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    90% of Bathmate vendors sell bad quality hydropumps created in China, Korea, India, Russia, and other countries.

    If the quality and result is not the main factor for you, if you want to purchase a cheap Bathmate copy from the scammers, think about it: isn't it easier to buy a fake on the official website of the supplier of fakes like Ali Express?
    Why encourage the scammers?

    If 95% of the products you see on the website or in the adult store are from China, what do you think is the probability that this website or the adult store will sell you the original Bathmate?
    Sometimes a useless product that only looks like it is Bathmate is sold at the price of the original and the adult stores sell it at even higher price, having a windfall and no shame, selling a counterfeit as the original!
    Check out the prices on the manufacturer's website and see the difference!



    I got the pump, thanks. I am beginning to wear it out. Do I need to shave my pubic area or not? I feel that water gets through in the place of my pubis.

    Jaxon Already bought

    Jaxon, you must shave your pubic hair or cut them short.


    Good day! My measurements are: 14.5 in length, 4.6 in diameter, circumference 4.3. Should I get the x7 pump or the x9? I have chosen the x7.

    Easton Already bought

    Eason, your size is x7.


    Hello! I want to purchase a hydropump. Please suggest a pump for me. My penis is 16 cm x 3.5 cm. I want to increase my length and thickness. I also have potency issues. I am 53 years old.

    Colton Already bought

    Colton, with your penis size, you should get the x30 model. To improve your potency at your age, we recommend adding hormonal therapy towards your pumping sessions (esters of testosterone such as Sustanon). Please consult with your doctor first.


    Good day! I am wondering what color of the pump I will get. Is it going to be transparent, as it is on the photo?

    Robert Already bought

    Hello, Robert. Yes, the model is in Crystal Clear color (transparent), as shown in the picture, since it’s the best choice. You can choose any color you want. Simply specify your preferences when you place your order.


    My erected penis is 147 mm in length and 42 mm in diameter. Can you recommend a size for me? I’m torn between the x7 and x9. Thanks.

    Sven Already bought

    You should get the X7. X9 will be too big for you.


    Hello. My erected penis is 10cm x 4 cm. Which model should I get? I am jelqing, by the way.


    Austin, you should get the 7th model.


    My size is 4.4 cm in diameter and 16.5 in length. Also, I have a curvature of the penis to the left at about 15-20 degrees. Is there any chance to straighten it?

    Max Already bought

    Hello, Max. Bathmate stimulates the blood circulation, which prevents the cavernous fibrosis and it’s effective with Peyronie’s disease. During the pumping exercises with Bathmate, the shorter side of the penis is subjected to the most stretching. The penis becomes straighter in several months. On average, it can straighten for about 70-80% in 10 months of consistent pumping.


    Good evening! I got my H-7 pump a couple of days ago. My penis size is 14 cm in length and 3.5 in diameter. I set in the tub for about 7 minutes, then I placed the pump on my penis and pumped it to about 15-15.5 cm in 4 sets at 5 minutes each. I don’t get a lot of vacuum no matter how much I try. Few days after that, I did four sets at 5 minutes each and reached up to 15 cm. When I take my penis out, it’s not erected. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

    Cooper Already bought

    Cooper, it’s possible that you move the pump relative to the penis shaft, thereby squeezing the base and the blood flow. Make sure that your penis shaft is in the middle. The erection during the session must be at the maximum, and not at 70-80%.

    XTREME - X20

    I can’t place my order. Please help!


    Hi, Jameson. After you add the product into the cart, click on the cart, and on the lower right, click on the “place the order.” Next, click on “place the order without registration,” click on “ahead,” enter your personal information, make further steps by analogy and confirm placing your order.


    Hello! I ran into the same problem as others on this forum. When I am using the pump, my penis expands but doesn’t get fully erected. I moved the pump relative to the base of the penis, as you recommended in other messages, but it didn’t solve my problem.

    Bryson Already bought

    Hello, Bryson. It seems that during your session, you pinch your veins, and your blood doesn’t completely get to the penis. Try moving the pump relative to the base of the penis (lower-higher) to loosen the blood flow. Everyone has a different vein location, so you need to find your optimal position.


    As I already said, I tried to find my position. It seems that only one position is comfortable to me when the base of the pump is shifted relative to the penis up the body. If I place the pump any lower, it hurts my testicles because the cuff presses on the ducts. In my comfortable position, my penis widens, and it feels full, but according to the scale, it doesn’t reach even its regular erected length, and when I remove the pump my penis isn’t erected. What if I place the pump on the erected penis? It would be good to figure out some kind of solution to this since I am not the only one having this problem. P.S. I don’t have any complaints about the quality of the pump. The valve seems to be working just fine. The pump had an ID that I registered on the website. Thanks a lot!

    Bryson Already bought

    Bryson, there are two moments here. The penis in the pump fully increases in volume, not just in length. If your penis is subjected to a lighter extension in width than an increase in length, it’s going to be shorter visually because the ligament doesn’t allow the penis to stretch in length. However, the width of the tissues lends itself more strongly. Another thing is the scale. It is relative and does not give 100% accuracy since the most accurate size match will be when the corrugation is fully compressed. If you don’t fully squeeze it, you may not see the same size on the scale. In your case, try massaging your penis until it’s erect and put on the pump. Maybe your base of the penis isn’t wide enough. In this case, it must be prepared in advance. Over time, when the base of your penis widens, you won’t have any problems with testicles. Before you use the pump on full vacuum power, try sitting with medium pressure, so your penis becomes maximally big, and your testicles aren’t sucked in. After that, you can increase the vacuum pressure.


    Hello! How many times a week can I use the Bathmate Hercules? It doesn’t specify in the manual instruction.

    Everett Already bought

    Hello, Everett. To achieve the best result, you must use the hydropump daily at 15-20 minutes per session.


    Hello! I live in NY, but I am away on a business trip to Hawaii. Can you send my package there? I am renting an apartment here. Should I send you the address to my closest Post Office? I want to order “pay on arrival” delivery. Can you suggest how I should place my order?

    Hudson Already bought

    Hudson, you can order “on-demand” delivery to the post office servicing the city you live in.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Good day. I expand my penis with a pump for about 2 cm in 1 set. After about 3 months of pumping, I noticed that at the base of the penis, the skin began to press against the corrugation. It is painful to press and push on the pump because it is pinching the skin. I guess the pump has gotten too small? My penis is much wider at the base. I don’t seem to be large enough for x40, but according to my width, I don’t fit into the pump. Should I get a bigger pump? Are there any discounts for regular customers? Thanks.

    Christian Already bought

    Hello, Christian. Yes, it’s time for you to change the pump. Get in touch with customer service. We will give you a discount.


    Is there any risk of tearing the bridle in the maximum discharge?

    Anonymous Already bought

    From personal experience, with the maximum loads, I didn’t have any tearing, and I never heard of it happening to other users.

    XTREME - X40

    Hello. The size of the penis is 16 cm in length and 13 cm in girth. Which pump should I get? Do you deliver to Hawaii?

    Hunter Already bought

    Hello, Hunter. According to your measurements, you should get the x30. We deliver to Hawaii by DHL, delivery time 3-4 days.


    Hello. My size in length is 20 cm and 4.6-4.7 in diameter. Which model should I get? How long is the x40? Thanks.

    Landon Already bought

    Hi, Landon. Hydromax-9 will be your model. Its parameters are: inner diameter of the flask is 6.3 cm, and the length of the flask is 24.5 cm.


    My penis in diameter is 4.3 and 15.5 in length. Hydromax 7 is my size, am I right?

    Sawyer Already bought

    Yes, Sawyer. You have chosen the right size.


    Can you suggest a pump? My erected penis is 14.5 cm + in length and about 4.5 cm (11.5 mm).

    Weston Already bought

    Weston, this pump will fit you, as well as H9. If you get H7, soon you will develop round marks around the shaft of the penis. It’s not bad, and they will go away in several hours, but that means that the pump has gotten too small. If you are getting a pump you can grow into, choose Bathmate H9.


    Hello. The Xtreme x30 package came with 2 small packages of lubricants. What are they for, and how to use them?

    Anthony Already bought

    Hello. Those are samples. The Lube is the intimate water-based lubricant (used during intercourse), Max Out is the cream for Jelqing exercises.


    That’s exactly how I’m doing and did it before, just like you’re saying (not any other way). The neutral position in my question was suggested central open position of the valve. And the valve didn’t need to be fixated earlier right after the first press on the pump. The valve used to shut the air access after each pump. Side position was only required to feel the flask with water. Think about it, I did it correctly for two weeks, and the last three days, I started doing it the wrong way? The skiing season hasn’t started yet, and I didn’t hit my head recently. ))

    Wesley Already bought

    Wesley, I used the 9th model with the same valve. If you keep the valve in the central position, you won’t get the necessary vacuum. It will work but very weakly. I always fixate the valve switch to the side, and I am using the pump for about a year according to this method.


    I got a pump from you guys by mail on December 4th. It didn’t take much time for me to figure out how it works. The effect was excellent, and the vacuum is impressive. But for the last three days, it stopped working. To make one 5-minute set, I spend 30 minutes. After filling up the flask with water in the shower and switching the valve from the side to the neutral position, I make one pump, the water starts, and a vacuum occurs but then when I let go of the flask, through the central valve comes the air into the flask. Past two weeks, I exercised with the central position of the valve. I would do 2-3 pumps, the water would start, and no air would come in. Now it’s impossible to pumps. What’s going on?

    Wesley Already bought

    Wesley, you’re doing all backward! In the central position, the valve is open. You use this position to let the water out, then fixate the valve to the side and pump.

    XTREME - X30

    I didn’t get an answer about the extenders, and I can’t seem to find the comment. Thanks.


    Thank you for your message. If you don’t have any penis problems from the extender, you can continue using it. +1 cm a year is a very modest result. You can use the hydropump forever, and 2-3 cm of growth a year is the real result in many clients. Of course, it all depends on the body, its elasticity, and the consistency of training, as well as nutrition.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Yes, I ordered it here. My order number 20073.

    Emmett Already bought

    Thank you, Emmet. According to the Hydromax standard, it comes with a short ring, and it was always like that. The advice on getting the additional Long Insert isn't based out of anywhere. It comes from many years of practice. We will ask the manufacturer about this. We weren’t aware of the assembly change.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Ok, I’m confused. That thing (the ring of comfort?), which is inserted into the corrugation, is no different from the Long Insert, which I got additionally. They must be different somehow, am I right? Do I understand correctly that Long Insert substitutes the ring of comfort? They have the same length, about 7.5 cm.

    Emmet Already bought

    Emmet, the Hydromax comes with a ring of comfort in the corrugation. It’s almost the same as the Long Insert, only the tube comes from the white plastic, which goes into the corrugated pump, and it’s short 1 cm. The length of the Long Insert tube is 7.5 cm. Is yours any different? It’s the first time I hear of such a thing in 6 years of working here. Did you order it from us? Let us know your order number.

    HYDROMAX - X40

    Hello. I have a question. My penis is 15.5 cm in length and 4.5. in diameter. Which model should I get?

    Greg Already bought

    Hello, Greg. Your model is Hydromax/Xtreme x30. Also, your diameter of 4.5 cm allows you to start training with Hydromax/Xtreme x40.


    Guys, who are using the hydropump, please offer some suggestions! I got this pump, but after using it for three weeks (I pumped every other day), the right side of the groin area would swell up a little, and my right testicle would have a robust aching feeling. I think it’s because I was pressing the pump too hard because the swelling was in the area where I was pushing, to the right from the penis. Anyway, it hurt for about a week, and pain has gone away, but the swelling stayed. I am scared to pump again. Did anyone have anything like this? What should I do? P.S. The pump is real! I see the results, and I really wish I didn’t have to stop.


    Hello! Yes, it’s probably because of pressing it too hard with a pump. You cut the blood circulation, which may lead to partial sucking in of the scrotum. You must take a break until you completely recover, and your symptoms disappear. When you start again, do it carefully, pulling the scrotum down well.

    HYDROMAX - X20

    Hello. I have a particular case. My penis is prosthetic. It’s 12x3 cm. I want to get a pump to treat the adenoma and prostates and also to increase the volume of my penis. Please suggest a pump, please.

    Kingston Already bought

    Hi, Kingston. Please consult with your doctor before starting any pumping. Your pump size is x30.


    Good day! I found some information that testosterone affects the penis growth. Does it make sense to use the pump plus take the testosterone? Or what else I could take, according to your experience?


    Additives such as Tribestan are the plant-based testosterone boosters, which increase the level of natural testosterone. It has a positive effect on muscle growth and potency. You can take them, but with 1-2 week breaks.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Hi. My length is 19.5, and girth is 15 cm. Which model should I get? Thanks.

    Rhett Already bought

    Hello, Rhett. Your best choice would be x-40.


    Can I fill the pump with warm water, put it on, and move around my house?


    Andrew, you can move around the house if you have a strap for the pump.


    I am 42 years old. My penis is 21 cm long, with 5.5 cm in diameter. I never had a potency problem, had many relationships, and practically never had an embarrassing moment in the bedroom. 6 years ago, I started going to the gym because I wanted to stay in shape. After working out for a year with a rod, I got pretty good results, but my muscle growth has slowed down, so I started thinking about steroids. After a course of steroids, my potency has weakened. After that, my penis has never been longer than 19 cm. I got used to the fact that I may not get it up. And sometimes, from this thought, it couldn’t get up at all. In November 2016, I bought a pump, and in several months I got a pretty good result, and that’s what I want to tell you about. My erected penis now is 23 cm in length and 6.5 cm in diameter. I can flex my penis so hard that it vibrates from the inside! Thank you guys for the pump, for your suggestions and ideas and the manual instruction that you sent me. Good luck with your business and much success with your clients!


    Thank you for your feedback, Liam!

    HYDROMAX - X20

    Hello! How can I figure out which size I need, x20, 30 or 40?


    Hello, Noah. The model is chosen according to the diameter of the penis at the base, in erected state. If the diameter is less than 4.5, you should get the x30 model, if it’s 4.5-5.6, x 40 would be the right choice.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    I got it! So you are recommending it, hah? And it’s not in your interest that I buy it, right? Do I need to purchase it on the website?

    Michael Already bought

    Hello, Michael. Our brand is over 10 years old, and the effectiveness of hydropumps is recognized on a global level. We have been cooperating with the manufacturer for 6 years, and we have tons of confirmation, including our personal experience. Of course, we are the concerned party, but nevertheless, this does not prevent the hydropump from doing its job. Our goal is to make the Bathmate well known. We want people to experience it for themselves. The main principle of LNP-therapy used by doctors around the world is that it works with water, which makes it different from the air analogs. The water is the more dense environment, which affects the tissues more gently, plus it provides additional warming (using warm water), which is beneficial for the organ. It gives the massaging effect. Also, warm tissues are more elastic and more subjected to the stretching without causing any harm.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Hello! I wanted to find more information, but then I thought that maybe you have the answers. Is it really effective and are there any side effects (can I become dependent on it, etc.) As I understand, the effect is temporary?

    Michael Already bought

    Hello, Michael. After the first session (15-20 min), there is a 5-hour effect (strengthening of penis and erection, increase in libido…). After consistent daily training (minimum 3 times a week), the penis begins to grow. The process of cell division starts from the third or fourth time of regular use. It grows about 5-7 mm in the first 2-3 months. Some grow 1 cm in the first month. It all varies. Then it slows down and grows 2-3 mm a month. In six months, on the average, you can grow 2.5-3 cm in length and 1 cm in diameter. With heavy loads and extensive exercising, which isn’t recommended by the manufacturer, you get swelling of tissue and bloody dots. If using according to the manual instruction, Bathmate is completely safe.

    XTREME - X20

    Hello. My size is 11.9 x 12.3 cm in erected state. Should I purchase x30 or x20? Thanks.


    Hello, William. For comfortable and productive use, you should get Hydromax x20, according to your measurements.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Please recommend a model for me. My penis length is 15 cm, the circumference is 15 cm.

    James Already bought

    Hello, Oliver. According to your parameters, your choice is Hydromax-x40. With regular Bathmate use, the penis becomes straighter in several months. On average, it can get straighter by 70-80% in 10 months.

    XTREME - X40

    Hello! I purchased the x40, and to be honest, I can’t seem to figure out how to use it. I can’t create a vacuum in the shower (the air comes out somewhere), and in the bathtub, the erection isn’t complete. I think maybe it has something to do with my penis size. Maybe it’s too small for the x40, and I should try the Hercules or x30?


    There can be several reasons for air entry. 1. Pubic hair. If you have long pubic hair, shave/cut them. 2. Maybe you’re not using the valve correctly. To fixate the vacuum, turn the valve to the right. If the diameter of the penis is small, it’s possible that air gets through from the root of the penis area. You need the x30. In your situation, since you have the x40, move the pump up and down. Find the right position for the pump in which the vacuum isn’t lost. Or we could offer you a discount, and you can get a smaller pump. Anyway, we will come forward for growth's sake.

    HYDROMAX - X20

    The length is 14 cm, 13 cm is the girth. Which pump should I get?

    Elijah Already bought

    Hello, Elijah. With your parameters, you can choose out of these models: Hercules, Hydromax/Xtreme – x30.


    I purchased the Bathmate Hercules, and now my penis has grown. I think I need a bigger pump. I have two options: Bathmate Hydromax 40 or Xtreme 40. Which one is more powerful?


    Bathmate Hydromax x-40 is more powerful than Hercules by 35%. The Xtreme-X40 is even more powerful.

    HYDROMAX - X40

    Hi. I have a question. Is only a transparent color pump available, or are there any other choices of color? I also want to know about the softening pillow. Is it with a short tube like in the Xtreme series? Also, is it possible to get a waterproof “Capsule Case” for the x40?

    Mason Already bought

    Hello, Mason. The pump is available for purchase in any color. We recommend transparent models to our clients because, in this case, you will see all the enlargement details. The Hydromax x40 comes in a factory packaging with a ring of comfort, just like in the x30 (it’s not lengthened). You can purchase the Long Insert additionally on our website. Yes, the Capsule Case can be purchased for the X40 model.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Good day! First of all, I want to say thanks. I bought nearly all the pumps from this store, and I am very happy with the products. Thank you! Also, I have a question. I saw a 50% discount offer on the bigger size pump. Is this offer available if I want to get the Xtreme x30 and Xtreme x40? What price would it be? And what if I want to buy them both? Thanks!

    Logan Already bought

    Hi Logan. We’re so glad you happy with the products! We have sent you a response regarding your question to your email. Thank you for contacting us again!


    Hi. Which hydropump can help with treating the prostates?

    Max Already bought

    Hello, Max. Hydropump is used to prevent the prostates, and it’s an addition to the therapy. It trains the blood circulation system, improves the flow of blood and other useful elements. The viral disease is treated with medications and immune system stimulators.


    Hello! Can you tell me which pump I should get after the Hercules?


    Hello, Alexander. If you grew out of Hercules, it’s better if you buy the x40 model. If you feel that Hercules still fits you and you simply want more vacuum, then you should try x30.

    HYDROMAX - X20

    My size is 14 cm in length and 12 cm in girth. Which model do I choose?

    David Already bought

    Hello, David. X30 model is your fit. We recommend you get the x30 cushion pad as a gift. The rings will be useful at the beginning of exercising.


    Hello. My penis length is 14.6, the circumference is about 14 cm, and thickness and diameter is about 4.5-4.6 cm. Should I might as well get the Xtreme-11 or get the 9th model? Please respond asap. I want to purchase it quicker. Thanks.

    Ivan Already bought

    Hello, Ivan. According to your parameters, x11 will be too large for you. We recommend choosing the Hydromax x-9.

    XTREME - X30

    Good day! It’s been over a month since I’ve been using the x-30. I am very happy with the result. It’s already plus 3 cm. But I have one question: do I need to get a larger pump to keep progressing, or can I continue using this pump?

    Ethan Already bought

    Hi, Ethan. Great results, congratulations! If the hydropump isn’t tight in diameter, continue training with the pump you have and consolidate the achieved results. When you see the round marks at the base of your penis, this will mean that the pump has gotten too small, and you will need to get a bigger size and preferably more powerful pump to continue growing at this speed.


    Hello! I want to buy a pump, but I don’t know which matches me. I am 56 years old. My parameters are 13cm x 3.5. Thanks!


    Hello, Jacob. This model will be fine. You can also get the Hydromax x30.

    XTREME - X40

    Hello! The length of the penis is 16.4, and the diameter is 4.3. Is x40 my size, or should I get the x30?


    Hello, Michael. According to your parameters, you need the x30 model. The X40 will be too large.

    HYDROMAX - X40

    Hello. Can you tell me if I should get the x30 or x40? My penis length is 15 cm, the girth is 4.3 cm, the circumference is 14 cm. Thanks!

    Daniel Already bought

    Hello. Your model is Bathmate Hydromax x30.

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