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For a number of reasons: either they caught a rotavirus, or they probed the nasolacrimal canal, or ARVI, they were not vaccinated.

Examined by a doctor, an X-ray of the lungs was taken and, based on the image, pneumonia was diagnosed.

At first I was on gv and lactazar, from 7 months they switched to NAS lactose-free, in 1 g 2 months they switched to jelly (at night), dairy-free diet during the day.

one.5 months such a problem when there is an eructation, he tries to swallow it and squeezes his mouth and everything starts to go with his nose, while he cannot breathe, he has to unclench, otherwise it was once that he was breathing mouth to mouth.

2 days smeared with pimafukort - such a focus has developed, before that there were just acne and a red scrotum.

Unlearned only the first 2 weeks, since then he has not been able to recover, he is just beginning to recover, but he does not even have time to go to school, without contacting anyone, he enters the next round.

I am afraid to give duphalac as it causes severe swelling.Tell me what to do, child, suffering, pushing, crying.

2 exactly) complained of constant runoff of mucus along the back of the pharynx, but ENTs did not see crime in this, they prescribed rinsing and drops).

Ultrasound diagnostics doctor (pediatrics)

Of course, there is no anemia, however, prophylactic iron supplementation for the baby (and not the mother), especially if the child is at risk of developing IDA:

Born 3720, an increase of 1 month-850g, 2 months-1300, 3 months-650, now I have gained 350 grams in 2 weeks, active, poops 5-6 times a day, farts often, diuresis is sufficient.

We are on GV, very rarely we were fed with Nutrilon once a day, since my mother did not have enough milk, now there is enough.

1 year 2 months, began to fall asleep poorly on the first and second sleep, the night's sleep was 10 hours from 22-8 in the morning stable.according to the schedule we slept at 11 and 16 o'clock.

The child was vaccinated against poliomyelitis 1 time as part of Immovax polio, 2 times with pentaxim, 3 times with pentaxim, 4 times with drops in the mouth.

You cannot do without consulting these specialists, because only with their help the "process will go" faster.

In our city, the pediatrician can't really say anything. Glintomycin advised me to give it to drink, ”although the sensitivity to it was not set.I really ask for your help.

Hello.Nothing to do.What feces were handed over?

Does it need to be diluted with water and in what ratio?

4 years often sick according to what scheme to put down Kipferon suppositories to strengthen immunity

At this age, everyone has stomach problems.Probiotic Blends Help Relieve Constipation.

The problem is that he wakes up 5-6 times during the night, requires a bottle (porridge, compote, water - it doesn't matter), drinks about 1.5 liters per night.

And you need to deal with the baby more carefully, watch the mother's diet, deviations in childbirth, evaluate the development parameters.

The child was vaccinated against hepatitis at 1 month in the clinic.

In the second month, streaks of blood appeared in the stool, mucus, liquid stools, they were in the hospital, they were diagnosed with salmonellosis (only outside the hospital we passed the test twice and nothing was inoculated).

On the eve of urine collection, during evening bathing, hygiene of the external genital organs is carried out in girls from front to back (from the tummy to the back), in boys, the penis and testicles are simply washed (pull back the foreskin, rinse with

The most important thing is adherence to the feeding technique (prevention of aerophagia, belching control, strict mother's diet, etc.).

We are 3 months old, we are tormented by constipation, there may be no stool for up to 5 days, completely on HS, glycerin suppositories, enemas do not help, allergies from duphalac, our pediatrician shrugs.

Sometimes it used to happen that when he started to roar, he began to cough.ECG (in September) respiratory arrhythmia.But, the doctor said that everything is fine.

Hello, the child is 3 years old, 5 months old, weight 14 kg, a week ago a runny nose appeared from hypothermia and climate change, treated with Quicksom, Derinat, albucid, red throat - inhalipt and lysobact.

Hello, my name is Liza, on September 22, I gave birth to a boy, his name is Amir, he weighs 3100ko, height 53cm.

The child does not have any fever, since these numbers are considered normal.

Dear doctors, I ask you to give advice on vaccination of a child (age 1 year) against rotavirus infection.

Dear Elena Olegovna, absolutely right, you do not need to bother with either the diagnosis or the treatment of CMV infection.

From 2016-2017, it is planned to make these vaccinations mandatory.

I smoke for a little more than one year, and sometimes there are no special effects after smoking, and sometimes there is a headache, heaviness in the arms and legs, slow movements, congestion in the ears, and general lethargy.

Please tell me a single dose with 3 times daily intake of agumentin 125 mg / 5 ml for a child at 2 years old, weight 17 kg.

This morning, they pissed their nose with polydexa to a child (4 years old) In the process, it turned out that the child lay down, and at that moment I pressed the bottle and the polydexa poured into the nose with a stream, so that the child coughed.

Hello, what to do if a child poops 10 times to a 2-year-old child?

good day.Reformulate the question in the dermatological thread and post a photo of the process.

Since September, after the daughter went to the d / garden, a constant runny nose and night cough.Treatment - drinking plenty of fluids, rinsing the nose, during this time in the nose - isophra, miramistin, Polydex (one replaced the other, there were no s

Perhaps the child is suffering from JVI, but most likely already complicated by either angina or rhinosinusitis (therefore, an unpleasant odor).

First of all, you need to exclude iron deficiency and metabolic-vegetative disorders.

Hello, son 3g, we have been sick since August (there were rashes on the tonsils, rate of 37.5, snoring, the EB virus was already 175 units in antibodies).ml, monocytes abs 1.19 thousand, μl.

Inflamed glands and red throat do not need antibiotic treatment.

Doctor, tell me please, our baby is 2 months old, we are artificially fed, since there is very little breast milk, the Frisolac mixture is given from birth initially as a supplement, now constantly.

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Hello, tell me if there is an age of 1.8 g of the inflammatory process in the child's body according to the following analyzes:

good day.Apparently this is an individual feature of the child, not related to rickets.

Since then, the stool has not formed, sometimes mushy, sometimes liquid with a lot of transparent mucus.

Now the child feels good, there is no temperature, there is no snot, the nose is sometimes stuffed up in the morning, but refuses to take the drops, says that the nose is breathing.

one.For 5 months, the doctor inserted the needle into the wreath, well, the blood did not run, and she took from the other handle, and the one with which the blood did not run to dinner turned very red.

Tell me what examinations can be done and what tests to pass in order to know for sure that everything is fine with the child's gastrointestinal tract and intestines?

good day.Be patient and start feeding your baby from the common table during the family meal.

Hello, a child of 2 years and 10 months had a prolonged runny nose with coughing, the doctor prescribed homeopathic treatment and diagnosed adenoiditis.

Child 1 year 8 months, had an adenovirus infection (pharyngoconjunctivitis with a runny nose), the temperature lasted for 5 days, flowed from the nose and eyes in a stream, the day stopped flowing from the eyes for 4-5, and the runny nose lasted three wee

good day.It is difficult for me to answer this question, because medical science has no valid evidence of the benefits of this drug.

Is it possible to make pulmicort (250 mcg), and berodual (7 drops), and lazolvan (1 ml) in one inhalation.

Staphylococcus was sown in feces.On the same day, the child was not bothered by anything, there was a slight increase in ocetone in the urine.

Hello.I'm on sick leave with a child.See a doctor tomorrow.Sick leave for 9.10 number.The temperature has risen today.What should I do, call a doctor or go to an appointment.

And such cases are quite rare, and even if this happens in a child, you must admit that it is still much worse to get sick with the flu.

Thanks for the answer, but we don't do it, is it possible to do something without tests?

sixteen.10.2014 In the early morning, my daughter began to cry in her crib, took her to our bed and she immediately began to sleep further.

good day.The child simply learns the world and forms his higher nervous activity.

Is it normal that a child at 14 months does not add a cube to a cube (if I assemble the turret myself, then the child only comes up and breaks it)?

And another question, my mother arrived that day, talked to the child, after 2 days, today she has diarrhea, nausea and chills.....

It is necessary to identify the cause of the child's anxiety and eliminate it, create conditions for sleep.

good day.In your case, all virtual diagnostic guesses will be ephemeral.The child needs a consultation with a pulmonologist, because the reasons for this condition simply cannot be counted.

The main thing that needs to be done is to urgently change the pediatrician to a more qualified one.

Hello child 2.4 years old...I noticed the last month that he had some kind of belching, I mainly notice this after eating...I ask nauseous?

Good afternoon.These are not flu symptoms, but a common cold.First of all, you need to increase the water content in the child's diet and maximally humidify the air in the room.About a cold here: ms.rusmedserv.com / archive / index.php / t-25432.html

In addition, most likely, a small child underwent an X-ray, which, in terms of the radiation dose, is equal to 1/10 of the dose received when flying in an airplane.

The 1st Pentaxim vaccination without hib was made at 2 years old (2012), the subsequent ones as it should be with a difference of 45 days, 3 rounds were done.

For the first month we scored 730 grams, for the second I can’t say for sure, we haven’t been at the reception yet, but weighed at home on a floor scale (weighed ourselves with it and without it) - in 3.5 weeks we gained about 500 grams.

Only 3 poop colors have clinical significance - WHITE, RED, BLACK.

2 days ago, a fever suddenly appeared, but it went away, but the cough remained dry with the backsides, they beat for 40-120 seconds, I cough for breath, especially at night when I go to sleep, what to do, help and thanks in advance

Such a great many diseases cause this condition that only their listing will take more than one page.

The child is 4 months old, I give him primadophilus for children, and neurology prescribed massage and electrophoresis with nicotine.

I noticed several times during this time that when he walked, his leg in the ankle, knee was bent, as if it was weakening for a second, then it goes normally.

He doesn't eat anything, we somehow give tea (he always loves to drink tea), and then after some time he pulls out again :(

I am writing here, t.to the doctor she explained nothing, and I can neither sleep nor eat ((((((((Thank you very much

Today, the throat is calm, but the runny nose will not go away, sometimes 2-3 times a day, blows out the discharge from the nose, and wakes up in the morning with a partially blocked nose - this is not snot, but swelling of the mucous membrane.

With frequent dry cough in the early days, you can use stoptussin drops, which have an antitussive and expectorant effect.

We passed a blood test for glucose and glycated hemoglobin.

Literally two weeks disappears, two weeks at home, in total it turns out that he gets sick every month, when he goes to the garden, sits at home - he does not get sick.

Is it possible for a child at 1 year 2 months to give such dishes as first fried vegetables, then the same stewed or boiled vegetables (for example, stewed cabbage or vegetables, first fried, then boiled in soup)?

You need to consult with both an ENT specialist and an allergist-immunologist

Now she hardly sleeps during the day, when she cries, she jerks her legs and the gaziks leave, that's why I decided that it was colic, she sleeps well at night.

He prescribed metpamid for vomiting as symptomatic and said that diarrhea is possible, which by the way never appeared.

Hello, please consult on the results of a clinical blood test of a 2-year-old child..

Additional vitamins will not be superfluous - the dose of vitamins is minimal, prophylactic, only an addition to the daily diet.

Liver-oblique vertical dimension (cm) 7.3 (at a rate of 6.5) v.porta 0.6 cm; the structure is homogeneous, there are no focal changes

In June, they began to take tests before vaccination and it turned out that we had hemoglabin 115.They said a little small.The child refuses to eat meat.Doesn't eat vegetables either.He seems to have a gag reflex on these foods.

In principle, I understand that this is an adaptation, but my mother is a therapist, every day she tells me to take my daughter out of kindergarten, because there, on the contrary, immunity is killed, that every disease weakens the resistance of the daugh

We drink Arkarutin, they burned a vessel in the nose, often bleeding from the nose.

The question is a little incomprehensible.,,In the morning, the child went liquid snot, and in the evening the temperature rose to 38.5.

Urine analysis: calcium in single urine 1.75 mmol / l, creatine in single urine 1.21 mmol / l, calcium / creatine ratio 1.4.

good day.Although the hemoglobin content of the child is low-limit, he is threatened by the development of anemia.

The next 3 days, during lunchtime, the temperature rises sharply to 39.2, knocks it down, drops also sharply, then rises to 37.3-37.5 in the morning I give paracetomol, decreases slightly.

In general, the daughter herself does not walk yet, she stands at the support and she spreads her legs and falls a little inward, but!

good day.The only observed effect of this potion is to reduce the thickness of your wallet.

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