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    90% of Bathmate vendors sell bad quality hydropumps created in China, Korea, India, Russia, and other countries.

    If the quality and result is not the main factor for you, if you want to purchase a cheap Bathmate copy from the scammers, think about it: isn't it easier to buy a fake on the official website of the supplier of fakes like Ali Express?
    Why encourage the scammers?

    If 95% of the products you see on the website or in the adult store are from China, what do you think is the probability that this website or the adult store will sell you the original Bathmate?
    Sometimes a useless product that only looks like it is Bathmate is sold at the price of the original and the adult stores sell it at even higher price, having a windfall and no shame, selling a counterfeit as the original!
    Check out the prices on the manufacturer's website and see the difference!

    • Brand: BathMate BathMate
    • Product: SPARTAN
    • Product Code: SPARTAN
    • Availability: In Stock

    • $10.00 USD

    It's 100% hypoallergenic and cannot cause any allergies
    Elastomex is a durable but very elastic and soft to touch material.
    The rings are compatible with water-based and silicone-based lubricants.

    The cock ring is a sex toy, which is worn on the penis during the erection. It prevents the outflow of venous blood from the cavernous bodies, which leads to its strengthening and increasing of the duration.The highest quality erection ring made of Elastomex material Easily stretches, fits any size of the penis. It does a great job of slowing down the blood flow, providing you with a hard erection as long as you need it.


    Spartan erection ring.
    Spartan erection ring parameters:
    Inner diameter – 2 cm;
    Outer diameter – 4 cm;
    Rings are made out of new and safe to use
    a material called Elastomex, , which is
    phthalate-free and hypoallergenic. It has flexibility,
    elasticity and enough rigidity for comfortable fixation of erection.
    Erection rings are used for fixation of the achieved erection,
    increasing the sensitivity of the head of the penis,
    extending the endurance during sexual intercourse, due to which these rings give brighter
    and long-lasting sensations as well as a more intense orgasm for both partners.
    They add confidence and contribute to reducing the fear of failure.
    With erection rings from Bathmate you will always be fully armed!
    There are 3 types of erection rings from Bathmate: "Spartan",  "Gladiator",  "Barbarian".


    We worked very hard to release only the best quality products under the Bathmate brand! Our rings absorbed the power of a warrior in them, whom you will become, once you begin using them. There are three rings in the assortment:
    Spartan (inner diameter - 2 cm, outer - 4 cm)

    Gladiator (inner diameter – 1,8 cm, outer – 4,5cm)
    Barbarian (inner diameter – 2,5 cm, outer – 5 cm)

    We created and patented our own material called "Elastomex" (Elastomex is a special mixture of TPR and TPE materials) which has high durability, while staying very elastic and soft to the touch. Due to these properties, they will match the penis of any size. "Elastomex" is absolutely hypoallergenic, doesn't contain phthalates and other harmful impurities. Our rings are compatible with water-based and silicone-based lubricants. They keep the wholeness of the material even if they are not used for long periods of time.

    With a purchase of the original Bathmate cock ring, you receive a 2-year guarantee.

    P.S. Don't use the rings for more than 30 minutes!

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