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The extender is the mechanical device made for stretching of the penis after the crossing of the ligament surgery.
Penile elongation surgery (Ligamentum) – is the surgery for crossing of suspensory ligament of the penis. The penis goes deep into the pelvis and the purpose of surgery is freeing and further stretching of part of penis from the belly to the outside using the extender. Usually, the patient is offered to purchase the extender at a clinic.
The ligamentum surgery is useless without the extender since the extender serves for stretching and fixation of achieved result from the release of the penis.
Fixation of the result after the ligamentum with the extender lasts for 1-2 months.
It is rather painful and uncomfortable stage of rehabilitation which is necessary to go through. Otherwise, completed surgery loses its meaning.
Wearing the extender for more than 2 months may cause harm to the blood circulation which is why it's not recommended to wear the extender for too long (6-12 months), but it usually happens in patients' that hope for the growth of the penis.
There are three types of extenders for the penis: loop, strap, and vacuum.
All types of extenders have expandable multi-component rods, with the help of which the length is adjusted and the penis is tightened. The extender presses against the pubic bone with a special thrust ring. At the end of the extender there is a field to which the head of the penis is attached.
1. The extender with a loop:
The extender with a loop suggests the use of silicone tube as the attachment behind the head of the penis. The whole force of stretching, when stretched, is applied to the crown of the penis' head. In order to tightly grab the head, the loop must be tightened very strongly, otherwise, the head will slip out of the silicone loop.
2. The extender with a strap:
The extender with a strap has the same parts as the extender with a loop but instead of a silicone tube it has a silicone strap. The manufacturers of extenders with a strap declare cardinal advantages over the extender with a loop because the power of pressure on the penis is distributed throughout the whole width of the strap. However, the manufacturers dissemble, because on the stretch of the penis apply only the longitudinal forces attached to the crown of the penis head.  
As seen on the picture, the strap with its rib leans against the crown of the penis's head and penis experiences the same painful sensations as with the extender with a loop.
To prevent the head of the penis from slipping out, the strap must be tightened very tightly and just like the loop, it constricts the veins of the penis.
3. The extender with a vacuum:
The extender with a vacuum has a principal difference since it has a special chamber for the head of the penis. After the head of the penis is placed into the camber, the air is pumped out through the opening. The head of the penis expends around the walls of the chamber and due to the vacuum it tightly holds in it.
The main disadvantage is that the whole power of tension is directed on the tip of the head of the penis. Because the skin of the head is very tender and thin, it experiences powerful load. After the long usage, the layer of the skin of the head may peel off, in the results of which a watery bubble may appear on the tip of the head. Hindered ejaculation, painful urination and possibility of infection are the main enemies of this type of fastening. The second minus is that blood in the head of the penis is inhibited for many hours. Stopping of the blood in this area may lead to numbing of the head and if the numbing isn't prevented and the extender isn't removed every 20 minutes when the head of the penis is blue, it's possible to achieve the gangrene of the penis.


The use and the effectiveness of the extender as the penis extender after the ligamentum surgery, is scientifically based and widely used in urologic and medical clinics around the world.
The scientific justification of using the extender after the ligamentum we refer to the main and only advantage of extenders.
The use of the extender for fixation of the results (1-2 months), subject to security measures, lowers the side effects since in most cases the side effects from using the extenders carry the accumulative character and are proportionate to the term of wearing the extender.
If the patient had a ligamentum surgery and the period of wearing the extender has come (1-2 months), it's very important to observe all safety precautions.
To the patient who had the surgery, we recommend to understand the mechanism and physiology of possible side effects as much as possible, in order to take all necessary and available measures to prevent various traumatic situations and side effects.


Traumatic situations
The extender details are made of fairly tough nodes. In unintentional and unpredictable life situations, they are able to inflict the mutilation of the sexual organ, which can to remain for the rest of the life. Sudden falling or hitting on the penis may lead to the rupture of the cavernous bodies. The cavernous bodies are extremely fragile at strong inflection during a partial or full erection. Even a bruise or hematoma can lead to disturbance of blood circulation, damages to the protein membrane of the penis, the cavernous bodies, as well as leading to the Peyronie's disease.
Pain in the area of the penis and prostates The extender is the spacer mechanism. With the edge of the thrust ring, it leans against the skin of the scrotum and the trunk of the penis and with another side it rests on the crown of the head of the penis.
Pain at the base of the penis
The edge of the thrust ring of the extender is cutting into the skin at the base of the penis. The pain starts 15 minutes after wearing the extender and it is growing.
The pain at the head of the penis
The silicon tube and the strap cut into the skin and crown of the head of the penis. If ignoring the pain, the irritation will occur followed by the ulcers and necrosis of the skin. This alarming signal should not be ignored by any means!
The pain in the area of prostates
The extender stops the blood flow not only in the penis but also in the entire blood suppling and diverting blood branch. As a rule, the pain in the area of prostates appears after 40-60 minutes. It is a response to hypoxia. The extender must be taken off immediately!
Pain during installation
During the installation of the extender (especially when hurried) may appear the following unpleasant situations: pinching of skin of the penis and sucking the skin into the opening for the strap or silicone loop or pinching of the skin in the "spring-swing" of the extender.
The pain during the removal
Removing the extender of any type or brand is quiet painful. When wearing the extender, the details of it practically cut into the skin. The skin seems to stick. The feeling of sharp pain has been observed by all of the extender users.
Pain during walking
The penis is attached with the body by supporting ligaments. During walking, the penis alternately changes length. The alternative pressure on the head of the penis is aggravated by the natural nudging of the extender with feet. It causes friction of the head of the penis leading to the irritation and watery bubble.
Pain from the pinching
During the torso tilt or sitting down into the chair, the length of the penis shortens.
The extender has the special "spring-swings" for smoothing this effect.
The skin may get into these swings. A cut or tear of the skin is possible as well as staining the underwear with the blood.

Pain during the erection
For the prevention of penis hypoxia, the nature has given to the men uncontrolled erection, which with one strength or another appears periodically during the day. It's especially pronounced after the morning sleep. If while wearing the extender, the erection appears, it will cause a lot of pain in the clamped head of the penis and base of the penis. In this case, the extender must be removed immediately!
Pain when sitting down
Because of the anatomical features of the attachment of the ligaments of the penis and the root of the penis in the pelvic area, when sitting down on the chair, into the arm-chair of the car or the couch, the outer part of the penis shortens. Since the penis is stretched out by the extender, sudden pulling of the penis causes straining. The head with the effort comes out of the area for the penis or the sharp pain appears.

Wearing any type of extender is not only painful but has a lot of side effects. Usually, side effects are poorly manifested during the rehabilitation period and after the ligamentum surgery (1-2 months). However, wearing the extender for three or more months will lead to various complications in genitals of the man and in intimate life.

Weakening of erection
Weakening of erection from wearing the extender doesn't happen right away. On the beginning stage of wearing, men, on the contrary, experience strong morning or daily, spontaneous erection and mistakenly think that extender increases the potency.
However, this increased erection is of another nature and it's just a defense reaction against the ischemia (blood circulation disorder) and artificial hypoxia - oxygen starvation of tissues but it's not the fact of strengthening of potency or libido in general.
Using the uncontrolled strong erection, the organism is trying to straighten the organ and "pump it up" with oxygenated blood (morning erection is present in healthy men and manifests itself on a daily bases, keeping the tissues of penis toned).
Consistently, day after day and month after month (6-12 months), all the sexual organs receive irreparable damage due to the constant hypoxia. The tissues of sexual organs degrade, cell after cell die out, various pathological changes happen and the potency may disappear at all. In most cases, the potency restores by itself or with the help of LNP-therapy. But, the potency cannot be restored by 100%.

On photo to the right, the penis in the extender
It can be seen on the photo that spring swings are not compressed, which means that less than 200 grams are applied to the tension of the penis.
Under the loop of extender the padded sponge is lined, however, it didn't save the head of the penis from turning blue.
Even the slightest pinching of the arteries and veins leads to a stop of blood circulation and artificially induced hypoxia of the organ.
Higher, at the base of the penis, the thrust ring of the extender is located.
Since the extender is directed not perpendicular to the body, the thrust ring presses not on the pubic area with the flat side but presses against the sexual organ with more acute edge.

The extender provokes the Varicocele disease associated with the deep stop of blood and squeezing the spermatic cords. The result of Varicocele is infertility.

Inflammation of the prostate is divided in two large groups:
Non-infectious (stagnant) – lowering of the immune system, overcooling, lowering of physical activity, sedentary lifestyle and other);
Infectiouspenetration of a pathogen into the tissue of prostate: germs, viruses, bacteria, fungus, etc. Development of prostates is contributed by traumas, violation of blood and lymph circulation in the pelvic organs and hormonal disorders.
All men have a risk of developing prostates and wearing the extender only aggravates the situation, increasing the stagnation of blood circulation.
If you start feeling pain in the area of prostate during wear of extender, remove it immediately and start walking or squatting.
On photo to the right, the penis in the extender
A wide, soft, silicone lining was placed onto the penis.
And even this fact was unable to prevent hypoxia and bruising of the penis.
This way we can see that any squeezing of penis by the loop or the strap doesn't prevent the side effects from pinching the areas of the penis even with the use of very soft lining (these and other photos can be easily found over the Internet; it will not be difficult to study their side effects with a proper desire).

Practically all men are in the risk zone due to realities of a modern world - sedentary lifestyle (television, computer, long driving, office chair and so on).


The theory of penis enlargement using the extender without the surgical invasion is based on the fact of the tissue enlargement by means of its tension. There are examples of practice of enlargement of different parts of bodies in tribes, medicine, and in nature.
The reason for which the mechanism of penis enlargement doesn't work lies in ischemia of the penis (exsanguination) and hypoxia (oxygen starvation of tissues). This is why any attempts to increase the size of the penis with the extender but without the ligamentum surgery are unscientific.
All processes of cell division are tightly connected with maintenance of nutrition processes with nutritious elements. The oxygen, as the main oxidizing agent that supports the flow of chemical reactions, doesn't get in the right amount into the tissues of the penis, which leads to the reverse reaction - cell death and the number of side effects. In other words, penis enlargement with the extender but without a surgery is a delusion because the process of cell division in the tissues of a person is completely connected with the oxygen.
Lowering of the oxygen level is felt by the person immediately. It manifests itself as a headache up to "foggy" consciousness. If you cut off the oxygen supply or drastically lower its level, the person might faint and then die.
The person's body is capable of adapting under small changes associated with hypoxia, for example, breathing in the mountain area or breath-holding training (diving under water or special gymnastics). The newborns, (people and animals) compared to the adults, are more resistant to hypoxia due to the presence of fetal hemoglobin and enzyme isoforms.
Blocking the blood flow in the penis is not the same case at all because the amount of oxygen is rather small or it's stopped completely, which is why hypoxia goes into the second stage-the stage of decompensation.
In the stage of decompensation, pathological processes are developed that are inherent in hypoxia such as: disorders at the molecular level – disorders of oxygenated-regenerative reactions, slowing down of energy production, slowing down of protein synthesis, hormones, RNA, DNA, phospholipids as well as neurotransmitters, which results in death of a cell (Apoptosis).

On this drawing you can see methods of first aid help for stopping bleeding caused by injury of veins and arteries. To stop the blood, you must bend the limb, which will cause pressure on the arteries and veins, stopping the blood flow.
The sellers of extenders recommend wearing it for 6-12 hours a day during 1-2 years. What will happen to the hand if you throw a loop on the wrist and additionally bend the hand at the elbow joint, 6 hours a day for a year? The penis, just like any other limb of the body has its arteries and veins. The bend in the stretched state of the penis stops the blood flow in the same way or blocks it completely.


Besides the fact that oxygen is the catalyzer of all processes in the cells and the energy supplier, there is also the "oxygen sensor" – HIF-1 protein.
The HIF-1 protein manages all processes of division and multiplication of cells. If there isn't enough oxygen, all the processes of division, growth and cell regeneration suddenly stop. The factors induced by hypoxia are the bases of this mechanism.
HIF-1 and HIF-2 are the key mediator of cellular homeostasis of oxygen that control the transfer of oxygen to the tissues and adaptation towards the oxygen depletion by regulating the expression of gene products involved in cellular energy metabolism, vasomotor regulation, transportation of glucose, erythropoiesis, angiogenesis, apoptosis, cell proliferation and other processes.
This way, during hypoxia (the lack of oxygen), not only all processes are paused in the cell but the process of cell nutrition also stops, cells stop dividing and significant prerequisites for cell death appear, which in its turn denies the growth of the penis using the extender. Other than the oxygen, the blood carries lots of other elements, connections, and hormones which also don't get into the tissues when the blood vessels are compressed.


There are lots of examples of stretching and growth of different body parts using stretching with effort, but not one of the known methods of stretching and growth of tissues is not accompanied by intentional, forced ischemia (exsanguination) and hypoxia (oxygen starvation).
Attempts to equate the extender and stretcher to the existing and effective methods of body transformation by stretching, in most cases are far-fetched.
There are no examples of stretching of the lips, ears, and legs with an attachment of the compressing loop, a belt or the vacuum chamber.
The examples of body changes by stretching:
Gravitational ptosis-wrinkles;
Breast augmentation with implants (skin adaptation);
"Women-giraffes" – lengthening of the neck;
"Tunnels" in the ears, nostrils, and lips;
Lengthening of legs by the apparatus of Ilizarov.


Practicallyall official representatives of extenders have Bathmate hydropumps on their websites but there aren't any official Bathmate representatives who have extenders on their websites!
Now, why is that? It is because Bathmate is self-sufficient and we don't need to attract other methods to achieve the results. We don't have extenders on our websites and we don't suggest getting them along with a hydropump because the hydropump gives enough expansion of the penis after which the effect of extender will be absolutely unnoticed.
In comparison with the extenders, the Bathmate trains the blood circulatory system by pumping it with blood, which means that it improves the supply of tissues' cells of genitals with all necessary elements of food.
Most of the illnesses of urogenital system occur because of the ischemia (exsanguination) of the penis and pelvic organs. Wearing overly tight underwear, sitting lifestyle, and low mobility are compensated by forced pumping of the blood. For support of male health, strengthening of potency, and prevention of many illnesses we recommend training with Bathmate on a regular bases at least once a week. The older the man, the more current our recommendation becomes.
The hydropumps are used for straightening the penis with the Peyronie's disease. The hydropump, first of all, helps eliminate the cause of curvature (calcified plaques), second of all, stretching of the shorter side of the penis. The extender is actually capable of straightening the penis a little but the whole effect will disappear by 100% after stopping the exercises. The extender pulls the penis to the top or to the bottom. It's obvious, that only one out of two sides is always subjected to stretching. If the extender could increase the tissue of the penis because of the stretching, the penis would acquire a curvature either up or down, which would say that the extender causes the curvature of the penis. It's a closed circle: if the extender works, a gradual curvature of the penis at its base would appear but since there is no growth from the extender, the curvature at the base of the penis doesn't appear.
The hydropump is a non-invasive method of penis enlargement. It doesn't require a surgical invasion and may be used independently at home. This is why the hydropumps are positioned as the most effective and safe method of penis enlargement. The extender, on a contrary, is only effective after the surgery. It is made not for the growth of the penis but for pulling of the root of the penis after the completed surgery. The use of extender for the penis enlargement without a ligamentum surgery is a waste of money, time, strength, and health.
According to the statistics, the extender (without the surgery) gives the result of 1-1,5 cm during first 2 months. After that, lengthening of the penis completely stops. After stopping the use of the extender, the result disappears because it was not the growth of the penis but a simple, temporary stretching of penis ligament and its tissues. The Bathmate gives this effect in just 15 minutes. With systematic exercises, the result is fixated and further growth continues.

Since the hydropump affects the entire penis, enlargement of the penis occurs proportionately and evenly, according to the anatomic feature of protein membrane of the penis. The example of proportionate widening can be seen in the video on the right. The sellers of extenders actively promote the theory that the pump is capable of increasing only the diameter of the penis. They offer to purchase the extender for the penis along with a pump by misleading the people on purpose.
Actually, even in theory, if we assume that extenders are able to increase the length of the penis, they aren't able to add towards the diameter. The example: tunnels in ears, women-giraffes – lengthening of necks.

The use of hydropump suggests saving on the most precious asset – the time. The amount of time spent on training is quiet short (15-20 minutes) and matches with taking a shower or bath. The extender (without the ligamentum surgery) suggests wearing it for 6-8 hours experiencing discomfort, pain and traumas, putting up with the lack of results during 1-2 years.
The Bathmate doesn't made noise and it only requires 15 minutes of your time. The extender, on a contrary, is always noticeable and requires lots of attention from the user. It's required to be removed frequently for the urination, because of pain or to reinstate the blood flow.
The length and width of the extender is equal or more than the length and width of the penis in erected state. Is the penis noticeable even in the widest pants during the erection? Extenders rest their sharp edges in the underwear and attract the attention of others. Expensive extender models are especially noticeable. The rod holders in the area for the head of the penis usually stick out. If after the awkward movement, the head of the penis slips out of the extender, the extender may fall out of the pant. Because of wearing the extender, the man's walk changes. It is because the user of the extender will try not to touch the device with his legs, in order to avoid painful sensations or having the device stick out.
The hydropumps have different sizes, from small to very large. The extender will only match a medium size penis. In all men the sensitivity and pain threshold of the penis is approximately the same but the thicker the penis, the more effort is required for its stretching. Also, the use of the extender limits the inner diameter of opening in the thrust ring, small area for the penis and free space in the underwear or pants.
The use of water and vacuum in Bathmate cleans the pores of the penis. The use of extender is accompanied by often removals of device at work and public restrooms which makes hygiene very difficult. Besides, places where the extender details contact with the body get rashes. The strap or the harness cut into the penis and cause trauma or chafing, into which harmless bacteria can get into.
What can be worse than wasted time, strength and disappointment? If the Bathmate brings positive feelings, instant beginning and new size from the first time you use it, the user of the extender will have to wait for the result for a year and what's worse, is that expectations will not justify themselves.


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