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Initial penis size (erected) inch  /  cm 
Penis length – up to 7.1" / 18 cm
Penis diameter – up to 1.8" / 4.5 cm


HYDROMAX-7 VIBE is the HYDROMAX-7 hydropump equipped with HYDROVIBE vibrating massager. It offers additional effect from training, relaxing effect and pleasure.


Additional effect from training when using vibration: During a session with hydropump, there is a powerful rush of blood to the sexual organ. All tissues inside of penis strained by a forced erection and subjected to elastic stretching in all directions. At the moment when you have reached your maximum, vibration from massager begins to work, additionally increasing stretching due to fluctuating movements. These fluctuations are very small but quiet powerful to give movements to the tissues, fibers and create the effect of additional tension in the form of amplitude fluctuations.

Relaxing massage during training: If you have never tried the effect of vibration in the area of sexual organs, you have a chance to open something new for yourself in the world of sensations. Using the hydropump with vibration during a session allows relaxing the tissues and receiving pleasant sensations. Additional stimulation by vibration prevents blood stagnation and decreases oxygen starvation. Vibration of warm water helps in preparing the penis towards stretching and decreases unpleasant sensations.

Use Bathmate vibrating bullet outside of the bathroom, separately: Remove the bullet out of the holder and use it in the process of love games. Rechargeable and waterproof vibrating bullets have 10 variations of vibration. Relaxing sensations and more vivid orgasm will not leave you indifferent, sometimes revealing shocking sexual outbursts during orgasm and deeper sensations. Learn new sensations by yourself and give them to your partner.

If your back is aching, your muscles are sore after physical activity or on a contrary, low activity, give yourself a massage with vibration bullet. Vibration will rush the blood to the aching spot, remove the painful sensation and relax stiff muscles.

Initial penis size (erected) inch / cm
Penis length – up to 5" / 12.5 cm
Penis diameter – up to 1.6" / 4 cm


Initial penis size (erected)
Penis length – up 7.1" / 18 cm
Penis diameter – up 1.8" / 4.5 cm
Hydropump parameters
The length including the sylphon-pump (total length) 26 cm
The length without the sylphon-pump (the length of the bulb) 22,5 cm
The inner diameter of the bulb at the base 5,3 cm
The inner diameter of the sylphon-pump 5,7 cm
Power, bars 0.55

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