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Almost always, a persistent increase in diastolic blood pressure - accompanied by kidney disease.

Such operations are performed in our center, but in order to establish an accurate diagnosis and determine the indications for an operation, you will have to come for an in-person consultation.

It's a pity for the man, but I have neither the ability nor the desire to run in pursuit and drag the handle to the doctor.

From that day on, for 2 weeks the creep did not let me go. Chest pain could not stand up, I went to the clinic and did an ECG and said CardioNeurosis ...drank magnesium and mexicor, after a couple of days it was released ...

Is it possible to independently get rid of anxiety-depressive syndrome and deep depression without resorting to the help of a psychotherapist?

A constant feeling of fatigue, dereal, mental pain, breathing problems that have worsened recently, a feeling of squeezing and generally difficult to describe discomfort behind the breastbone, a feeling of complete hopelessness.I went to the doctors.

During all this time, it was probably a couple of weeks when nothing really bothered, the anxiety went away, there were no vegetative manifestations, but then everything came back again.

The only condition is a run-up in the time of direct administration of drugs, it must be at least 40 minutes.

We are undergoing examination for admission to play basketball, made an ECG, it showed that the pulse is increased and there is a deviation of the EO to the left .

Against the background of a disorganized curve, pronounced phenomena of irritation of the diencephalic structures and the predominance of changes in the brain's iopontecials in the frontal lobes are noted.

In December last year, according to my complaints, when I went to a psychiatrist, he diagnosed me with GAD and prescribed to take Lyrica at 75mg 2 times a day, Zoloft (which in April I was replaced by Velafax at 75mg 2 times a day).

Tizine should also not be taken while taking MAO inhibitors or other drugs that can cause an increase in blood pressure; GB; tachycardia; severe atherosclerosis; glaucoma; atrophic rhinitis.

On the night of August 4-5, I woke up from a feeling of numbness in my throat and tongue on the right side, which caused PA in me.

To begin with, it would not hurt to find out the reason for such a "restructuring" of the phases of your sleep, more precisely, their disturbances (and as a consequence - the malfunctioning of the centers of the brain responsible for these processes of th

This is such a strange thing life - we are all born to die sooner or later, no, leave.

I can't live like this.Even with a child far from home I cannot go out.I ask you very much for help and advice.Thank you

It all started with heart attacks, pressure surges, dizziness - I took sedatives (motherwort), after childbirth it was a little better, but not for long!

This is especially necessary when the issue of benzodiazepine dependence is being resolved, and withdrawal from the same phenazepam.

I cannot urinate at work, at a party, in public toilets, and at home it is difficult for me if I have negative emotions.

It's funny to admit, but as soon as the doctor takes the device and starts the measurement, tachycardia begins and the pressure jumps up to 170/100 from normal numbers.

1) Reduction of the daily dosage of the antidepressant taken, if of course it is possible (but only in such a way that this decrease would do without loss of the therapeutic effect itself).

After washing 2 times a day, apply Viferon gel to the nasal mucosa on the eve of the nasal passages to protect against viral infection.

A month ago, after stress, vibrations began in the body, intensified by lunchtime, felt even in the head, subside in the evening, sleep is normal at night.

During his therapy, two main methods of treatment are used: medicinal (if necessary) and psychotherapeutic.

3 weeks ago, I had the first attack, lack of air, choking, convulsions, panic, numbness of the neck, tongue, I was very scared, the ambulance said PA, then I was shaking terribly.

In general, I can't relax, I even sleep somehow incompletely - I can't fall asleep for a long time and I get up, as if not rested, and in the morning at work I am already tired and tense.

Irina, what did the psychotherapist say about this when you reported the appearance of problems with the intestines and the appointment of a gynecologist?

I cannot advise you anything specifically, since this requires a full-time examination, examination.

It is not in your description, so it is quite possible that symptoms return after you stop taking Fluoxetine.

Every day I thought that I would die from another symptom - headache, tachycardia, muscles twitched, it was getting dark in my eyes, etc.

I want to seek a referral to the Research Institute of Psychiatry in the city of.Moscow for free treatment, maybe they will help there, because.To.

Hello.All m.b.Dripping sea water into the nose.If the snot is plentiful, then nazivin or nazol baby up to a year

My problem is that for a long time (several years) I experience constant anxiety, anxiety, and regardless of the circumstances in which I find myself.

Protusion of intervertebral discs l4, l5, d5-c1, cervical MR signs signs of initial degenerative-dystrophic changes in the cervical spine with impaired statics, thoracic MR picture without pathology.

Transitional age, hormonal changes, youthful maximalism and desire - to be realized as soon as possible.

Do not invent, rest more...Now I'm afraid to go out of the house alone, I can't live normally, I read a bunch of literature, but unfortunately, self-hypnosis that everything will be fine with me does not work to alleviate my condition, Help!

This condition was provoked by two factors: the announcement of a coronavirus pandemic with a self-isolation regime, which disrupted the usual life and was very frightened, and severe constipation, which the mother had never had before (which arose, proba

During the day, there is almost always a positive mood, there are no obvious worries, but if you listen to the body, you feel some slight internal tension.

Otherwise, for whole years I really believed that psychiatric hospitals and dispensaries (of course not all, but some part) are something like prisons where people are bullied.

Please tell me what the 13B mark on the military ID means and what are the consequences of this mark.

A person in the provision of psychiatric care, or his legal representative, has the right to familiarize himself with the history

Yesterday my throat hurt, today my temperature is 37 ° C low pressure for me, dizziness, weakness, slight tremor, slight weight loss, headache in the temples, sore tonsils, red throat.

In addition to the main psychotropic drugs, they carry out neurometabolic therapy, restorative treatment and psychotherapy.

Periodically I turn to the local PND (Kirov) to the local psychiatrist for appointments or just for advice.

I want to get a driver's license, but there is such a problem in my military ID there is an article related to the psyche .I have a card on me in a mental hospital .

I visited the doctor in person, told everything that bothers me, fear of schizophrenia, fear of hallucinations, about noises, etc.

Now a question has arisen in my head: at the moment, the doctor has set the phase as moderately depressive, but what if after a week of taking the blood pressure the phase changes to manic?

It all depends on the verdict that will be passed by the medical commission, and on the psychiatric diagnosis that will be exposed to you based on the results of your inpatient examination.

good evening.The following situation worries me: for many years now I have been feeling constantly tired, I wake up already tired, I do not want anything.

The issue is in the exclusive competence of the chairman of the commission and a psychiatrist cooperating with the chauffeur commission.

good day.recently had a blood test for a 9 month old baby.The child is slightly yellowish, especially the legs and abdomen.Worried about the increase in lymphocytes.Each time they are higher and higher.

Hello.My age is 42 years old, I graduated from school with a silver medal, I have a higher education, asthenic physique.

Oddly enough, but the ICD 10 Revision (international classifier of diseases), such a diagnosis contains.

For a month now, a feeling of anxiety, a feeling that is not ready for a child, that at the wrong time, although the child is welcome, and nothing bothered for two trimesters.

The fact is that in the period 2008-2010, a disability group was issued, to which I was "led" solely because of money, i.e.To.

Eglonil, of course, helps a lot, but I'm like a plant from him, my head is spinning, my legs are cottony, my eyes are in “different directions”.

The optimal treatment for panic attack (autonomic dysfunction) is a combination of psychotherapy and biological therapy.

In your city Vlad, there are not only good psychotherapists, but also an excellent - psychotherapeutic school, with its long and generally recognized traditions.

I had a neurologist (I did CT, CT, ultrasound suction and everything that the doctors said, the tests showed how the doctors said that everything is more and more in order and the sleep supposedly should already be normalized).

I noticed that strange things have been happening to me lately - Over the past three weeks, my mood often began to change - from depression it turns to euphoria, or vice versa from good to bad.

Several years ago, after severe stress, there was a severe spasm of the muscles of the neck and back, with impaired coordination (lying flat on the back, everything was fine, as soon as I tried to turn or get up, there was severe dizziness, nausea).

Schizoid personality Andrey, it's just a kind of so-called accentuated personality.

In November 2016, a neurologist prescribed me to drink 1 ton of Phenibut for a month 2 times a day together with Cavinton and Mexidol due to pain in the neck, arm and headaches.

A little about myself: I am 24 years old, since childhood I was very suspicious, insecure due to being overweight, but in society I always found a common language and have many friends.

Hello.Question to the therapist and cardiologist

It is advisable to conduct an MRI of the brain, do blood biochemistry, in particular, pay attention to the level of glucose in the blood and glycated hemoglobin, as well as make an EEG.

In fairness, I can say that anonymous reception (for a fee) is provided in all PNDs in our city.

Hello, you yourself understand that you have mental problems, and you understand that this needs to be treated.

Diagnostics on the Internet, of course, cannot be carried out, but it is quite possible to carry out it in a face-to-face consultation with a qualified doctor - psychotherapist.

The chair after 2 days is very plentiful (it does not fit in a diaper, everything climbs around the edges) and it is also stringy, sticky, like, sorry, snot.probably a lot of slime.

My daughter, age 5 months, height 65 weight 7100, has constipation, poops for 4 or 5 days, is on GV and I also give pumpkin or applesauce, the stool is painless.

If earlier the stool was normal, corresponding to her age, then after the introduction of complementary foods, at 6 months, (mashed apples, plums, carrots, potatoes, cabbage), the stool became like that of an adult and, as a result, the daughter stopped w

I already wrote to you before about my nephew and homosexual thoughts, when I went to see a doctor, I didn’t get anything except a list of medications, I could somehow, well, not always, but I don’t experience any less pain, I catch myself thinking what I

Daughter 3 weeks..at 2 weeks she began to be tormented by gaziks, had poor rest, but the stool was regular, now we farts well, but we cannot go to the toilet for 2 days.

I don't want to run into a doctor who will overwhelm me with antidepressants and tranquilizers without psychotherapy.

Child girl age - 5 and a half months, weight - 7.5 kg., height - 68 cm., breastfed + complementary foods from 5 months.

For infants and children under 2 years of age: 3 times a day, 1 capsule with a small amount of liquid.

I remembered that a week ago everything was red there, but steamed in chamomile, anointed with baby cream, the redness was gone.

HHV-6 was detected in daughter in PCR analysis.Please tell me which specialist to contact us?

Before starting antibiotic therapy, the child needs a urine culture, ultrasound of the urinary tract and a consultation with a nephrologist.

7th month, in December were in the hospital for acute obstructive bronchitis (injected with antibiotics).

100 ml of porridge and 60 ml of mixture .Maybe I'm giving it wrong

After feeding, sometimes immediately, sometimes after 40 minutes, when coughing again, as if milk had gotten somewhere.

Institute of Postgraduate Education, Omsk State Medical University, consultant rheumatologist, gastroenterologist of the medical center

Boys for 6.5 years passed urine, tell me, please, everything is normal: color s / yellow, r-ia sour, oud.weight 1020, erythrocytes 10-10-12 in p.sp.

The child does not need anything other than antipyretics, an increase in the water sector in the diet and medical supervision.

She eats (at least tried) breasts, but there is no milk, and she just fell asleep, in time literally 5 minutes at the breast, plus they began to feed Nan.

He always had a chair 1-2 times a day, but two weeks ago everything changed - he has a chair every two or three days.

10 days ago they drank suprax and immediately after it all indicators were normal, except for soe - 31, now in a week soe -8.

5 months a week ago, the stool was the consistency of sour cream.

Elkar is a drug that does not have any benefit, therefore, it should not be prescribed.

If you are really worried about such a child's stool, then you better contact a pediatrician, get tested.

We were prescribed a bunch of drugs for treatment, put on atopic dermatitis, and externally prescribed hormonal ointment.

The pin has nothing to do with it, most likely the reason is a banal bowel disorder.

3 years and 4 months, in the child's feces throughout his life, sometimes I observe mucus, and nothing bothers him, but for several days in a row there is a lot of mucus with foam, the child is healthy, eats as usual does not complain about anything, how

Daughters are 3 months old, passed a general blood test and all indicators in it are normal (hemoglobin 117), except for eosinifils-17 and plasma cells-3.

When she eats, after a while she begins to wriggle, groan, turn her head, but continues to suck.

My daughter has a liquid yellow-green stool with specks, it started at 4 months.gave smecta and lactobacterin, the doctor says that this is normal?

When the yellow water poops straight, it runs well, and a little of the chair itself with lumps...

Most likely this is due to an increase in adenoid vegetations (adenoiditis) and, as a consequence, with posterior pharyngeal edema.

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