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    90% of Bathmate vendors sell bad quality hydropumps created in China, Korea, India, Russia, and other countries.

    If the quality and result is not the main factor for you, if you want to purchase a cheap Bathmate copy from the scammers, think about it: isn't it easier to buy a fake on the official website of the supplier of fakes like Ali Express?
    Why encourage the scammers?

    If 95% of the products you see on the website or in the adult store are from China, what do you think is the probability that this website or the adult store will sell you the original Bathmate?
    Sometimes a useless product that only looks like it is Bathmate is sold at the price of the original and the adult stores sell it at even higher price, having a windfall and no shame, selling a counterfeit as the original!
    Check out the prices on the manufacturer's website and see the difference!


    XTREME - X30

    I want to buy a pump, but I don’t know which one I should get. My penis length is 15 cm, the diameter is also 15 cm.

    Henry Already bought

    Hi, Henry. Your diameter is 4.7. Your pump size is Hydromax x40.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Dear administrators! My penis is 15-16 cm in length, with 3.2 diameters. Do you deliver to Canada?


    Hello, Jackson. You can get Hercules or Hydromax x30. We deliver to all countries.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Which pump should I get? My length is 13 cm. Can I get this pump? Also, can I pump at my age? I am 19 years old. Can it affect my potency in a bad way? Will it increase my penis, or are those just fairy tales?

    Anthony Already bought

    You can get Bathmate Hercules or Bathmate Hydromax. The vacuum pumps are good for the potency. Penis enlargement with a pump isn’t a fairy tale. It’s the reality confirmed by the experience of thousands of people.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    I can’t find the information about the shipping costs!

    Sebastian Already bought

    Hello, Sebastian. The shipping cost is determined by the system automatically in the process of order placement, depending on the volume of the chosen product.

    HYDROMAX - X20

    Hi. Is there any instruction in Russian? How to use the pump correctly?


    Hi Max. There is a manual instruction. The pump is already assembled. It’s easy to understand how to use the pear. If you have any questions, please ask the technical support.


    Hello! I am using the Bathmate Hercules. My penis barely fits, width-wise, but there’s still space to grow in length. Should I get a bigger pump?


    HI, Aiden. If you are developing round marks around the base of the penis, this means that pumps are too small for you in diameter, and you should get a larger model, such as x30 “Wide Boy” or x40.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Hello! I need your opinion. Should I buy the Hydromax x30 if I can afford the Xtreme? What is more reliable and effective? What is the diameter of the Xtreme, 4.5 or 5.6? It’s not clear from the info on the website. Also, would it cause any problems to get the Xtreme via mail? I mean, since it’s kind of heavy. Thanks.

    Max Already bought

    The pump is the same as the standard x30. It comes with a pear for the vacuum increase. The answer to the question of expediency depends more on financial ability. Additional options will only be a plus. There won’t be any problems getting it at the Post Office.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Good day. Please help with the choice of the pump. My penis length is 17 cm, and the thickness is 13 cm.

    Matthew Already bought

    Hi, Matthew. You can get one of the following: Bathmate Hercules or Bathmate Hydromax x30.


    Hello. My penis is 13 cm in a working mode. What do you recommend that I buy? I had problems with potency. Do you deliver to another country?

    Samuel Already bought

    Hi, Samuel. Your size is Bathmate Hercules or Hydromax. We ship worldwide after full prepayment.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Good day! I have a question. Is the x30 model as powerful as the Xtreme and Goliath, with the same assembly?

    David Already bought

    Hi, David. Hydromax x20, x30, and x40 are more powerful than Goliath and Hercules by 35%, while Xtreme x20, x30, and x40 are even more powerful than Hydromax, due to its additional pear pump for creation of even more vacuum. The Hydromax x30 comes with the removable and improved ring of comfort plus the manual instruction in most languages.


    Hello. Which pump should I get? My penis is 14 cm in length and 3.5 cm in diameter.


    Joseph, your model is Hercules or x30

    HYDROMAX - X30

    I want to purchase the Hydromax x30. Can I do it without registration?

    Johnny Already bought

    Hello, yes, you can buy without registration.


    Hello! I placed my order, but when I got a call from customer service, I missed it. What should I do? My order is on pause. Its number is 1078.


    Thank you for letting us know! We shall call you, asap! We have a toll free number you can call and feedback form.


    Hi. My erected penis is 17.3 and about 5 cm in diameter. Do you think that Bathmate Goliath will fit me? Thanks.

    Owen Already bought

    Hi, Owen. Yes, it will fit you.


    Hello, again. I am sorry to be bothering you again. I have another question. I purchased the Bathmate Hercules in crystal clear. But after careful thinking, I decided that it’s going to be too small for me. So I want to cancel my Bathmate Hercules in crystal clear order and buy the Bathmate Goliath instead. Is it possible? I confirmed my order an hour ago. Can it still be changed? If it’s possible, please send me a new invoice or let me know what I should do. Thanks in advance!


    It's ok, Mr. Wyatt. You’re doing the right thing to make sure that this pump will be a great fit for you. Bathmate Goliath is out of stock. It should be available next week. Also, we will be getting the Bathmate Hydromax x40. Take a closer look at the x40. Often, this model fits our clients best.


    My penis is 24 cm. Will Goliath fit me? Also, is there a new Goliath? I mean, Hercules has updated its model.

    John Already bought

    Hi, John. Goliath will fit you. There aren’t any new Goliath models.


    Hello! I have a question. My erected penis is 15 cm in length and about 12 cm in girth. I want to lengthen it up to 18-19 cm. Which hydropump do I need to get such results? Is it the Goliath or the standard pump, such as the Hercules?

    Jack Already bought

    Hi, Jack. You can get Hercules or Hydromax 30.


    Can you tell me, what comes in a set with Bathmate Goliath?

    Lex Already bought

    Hi Lex. It comes with a bag, a washing kit, and a pump.

    HYDROMAX - X40

    Hello! Can you suggest a pump? My length is 17.5, and thickness is 4.6. Thanks in advance!

    Luke Already bought

    Hi, Luke. Your pump is Bathmate Hydromax x40.


    The pillow ring has torn off after 3 weeks of using!!! The pump is good, but the manufacturer needs to think everything through.

    Jayden Already bought

    Hello. The ring of comfort is sold separately.


    Hi! Can you suggest a pump model for me? My erected penis is 18 cm long. Will Bathmate Goliath fit me?

    Julian Already bought

    Bathmate Goliath would fit you, but you are closer to the x40 Hydromax.


    Thanks, I got the package. But, the water gets through the bottom of the pump. Should I shave?

    Albert Already bought

    Albert, for a better seal, cut or shave your pubic hair.


    Hello! Three months ago, I bought the Bathmate Hercules. Now I see the new model available. Can I get a discount for a new model? Please let us know your email. Thanks.

    Albert Already bought

    My penis has grown to 25 cm. It was 23 cm initially. I’m pretty happy! Thanks.

    John Already bought

    I purchased the Bathmate Hercules, but it became too small in diameter for me in only one week. Goliath is too big for me. I am certain. My penis isn’t that long, but the diameter is about 4.7. What should I do?


    It says that a travel bag plus shower strap comes in a set. What about the brush, towel, etc.? Do they come in the set too?

    DimDimich Already bought

    Hello! Can I order a package via first mail if I live at a different address, temporarily?


    Hi, Alex. You can order the package to the post office and pick it up whenever it comes. You must specify your full name and address of the post office.


    I have a problem. I bought the Goliath, but it’s too big for me. I nearly drowned in this pump. ( I bought it for the growth. Now I don’t know what to do. Can I exchange it for the Bathmate Hercules? My penis is 15 cm. If you can exchange it, I will be very grateful and will recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks.

    Akmal Already bought

    Hello, Akmal. Unfortunately, we don’t exchange used pumps. You made a rush decision with the Goliath. We can offer you the Bathmate Hercules with a discount. Leave the Goliath for when you get larger. You will need it later.


    Do you recommend Hydromax or Hercules, and why?


    Should I get the Bathmate Hercules or Goliath? My penis is 18 cm.


    Michael, your pump is Bathmate Goliath.

    HYDROMAX - X30

    Which model should I get? My erected penis is 15cm by 4 cm.

    Brian Already bought

    Brian, you can get the Bathmate Hercules or Hydromax.


    What’s going on, I don’t understand. The pump sucks it all in along with the testicles. When I start pumping, everything is fine, but as soon as I increase the vacuum, it sucks in the testicles gradually. What should I do?


    Andrew, you must hold on to your testicles when you are placing the pump on the penis. It’s possible that Goliath is too big for you. Please write the technical support with your penis measurements and explain the problem in detail.


    By the way, the pump is good. I recommended it to my friends. I am waiting for a reply regarding the small Hercules.

    Patrick Already bought

    Thank you for the review! There are no small Hercules.


    My penis length is 14 cm, and the width is 4 cm. Will Hercules be a good match for me?

    Randy Already bought
    HYDROMAX - X40

    Good evening! Can you suggest a pump for me? My penis in the erected state is 20 cm in length and 5 cm in width. Which one should I purchase?

    Alex Already bought

    Alex, your pump size is Bathmate Hydromax x40 and Bathmate Goliath. The first one is more powerful, but the second is larger in size. Both will be a good fit for you.


    As I promised, I am leaving my feedback about this internet store. I purchased the Bathmate Goliath here. I placed my order in the evening; I got a call on the following day. Obviously, I asked lots of questions, and I got all my answers. I was promised 2-3 cm of growth in about 5-7 months of regular use. I still doubt this because I am a doubtful person. All my questions were answered politely. I know I wouldn’t be able to handle so many questions. The pump arrived in the package without any signs or markings on it. Here is my first impression: I figured out how it works instantly. In 10 minutes, my penis grew 2 cm in length, from 23 to 25 cm. I couldn’t pump for 20 minutes. It was my first time. Two weeks after, my penis is visually larger. I see some improvements in my erection, but not a lot. My overall review of the store and the product – I am satisfied.

    Steve Already bought
    2010-02-03 22:29:27

    I forgot to mention that in the package, there were recommendations from the store. It had a brochure with all kinds of advice on the penis enlargement and a discount coupon. Administration, please combine my messages into one. Thanks! I will check if my messages were posted.


    At your request, I am leaving a review. The package arrived within ten days. Everything as promised, I am satisfied. Although there could be more product selection. Customer service is great. The pump is working, my penis is growing, but I think it’s still too early to tell the results. It’s only been a week. My goal is not growth but improvement in potency. What will happen in a year? If my erection recovers, there will be growth. I guess I will buy another larger pump then and will recommend you to my friends. Thank you.

    Paul Already bought

    The package arrived on time. I am satisfied. Do you have a manual instruction in Spanish?

    Julio Already bought

    Julio, check the manual. There is a part in Spanish.


    I forgot to mention my order number. It’s BMC-2077. Please write back to my email. You have the address.

    Trent Already bought

    Thanks, Trent. We already answered.


    Hello! I bought a pump here, but it has gotten small in two months. It’s tight at the base of the penis. It was 4.5 in diameter, and now it’s 5.3. Three months after, the cushion ring fell off. Do you have a cushion ring for the Bathmate Goliath? If I purchase the Goliath, where will I get these rings?

    Trent Already bought

    Good day! I decided to purchase the Bathmate Goliath (further, I will call it BG). I have some questions. My erected penis is 18-20 cm (it’s weird, but it changes depending on the excitement level). The girth is 14 cm, so the radius is 4.45 cm. I really want to know the answers to the following questions. 1. Will the volume of my penis increase after using the BG? If the answer is yes, what is the % of the increase, and how long will it last? 2. My penis, when erected, has a slight curvature. As I understand, it’s Peyronie’s disease. In the description, it says that BG treats Peyronie’s. Is it so? I will be grateful if you answer. I am at the moment in a different country, but I will be purchasing it when I come back home, so I am coming to you for help.

    Danny Already bought


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