the pumping with jelqing or manual stretching? Also, do I need to have sex after the pumping, or it’s going to grow on its own?

    Jason Already bought

    There must be lots of protein in your diet. If your penis stopped growing, you must increase the load. You don’t have to combine the pumping with exercises. If you want to speed up the growing process in length, pull the supporting ligament. During a session, pull away from the pump from yourself, and then lower it down. Sit like this for 2-4 minutes. Rest and repeat. Important: if you begin to stretch the ligament, long breaks may harm the growing process. The ligament will strengthen and become denser. Exercises must be done daily or every other day. There is always must be a feeling of a slightly pulled ligament. Don’t traumatize yourself too much; do it gradually. It won’t grow in 3 days. Stretch it for 6 months.


    Hello. After the session, I have red dots and broken vessels on the penis. Is it bad?

    Alan Already bought

    Hello, Alan. It’s nothing to worry about. Decrease the pressure and let your tissues recover. Then begin a gradual increase of pressure from session to session, to let your tissues adapt to such effect.


    The pump is excellent. I imagined it would be different, like an electric pump. After the first session, my penis is 1.5 cm larger. Of course, it decreases during the day. Will it stop reducing if I exercise every day or two-three times a day? How much time will I need?

    Scott Already bought

    Three times a day is too much! Your penis will get bigger with time, and it will stay like that permanently, without the pump usage.


    Good day! I got this pump, and it’s excellent! But I want to know how many times a week I need to exercise to achieve the best results? Thanks in advance!

    Steve Already bought

    Hello. We recommend pumping for 7 days a week. Monitor the state of your penis. From my personal experience: I used it twice a day for two days in the row, and then I took one day of rest. The results increased. So, it’s all individual.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    I have written about the X30. You asked me to measure my penis diameter. The girth is 14 cm, according to the formula, and the diameter is 4.4-4.5. The length is 17 cm. I am returning to my question. Thanks.


    Hello, Stanley. Usually, 4.5 cm is the last mark according to which you can use x-30. But it looks like your skin tissues stretch pretty well, and you are starting to develop round marks around the penis, so we’re suggesting that you begin using Hydromax x-40 (its inner diameter is 6.3 cm) because x-11 will be too large in diameter and in the process of use, you might experience discomfort (sucking in of the scrotum).


    How much can I grow by a maximum in 9-12 months without having a ligament cutting surgery? My length is 13 cm, and thickness is 3cm. I am using the Bathmate Hydromax-7.


    Casper, you can grow 2-3 cm in length and 1-2 cm in diameter in a year. The maximum depends on the person. H-5 or Xtreme-5 is going to be a good fit for you.


    I have a question. If I use the pump along with gels for stretching the tissue, will I get a better effect or not?

    Casper Already bought

    Hello, Casper. We don’t recommend such gels or lubricants to our clients since we don’t know about their effect on the body. With regular training, hydropump gives excellent results on its own.


    Hello. I ordered Hydromax X30 from you guys. Does it make sense to buy a new version, the Xtreme-7, for comfort? And how much more comfortable is the Xtreme-7?

    Michael Already bought

    Hi, Michael. Except for the convenience and control of vacuum, since it's much more comfortable to create the vacuum with hand pear-pump and get rid of the excess water, the hydropump is more powerful than Hydromax x30 and creates 0.7 bars.

    HYDROMAX-7 Wide Boy

    Hello, I got my order! Everything is great! I wanted to ask you a question: I’ve been using the extender for 11 months. I grew at about 1 cm. I want more results. I know it’s not recommended to use the stretcher for over a year. Is it so? How long can I train with a hydropump? What are the results (actual)? Thanks in advance!


    Hi, Todd. You can use the extender and a pump for a long time. Some clients spent 5 years increasing their penis and achieved excellent results. The actual outcome depends on persistence, 3 cm for a year, or 7 cm for a couple of years. For example, the leg can be lengthened by the Elizarov apparatus by 10 cm in one year. But there is a constant emphasis. So, the more often – the better.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Good day! Please help me pick a model. My erected penis is 14 cm in length, and the girth is 10.5 cm.


    Hello, William. Standard size models will fit you, such as Hercules, Hydromax – x30, and Xtreme –x30.


    Hello! What comes in the set of Bathmate Hercules Crystal Clear?

    James Already bought

    James, hydropump, and manual instruction in factory packaging come in the set.


    Good day! I got my order on time. Thank you so much for the efficiency and excellent support at all stages, from ordering to receiving! Regards, Mason.

    Mason Already bought

    Hello, Mason. Thank you for your feedback! We’re glad to be at your service.

    HYDROMAX - X40

    Hello. The instruction says that between 5-minute sets, I must do 1 minute of rest. I wanted to know if the pressure weakens for 5 minutes, can I pump it up or when it reduces, I must take an immediate rest?

    Jackson Already bought

    Hello, Jackson. You can update the vacuum pressure up to a certain level during 5 minute period, then take a break for 1-3 minutes, massaging your penis, then create a vacuum for another 5 minutes, and that’s how you do 3-4 sets. The overall time of the session is 15-20 minutes.


    Good evening! I need help with choosing a model. My measurements are 16 cm in length and 7 cm in width. Thanks!

    Carter Already bought

    Hello, Carter. If the diameter of your penis is 7 cm, this model will be a good fit for you.


    I have a question: Should I place the pump on the erected penis or in a relaxed state? Also, after one week of pumping, vessels started showing, and veins got bigger on the penis. Is it normal?

    Dennis Already bought

    Dennis. You can put on the pump when your penis is at any state. If it’s relaxed, you will have a forced erection. It’s normal if your vessels are showing, and the penis becomes darker in color. Everyone goes through that. After one week’s break, everything comes back to normal. Prostates are treated with antibiotics, massage, and LNP-therapy (Treatment with Negative Pressure). According to medicine, you can use it.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    How much time will I need to increase my penis from 13 cm to 21 cm in length and from 3cm to 5.5 cm in thickness, with Bathmate Hydromax x-30 or Bathmate Hydromax x-40? Thanks in advance!

    Wyatt Already bought

    Hello, Whyatt. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to achieve such a length with a pump. To get such extreme results, you need to have a ligament cutting surgery, then stretch the penis out of your pelvis with extender, then use extender + hydropump. In this combination, it will take from up to 1 year.


    Hello! My penis length is about 16-17 cm, and the diameter is 3-3.5. Should I get the 9th model? I mean, if I get a bigger model, will I get better results or worse? Anxiously waiting for your response.

    Jack Already bought

    The pump should fit you well. If you get a bigger pump, you might have problems such as sucking in of the scrotum. Your size is Bathmate Hydromax-7.


    Good day! My penis is 18.5 x 3.6 cm. I wanted to buy Hydromax-7, but it says that the maximum size should be 19 cm and I am afraid that I will have to buy Hydromax-9 soon. Can you suggest a model for me? Thanks.


    Hello, Grayson. According to your parameters, your model is Hydromax-7, and it will be most comfortable for you to use. Its inner diameter of the flask is 5.3 cm, and the length of the flask is 22.5 cm. With fully compressed corrugation of the pump, the length is 22.5 cm – 18.5 cm = 4 cm of margin for growth in length. The main factor is to correctly choose the diameter of the flask, to make sure that it’s not too big. According to diameter, you should get H7. Hydromax-7 has restrictions if your penis is initially 19 cm x 4.5 cm. If your parameters are above these numbers, you should get Hydromax-9. With an initial diameter of 3.6 cm, this model is going to be too loose in diameter at the base of the penis, and you won’t be able to create the required vacuum. Your scrotum will get sucked in, and you will have discomfort during a session. You can try using the Cushion Pad with Hydromax X9, which will prevent the suction of excess skin during the vacuum process, but it might be uncomfortable to squeeze and hold every time.

    HYDROMAX - X40

    Hello, I wanted to ask if the base of this model is hard. I heard that Hydromax has a harder base than Hercules. Hercules became too tight for me in width, and I want to get a larger model.

    Julian Already bought

    Hello, Julian. Yes, the sylphon pump in the Hydromax series is harder, according to which the power is more significant. But in the set also comes the ring of comfort, which softens the pressure onto the pubic area and increases the comfort during the session.

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